Taurus woman and Aries man?

— Anything to offer another romantically? This combination is almost unheard of.

Birthday blues for Saggie

— Does anyone else just feel downright butterty around their birthday? It seems every year for me makes me depressed/ stressed out. Plus bad things usually happen on my birthday. Last year my 4yr relationship ended on my birthday... It's not about age or...

Parent's Chart Good or Bad?

— OMG!!!!! no wonder.... Sun Taurus 2°45' Ascendant Pisces 21°12' Moon Gemini 20°36' II Taurus 1°02' Mercury Aries 21°51' R III Gemini 0°30' Venus Pisces 16°59' IV Gemini 24°32' Mars Aquarius 27°17' V Can...

What is the definitive "it's over" with cancer males?

— I've been reading over and over to just give them space and to let them come back to you when THEY feel like it. Cancers are known for their ability to butter people out of their lives when they are hurt, but what is the definitive things they do that truly...


— I found this passage from one of the books i am reading at the moment ~ very interesting ~ *Still every now and then a quick thrill raced up my spine in the form of a thought: i am on my own again. Sorrow that lay pooled inside me gave over to a ki...

The Signs at Thanksgiving

— For some light hearted fun this week: Aries: Taurus

Earth is not home

— When i was a child i was bouncing on this ball in my backyard crying. My grandma just died and i was looking up at the sky crying my eyes out. I felt a strong pull of energy pull at me, full of love and happiness. I immediatly felt ok as if i had been tol...

Q for natal Retrograde Mars and not-the-strongest Mars

— Dominance. Do you enjoy or dislike when you are in a situation where it would be best for you to be dominant? Have you ever been in a romantic/sexual relationship with someone who could draw a more dominant side out of you? What was that like? I...


— Do you just go by Pullen, or do you rely more on the sun, moon, rising, etc? Which have you found is most telling?

Angels and Demons

— I'm looking for some input here. I'll explain a little about the Parts first. In the Parts (call them Arabic parts or Babylonian if you will) of your chart you start to move away from individual questions in astrology to how you can find yourself among...

I screwed up with my cancer guy

— I'm a sag. And we've been seeing each other for the past 6 months, but nothing was official. We never even made it to the kissing stage. I'm 27, will be 28 this month, and he just turned 26 in July. He moves incredibly too slow for me. I've waited and wa...

Venus In Aqua Pisces sun

— I'm currently crushing on a Pisces with venus in aqua and mars. I'm not familiar with this placement. Anyone have any advice on this placement. I have venus in aries and they say air venus signs should be able to handle a fire venus but I'm afraid h...

Whose chart are you jealous of?

— For me, it's none other than Lucy Lawless. She's a TRIPLE Aries. Yes, TRIPLE Aries--as in, her sun, moon, and rising are all in Aries. My Aries sun, Libra moon, and Libra rising is in love. The only things I don't like about her chart is that her Satu...

4 Types of Lilith

— There are Four types of LIlith: "Black Moon Lilith is also known as Mean Lilith. This Lilith uses the average orbit of the theoretical Black Moon. Asteroid Lilith is the only Lilith that is an actual, verifiable physical body. Osculating Lilith i...

New.. banned

— If someone gets banned from DXP... How long is it for? This is a serious question considering the posts I've seen lately.....

My twin flame looks like my mother?

— My twin flame has a scar on his face like my mother and they bear resemblance to each other, their birthdays also add to 11. Are they twin flames? They havent met and I feel like they could be twin flames. He does not look like me and our bithdays do...

Low planet rankings according to Pullen

— What does it mean, really? Take mars, for instance. Let's say you have a low ranked mars (like me), does that mean you sit limply on your ass all day? And if you (like me) have that mars in pisces, does that mean you can't be bothered to breathe whilest s...

If you could be any fictional character who would it be?

— I'm talking from books or movies or your imagination, anything goes. What is this character like? Also please share some of your personal astrology so I can geek out on why you picked said character. :)

New friend

— So my daughter made a new friend and they get a long great. Of course, I found out her birthday, and she is Cancer sun, Scorpio moon. My upside down twin! My daughter is Libra sun, Pisces moon. Just find that interesting :)

All fixed sign siblings?

— Any experiences out there?

Camera Roll

— Do you have a private photo app to password protect your photos? If so, why? I'm looking for your Sun (obviously), moon, and mars.

Where is Uranus?

— Haha, I'm a big fan of Uranus! What house is Uranus in and what aspects does it have? How does it affect you? I have it in my 5th, conjunct Mercury. My daughter is very special and unique :) I also think a lot and know a lot.

Is my Ascendant Libra or Scorpio?

— Every site I have gone on it says my Asc is in Libra which I very much relate to (description wise), but when I do my chart on, it says I have Pluto in my 1st House in Scorpio and then says my Asc is Libra. Isn't my 1st house the same as my A...

Hardest signs to impress?

— Curious about all your opinions on this. You can list just sun or any aspect or combination you think makes someone difficult to impress(platonically OR romantically) IMO: Scorpio & Capricorn hands down. These guys are not the best at "cutting people so...

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The three times I've been with the Cancer guy I am interested in, I get sick. As in, actually physically stomach sick. Not that long after we say goodbye, I get violently ill (TMI)... and it happens for days. I usually lose weight, have no appetit
I'm a Cancer male, and I connect better with women from Air and Fire signs, basically the ones all the horoscope websites say I shouldn't get along well with: Aries, Libra, Leo, even Gemini. I've had better connections / relationships with women from all
Yes aries we are bosses 100% reliable, go getters, loyal to the end, never beg anyone , never try screw us over. We sense dishonesty cause we never fake.
So besides this twin flame meaning - which okay, maybe it's real, but if the Cancer guy I met is my twin flame he is literally breaking my heart almost daily, and I don't know if that's part of a twin flame. Anyway. I will literally be doing anything
Cancer Lady
Cancer Lady
My friend sent me this email and I thought it was quite funny. ****Cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. The like to compete and see any and everything as a threat and will do anything to steal the spotlight away from someone else. I
I saved the best for last. I remember in high school I learnt about astrology. and all the bullies were mostly Gems. I made a vow to myself to never date one. The women were mostly rude and the guys were bad boys. Then I met him. We were both 20
How do aquas typically deal with receiving gifts? Excited about it, hate it, awkward...? I get VERY excited about giving gifts and can;t wait for the recipient to open them, especially if it's a unique gift or something I put a lot of work into. For Ch
Ok tabo topic I know. I've had a Cancer man, Scorp Mars and Libra man with Virgo Mars both pull the oh well we can put a towel down business LOL and this was after not knowing them for very long. Do you think they were just desperate for sex or do you thi
I'm just curious, since so many people are leaving. Also, what changes do you think would make people want to stick around longer?
Hi My Aqua Ladies and gents, I need your help. Can you share your good and bad experiences with Pisces men. I’m going to probably end up posting my issue in the Pisces board but I wanted to check in here first. I am having a hell of a time with a man I
I'll share a situation with my Cancer. I know they change as they get older. Seducing a 20 year old Cancer is very different than seducing a old Cancer. So, I met him 2 years ago and since then we are FWB( Well we don't had intercourse. We just do pe