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Full moon in scorp this weekend
Are you guys ready for the intense emotions,Death and transformations. What house is the full moon happening in your cha
Pullen Question
What is the difference between the planet ranking and sign ranking in the pullen chart?
Mayweather vs Pacquiao
Who do you think is going to win?
Karma or natal chart?
A couple months ago I wrote on here about my Taurus ex. Like everyone else I was looking for answers or insight. Like I
any other Scorpio horses ?
Do you find you are just an odd little person haha? Or maybe another Scorpio with an Air moon?. I often feel like I'm to
compatibility versus attraction test try it
Post a song to represent your Sun Sign
What are your favorite astro websites?
I feel like I've seen them all & am always on the hunt for new sites. Kelli Fox & Ask-Oracle I feel have accurate foreca
Describe yourself?
List your sign, Ok pick 3 words that describe you? So we are all strangers..I don't know you..its just to get a be
Are you a lone wolf?
I am, more or less. I enjoy hanging out with cool people but plan on doing most things by myself. Just thought of th
Fortune in the 6th House
Anyone have this placement? What is your experience with it?
Betcha Can't ;)
Say only something you appreciate or enjoy about the sign that opposes your Sun. The challenge: Do not balance your
Most sensitive sun sign?
in your opinion, what sign is the most sensitive and why?
sun SQUARE ascendant - Inability to face the facts sun SQUARE jupiter - Wasting energy sun SQUARE mars - The D
Sun square Uranus?
I'm just discovering more about astrology, and learning, I came across this and related to it a lot. I've read a good bi
Which Signs/Aspect Placements NEED Conflict?
In partnerships? Like if they can't fight with you over something, they're not happy in the relationship? Mars heavy
Sneaky Aquas
Why do I find Aquarius people sneaky? Does anyone elsse feel or think like this? I have a good aqua gal pal, buy I d
Understand it, deal with it, live with it.
Capricorn is my sun sign and also the sign I identify with the most. My scorpionic energy is just there at all times, ra
What is love?
I want to hear your most pure and wholesome experience with love. I've yet to have a relationship of my own.. I want
Cancer with mars in scorp - how to handle?
How does that work? What do you think of a cancer with a scorp mars? Gotta be handled with care?
What sign do you attract?
You Attract a Gemini When flighty, unpredictable, restless Gemi
Aries and Taurus go travelling...
My Taurus friend and I are going travelling together. I cannot wait! Really really excited. but we're running in to a fe
Moon sign?
I'm a bit confused as to which one I am. I checked 3 different calculators.. one said mine was Capricorn, the other Libr
Who is my best romantic match?
based on my chart?