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Aries Dates: Born between March 21 and April 19
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Taurus Dates: Born between April 20 and May 20
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Gemini Dates: Born between May 21 and June 20
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Cancer Dates: Born between June 21 and July 22
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Leo Dates: Born between July 23 and August 22
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Virgo Dates: Born between August 23 and September 22
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Libra Dates: Born between September 23 and October 22
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Scorpio Dates: Born between October 23 and November 21
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Sagittarius Dates: Born between November 22 and December 21
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Capricorn Dates: Born between December 22 and January 19
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Aquarius Dates: Born between January 20 and February 19
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Pisces Dates: Born between February 19 and March 20
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  • The astrology of each skin colors or shades.

    if we were to classify each signs with skin shades and region. Here is what I came to understand after studying astrology for 12 years.

    Leo will be associate with blondes. Bay wash type of people. Pamela Ande   Read more
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    I had a big fight with my Libra Man things got rocky, I had a jealous moment but let it go eventually, I did started to be petty and say some things which he didn’t like, it fire him up to knock a drink out my hand, storm o   Read more
  • Echo
    SentimentalCrabby | Cancer Sun | Virgo Moon | Leo Mercury/Venus | Libra Mars
    Hanged out with my ex-Libra, I found out he has been constantly been having dreams about me and that he hasn't moved on from me 🤔
    Shouldn't take people for granted bro, I ain't coming back
  • Do Libra man hate naggy friends/gf?
  • Noaddic
    21 yo Pisces with scorpio rising.
    I am just replying to any topics on different forums, regardless of how old.. Out of boredom.
  • Which do you prefer Cats or Dogs? Why?
    and what’s your sign..
  • VIRGO MEN. Input on them please? I am a cancer woman. I wasn’t looking for anything serious until this Virgo man caught my attention and woo’d me into the idea of being with him. Our first date sparked fireworks for the both of us and we were always wanti   Read more
  • How do you create a new topic on this app/website?
  • Hi, I am a Libra male who is in love with Taurus only hesitation to tell that I love her is that I am 14years older than her... should I approach her and express my interest or what? ... help me
  • Hi everyone can u help me with a Virgo male puzzle. He was ex last year I pushed him away as I had gone through something traumatic. I didn’t tell him. I tried to get him back but he wasn’t having any of it as I did it to him twice. A year on I have had a   Read more
  • Emhendo
    Mischievous as fu¢k. Mackjestic 💧Blood is a liquid. ☀️sign tha 🌍sign
    23 years old from Chicago soufsidee
    Is my sun in this woman's 8th house?

    Her 8th house is 26'07 degrees in Cancer
    My Sun is 21 degrees in Cancer
  • Is this synastry dangerous?
    I met this man in a crazy way and I still can not believe it. I saw this man at the bus for the first time in March and THE NEXT DAY(!!!) he started working at my job. None of us work there now and we still havent talked to eac   Read more
  • Hey everyone,

    Currently I’m in a very complicated situation and seriously I don’t know what to do so your comments about Scorpio men are highly appreciated! I am a Virgo woman with with lots of Virgo and Aries placements in the chart and have been dealin   Read more
  • Ok I need serious help.
    So this cancer guy chased me for about a year and half unknowingly to me,he only used to ask after me from my sis who only told me a few times about him,finally I broke up with my current boyfriend and gave him a try ,first date wa   Read more
  • Parkourler
    29 years old from Bavaria, Germany
    Did anybody went to the eyecontactmeetings? Its like speeddating except that you just make eyecontact with strangers. Intense and Intimate af.
  • Been dating a cancer guy for 2 years, things are good but its been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, I've done my best to settle in to the issues but I'm curious if this is a cancer guy thing as I've experienced in with the last 2 cancer guys I   Read more
  • Also I don’t feel like looking for the lounge. Baseball season ticket sucks. I can’t see any of the games. It’s all about the money for these cable companies. I saw more Orioles games than Mets this year, and can’t watch all the important games. That’s it   Read more
  • Mobile dxp is weird again.. is anyone else experiencing this. Like I don’t care all that much. But yet I do.
  • FireStarter
    ♐ Sun/Moon ♓ Rising ♉ Mars ♑ Venus/Merc
    This dude outside mowing the lawn like it's the Daytona 500 out here. Slow down Sonic.
  • coldwateryvirgo
    Virgo Sun •Scorp Asc •Aqua moon •Scorp Venus •Libra Merc •Cancer Mars
    24 years old female
    my cancer surprised me for my bday and stayed with me for a week. now that he left boy do I feel lonely
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