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Natal Jupiter in the 9th House
Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house, thus when positioned there he feels at home and his power
Natal Uranus Conjunct the Ascendant...
When Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, conjuncts a native’s Ascendant, the main influence it imposes is a rather
Leo/Cancer Cusp - July 23rd
My birthday is July 23rd. I think I am an Leo/ Cancer cusp sign. I am so particularly fond of Tauruses, Can any Leo/Canc
Pluto in synastry!
How does Pluto feel in synastry, does he get crazy, or does he just drive you crazy...
Specifically Taurus men.... Why do you guys randomly ignore people your dealing with? You could think about that person
Best relationship matches before you knew about
Astrology.... I never knew until yesterday my dad and I had the inverse of our sun and moon. Then I look back on my fav
Jupiter in 12th for all Libras
are you feeling this transit? I know it just recently started and will be there for a year, but I have already been gett
Multiple Personality Disorder and Astrology
What is your opinion on how astrology plays in with someone who has multiple personality disorder (now called Disassocia
North Node Importance
How important do you think the north node is? Do you notice an expression in your personality of the planets that are co
People trying to choose their kids zodiac signs...
Thoughts? Are you the type or would you rather it be a surprise?
Tanya Jones
Zodiac situations
Wow. It's cool :)

What would you ask a Psychic?
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read my chart
Can someone read my chart what information do you need from me can you explain my chart to me I'd like that thank you.
Aquarius in love with scorpio
,I'm stuck and keep running back to him even though he doesn't fight for me. Can I get tips on how to be strong threw h
When are they going back?
venus retrograde and Saturn back in sag. when are they going back?
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What placements...
...would this adorable cuteness have? this mating dance is hilarious and adorable.
Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down?
And, what's your Ascendant sign? This question is for women AND men with long hair. :D
Which sign(s) is most common on dxp?
And the least common... and why do you think so?
" A lot of people reading this will already be familiar with what an aspect is in astrology: an angular relationship be
All libras must be undead
If the symbol for libra is the scales which isn't a living thing, then all libras must be undead or under the spell of s
Gemini Venus
'm kinda seeing my best friend. He's a Gemini sun with a Pisces moon. He's got a cancer mars and Gemini Venus.. I am an
Tanya Jones
I wanna know
Your Sun and Moon sign and your best friend's sun and moon sign.
Creativity and Astrology
I'm a Cancer sun/moon/rising, and I'm extremely creative. I LIVE to create! Art, jewelry, photography, cooking.....must
Air Signs and mirroring
So j keep reading about this and I do this so much. If you have a lot of air in your chart and you are dating another ai