Undependable Caner man

— I've been dating this cancer for a year, and broke up with him. The reason I broke up with him is because he was so treetrunking unreliable. I couldn't depend on ANYTHING he said. He couldn't keep the smallest of promises. Although he was very very loyal and k...

How did people learn about astrology

— throughout time? How did it come about ?

For Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Ascendants..

— Click Link 3:) is the realist sign. They love and hate with all their hearts. They're deep creatures (that's when they're evolved) (This goes for the sign Scorpio in other plants too like Moon and Rising) Wise, Real, Sexy and Hypnotic)

Cancer vs Scorpio. Get.Set.Fight!

— Both have their powerful pincers. Scorpio has its venomous stinging tail. But cancer has the impenetrable hard shell. Th

Saturn Transiting the 9th house

— Has anyone gone through this or experiencing it at the moment If so, how is it affecting you? Thanks x

The soft gooey center!

— Has anyone noticed the floaters and savages of the zodiac. Ones of detachment and distant love. It's funny I've noticed these placements in others. It's something I call the soft gooey center. I believe when we meet someone we move from persona to persona...

sun signs self-description

— Inviting you to participate in sun signs self-description project: first descriptions are already up and you can check them out here:

Mutual Reception

— Do you have this in your natal chart? What is it? Mutual reception is when 2 planets are in the other planet's sign. Huh? For example, Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. This is like a hidden conjunction because when one planet is activated the other...

Comets in Astrology

— A friend of mine asked me what astrologers say about comets. Any opinions on this? I had never run across information on their potential effect, so I searched online and found this article:

How is it possible

— For transits to affect our natal chart? The natal chart is the planets position at the moment of birth. Transits are the planets positions now. So how can transits affect us if the two are completely different sets of planets?


— and your clone is created on exactly 6 months away from your birthday. Does s/he behave like you, or is his/her personality much different because of its 'birthdate'?

Worst sun/moon combination

— I vote Libra Sun/Pisces Moon and also Scorpio Sun/Gemini Moon. Most annoying people I know...very narcissistic, jealous of everybody.

Draconic Astrology

— Any of you use this method?

Men would you have sex with a girl while Auntie Flo was visiting? If so what are your signs?

— Ok tabo topic I know. I've had a Cancer man, Scorp Mars and Libra man with Virgo Mars both pull the oh well we can put a towel down business LOL and this was after not knowing them for very long. Do you think they were just desperate for sex or do you thi...

Astrology + chest = Coincidence!!!!!!

— I was bored and out of nowhere I just though of something unexpected. I removed first the outer planet like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (because they discovered from the 1781 till 1930) and think about the traditional way (Sun to Saturn). And then I put...

5 planets in one house in a composite chart...

— Is there any significance to this? I did a composite chart for myself and someone else and we have 5 planets (all major ones) in one house. Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the 10th house. I haven't seen this in a composite before and I am...

Battle of Signs

Cancer Lady

The ugly side of all the signs

— My friend sent me this email and I thought it was quite funny. ****Cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. The like to compete and see any and everything as a threat and will do anything to steal the spotlight away from someone else. I...

Gem moon w/ Gem moon compatibility

— Thinking about it, is this basically like two butterflies flying all over the treetrunking place, and occasionally meet up at the same 'vicinity' for a few eye blinks? I've actually seen butterflies 'dance' for quite a long period of time tbh. Perhaps if th...

Virgo Women and Deep Voices

— Does anyone else notice that Virgo women have very deep voices? Not girly like Taurus and Pisces.

Hello. New to forums.

— To whoever is checking this thread, hello to you. Stumbled onto this site while googling astrology stuff and decided to make an account. Thread's purpose is just to introduce myself to the community and be a little active here on the boards. Anyways, w...


— i've been reading lots of old threads from years ago on here and they were so interesting and had intelligent conversations about moving things and i just wish i was a part of it then..but nothing lasts forever i guess.

Recent Topics

Long story short: Aries ex of 2 years and I broke up. For the last 6 months it just wasn't good. We argued, he kept cheating, etc. I ended it first and he acted so erratic sending me texts a day later because I didn't reply to a "whats up?" message saying
This would explain a lot of what has been (and will be) going on in my love life. Has anyone had this (once-in-a-lifetime I hear) transit? Can you share your experience?
My date is 25 February 1998. It seems that no matter what time im putting in the moon calculator it is still Aquarius moon. But at rising sign it has to be more accurate. That is why i asked my mom at what time i was born. She told me she doesn't exactly
So I had to make a post on this because it's actually worrying. There's this abusive gemini guy on a dating site that I use who is completely fucked in the head. He will periodically message me something really abusive and disgusting and then block me. It
I'm curious with Gems here. Would it be also good when people who can't do verbal expressive in person, yet verbal expressive through letters? If so, it would solve the cases down there. :)
I kind of would like an unbiased opinion. So I work at hooters and I know I kind of applied to deal catty coworkers... I'm usually not the type to entertain passive aggressive behavior or even really acknowledge it. Anyways, tonight, there was a gir
Should I expect him to be 'seeing' other people? The way I date, if I'm super compatible with you I sease all communications with possible boyfriend candidates. Should I expect the same from him? Or should I expect to be one of the possibilities? Of cour
Good match? Or Bad match? Solely on the signs. Me: Sun- Leo Moon- Cancer Venus- Cancer Mercury-Cancer Mars- Leo Him: Sun- Aquarius Moon- Libra Venus- Capricorn Mercury- Pisces Mars- Aries
Recently went on a date with a Taurus man, didn't know what to expect he is down to earth and is extremely comfortable with him self he as an upfront attitude which I enjoy. The connection is very strong we went out for dinner and went to a Concert, aft
@whatthecrab really?