Marriage and Divorce Statistics by Sun Sign Not sure
Make your perfect match! Ideal placements
Still relatively new to the depths of astrology beyond sun signs but from what I know I think I'd want to date a: Tau
Is a Stellium 3+ or 4+ planets in a sign or house?
If it's three or more then I have a 7th and 8th house house stellium, three planets in the 7th & 8th, what would that me
what would've been the sunsigns of Ross, Rachel,
Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica? based on their on screen persona? I would've said friends, but then it would need a w
Taurus sun with venus in aries
Anyone else for these placements? Looking to compare experiences! My via makes me very passionate I am not afraid
Trouble in paradise...confused bull
So a few months ago I met a cappy on a game app and it's weird but I was instantly drawn to him. We ended up talking and
Are you more Astrologically Feminine or Masculine?
Take a look at the signs that make up your entire astrological chart. The Signs in Order of: Most Feminine to
Saying I love you
How long does it take you to say I love you? Are you usually the one to say it first? Have you ever NOT said I love y
So, you think you're Venusian?
..but are you really? do you have the venusian eye? do you see shades? post your score
Synastry Question
If I have Saturn in this other person's 10th house and other person has their Saturn in my 1st house, what would this me
jokes anyone? favourite joke or one you remember?
be it naughty or anything, here's one that cracked me up, A few months after his parents were divorced, little Johnny
psychological disorders associated with sunsigns
i.e. virgos with ocd, cancerians with mommie issues, leos with narcissistic personality disorder, scorps with manic depr
Are Cancers big babies?
What do you think
Accurate results?
So i know there are a number of websites that gives you your natal chat for free and gives you the option of competing i
What is ultimately important to you?
What is important to you? Money? Stability? Sex? A family? Your faith? I guess these things change with age. I don
Crazy mother
So my moms been trying to break into my home and i noticed in the mail that she put me on life insurance... shes litera
your perfect date: had/having/planning?
like a bistro dinner followed by a fast bike ride to the moonlit beach and lie down to chat, while he is kissing my fing
body types that attracts each sunsign
sagi guys liked really slim girls, libra liked curvy , cancerians like tall, aries are into chubby... etc
Saturn synastry
Say you have Saturn in Pisces and you date someone with a Pisces sun. How will that work out in synastry? Will your Satu
Transit Chart
Can you see what is going on in my chart (I have posted natal w/ current transits) regarding love? Also, I feel a lo
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Is she playing with me or is there something else?
I've been talking to this person for a lot of years, but in the past months she has been lying to me about a lot of stuf
Fathers day
Anything happen astrological speaking. It was probably one of my lowest out of nowhere deep despair. Is it full moon wtf
Venus Retrograde this year
So evidently Venus goes retrograde end of July, until Sept - anyone wanna give us pointers on what to expect? Also, I
Sunsigns and associated fetishes
I happen to know about 3 aries people with foot fetish, 2 scorpios who love smelling people and a virgos that goes crazy