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Aries Zodiac Sign

This zodiac sign is the first one in the zodiac. Aries are normally born between March 21 - April 19. Were you born a couple of days around March 21 or April 19? Then you might be a cusp, learn more about zodiac cusps. The exact date and time of your birth determines your astrological sign. The aries zodiac sign symbol is the ram. The Aries zodiac sign is a fire sign. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars.

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Aries Traits

You have a dynamic, but restless personality. Always wanting to go out and do something, never content to sit around and wait for the next adventure. In fact, when you have a new idea or plan, you rush out to start it as soon as possible.

You are a natural leader and radiate self confidence. Always willing to take a risk or a gamble with great enthusiasm. You might feel a bit insecure, but no one will ever know.

Hot tempers and childish tantrums are commonly seen coming from you. You cannot stand boredom and if something lacks excitement you will quickly move on. Even your "great" plans will fall by the wayside, if they are stalled in any way. Often, you speak without thinking beforehand. This usually causes hurt feelings to people around you.

Aries Relationships

  • Aries & Aries: This can be a passionate affair, but both parties want to be in charge.
  • Aries & Taurus: Aries will soon grow tired of Taurus' slow pace and dependence.
  • Aries & Gemini: This is a wonderful pairing because both enjoy new things and communicating.
  • Aries & Cancer: This starts out hot and heavy, but soon will be just a memory.
  • Aries & Leo: If they can find room for compromise, this could be a great relationship.
  • Aries & Virgo: Personalities will clash; avoid this one.
  • Aries & Libra: This relationship is best left as an affair and not a long-term relationship.
  • Aries & Scorpio: Scorpio's jealousy and Aries' independence is a lethal combination.
  • Aries & Sagittarius: Both share common interests and work together well as a pair.
  • Aries & Capricorn: Arguments are waiting behind every corner in this relationship.
  • Aries & Aquarius: With a little understanding, this is a very promising combination.
  • Aries & Pisces: This relationship will work well with each person supplying what their partner needs.

Aries Sign Specifics

  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Mars
  • Color: Red
  • Flower: Geranium
  • Animal: Sheep
  • Body Part: The Head
  • Country: England
  • Metal: Iron
  • Birthstone: Diamond

Aries Gift Guide

Buying a gift for an Aries personality means finding a product that meets the lively demands of a dynamic and restless individual. Most Aries enjoy searching out the next adventure — never content to sit around waiting for something to happen.

As a natural leader, they like to be the first of their group to try something new. Excitement is a constant in their lives, so they relish items for their home or office that makes a statement about their appetite for the spirit, energy and enthusiasm for all our universe offers.

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