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Do Earth and Water Really Get Along
? I'm confused... Water is emotional. Earth is success-driven, with little to no emotions. Yet they pair these two up as
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Have been watching a bit of American tv for my sins :P There is a show called Extreme Cheapskates..anyone see it? l
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Four Horsemen of Aries
The seventeenth century Englishman was the first to distill the themes of egoism, violence and authority central to mode
by SirHorns · 3 replies · updated 11/12/2014 5:25:25 PM
Worst and best teeth in Astrology?
I think the worst teeth is definitely Leo... Am I the only one who notices this? What is it with Leo's and huge, weird s
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Libra and Aries
Any libras or Aries experience an amazing opposition attraction physically and emotionally? This is directed towards oth
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Planets in Detriment ~
Detrimental Planets Several weeks ago, I wrote an article about how I personally work with the Essential Dignities in
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Old friends...
I have found that my old friends that I had to drop b/c they betrayed me or became toxic all really miss having me in th
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Cancer Rising-Ascendant
I am a Taurus with Cancer rising, Are we compassionate people? Are most people lacking compassion today? in society?
Ok I am a Taurus women. I have a question IF you have split up in your relationship for whatever reason. How did
Which Sign Should You Never Date?
What Sign Should You Never Date? I got Leo. You Should Never Date a Leo Dramatic, egotistical, and emotional
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Cancer sun Sag rising hot mess?
*sigh* For as long as I have known, I have always seriously contemplated the possibility that I have multiple personalit
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Y'all remember the singer D'angelo? Untitled
Anyways, he dated and has a baby with Angie Stone (I know!) anyways she's said in several interviews that he was possssi
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do i come off as a sag??
Recently, i did a pullen chart and my top 3 dominant signs came back as: sag, cap and aqua with sag being very well ahea
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Girlfriend compatibility
My chart is Sun Taurus Mercury Taurus Venus Taurus Moon Gemini Mars Gemini Ascendant Capricorn Hers is Sun libr
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What MOON sign loves having fun?
Honest answers only. I need this for my thesis. :)
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Deal breakers in synastry?
Are there any aspects that you would consider "deal breakers?" Some that if you saw them in the beginning of a relations
by EmpathicBull · 9 replies · updated 11/7/2014 7:21:03 PM
Venus Signs -most loving?
So in your opinion which sign in venus seems the most loving to you? bonus points if you can say what`s it like bein
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Which signs would......
1. Be a character that is very intuned with nature around them. They care much about wildlife conservation, the environm
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Mars square/opposite Saturn Synastry
While reading on this site: with all those aspects of c
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Venus in earth signs
Venus in earth signs
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What are "Fixed" Signs?
Cause i can get super obsessed about a subject matter and have to know everything about it before i'm tired of it. In Li
by CluelessCancer · 47 replies · updated 11/7/2014 5:35:25 AM
Egotistical vs. Narcissistic
What is the difference between the two? Which do you prefer to accept? When dating. Every one is either one of these
North/South nodes, your soul mission
Here's a curious website: Here's a curious question: if yo
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Combative natal aspects?
What natal aspects make one ready and willing to fight physically? Or one not scared of a fight? PS: I dont believ
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Leo risings
How's your mane game? Can you compete?
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Leo risings
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