how to win an aries guy back?

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I totally agree with SpaceCadetgirl.
To win an Aries man back, tell honestly how you feel without being desperate of course. And after that give him his space. It could take weeks, maybe months, but if he really cared for you or really liked or loved you, he will come back. Meanwhile you should go on with your life aswell. Get stronger, do things you like, enjoy life. He will feel that and it will also make him wonder why you don't contact him anymore. Because come on, he IS great and sexy and fun and charming, he IS the guy most (most? no no, ALL!!) women want, so why aren't you interested in him anymore? The moment that question arises in his head, he will come back..

Whoaa besides, what is this with all these love spell messages??
well, I'm a Libra BUT I seem to attract A LOT of Aries and I'm currently dating one.
What I can offer and know in terms of my personal studies in Astrology is give SPACE. Have your own life and do your own things, taking the attention OFF of the Aries man. They love attention but too much attention (and overly aggressive women) will turn him off because it's no longer a chase. Also, as someone has already mentioned, it truly depends on his Moon or Venus. I have read that a woman has to appeal to the man's moon (emotions). The Venus for a man is how he will be in a relationship but also what qualities he desires in a woman.

But if you're doing just Sun Signs, I think to win Aries man back, is to express how you feel and after that give him space.
Aries are decisive so they KNOW what they want (Unless they have a Libra moon like my boyfriend LOL).

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how to win an aries guy back?

I am actually doing a report about Aries men (believe it or not) for my astrology class. I would like to know how to win an aries guy back?

Does an Aries guy like a girl who gives them space or calls them all the time?

Would an Aries guy get jealous if he sees you with another guy or will that push him away?

Are Aries men honest when they say things?

What do aries men see as a challenge?

It might depend on other placements, like moon, venus, mars, etc.
Me myself I'm pretty easy to forgive people, but if you really treetrunk things up, I'll vanish to never ever be found again...
So you'd probably have to find me, corner me, convince me not to run away, and tenderly say you're very sorry.

Since I've a Cancer Moon, calling all the time isn't a problem (as I like giving lots of attention to people and mother them), nor giving me space would, because of my cap rising.

I tend to be heavy on jealousy, though I hate it and am constantly controlling myself not to let it bother other people. If you start giving more attention to a specific guy, you'll have me more and more distant.

My aries part is impulsively honest and will not let me lie or hold my own secrets to myself for long.

In my mind, everything's a challenge. And by everything, I really mean it. The question is whether it is worth my time or not.
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Nothing against you, Whitney, but to everyone else: please be wary of scams.
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