How do you deal with an Aquarius Man!!!!!

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9/7/2007 5:26:05 PM | More

38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

Ok!Im a Capricorn Woman and he is the Aquarius but i don't not understand him. We Have been dating 4 months now and i do not i mean do not understand him. He always wants to break up and say some crazy stuff. I can tell he likes me but it seems like to me he push his self away when he feeling like he gets to close. I don't know how to re act to him when he like that so i will ignore him but it seems like he want me to chase him. SOME PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND HIM
9/8/2007 12:51:49 AM | More

75 years old female from Brisvegas, Australia  

I live in my own little world and I make

Dating an Aqua is like taking down a bull!
9/10/2007 7:38:51 AM | More

38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

Ok this is really crazy i never ever ever been in a relationship like this if this is what you wanna call it. He break up with me at least once a week, It's like a ongoing joke with my girlfriends and i. I never saw a man go crazy once you ask him a question and then he want to break up with you. I'm a cap so im a strong female myself so i can't see myself dealing with this to much longer nor chasing after any man so we all know THIS RELATIONSHIP IS NOT GONNA WORK!!!!!! He is crazy i thought he was bi polar or a.d.d at first.
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38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

OMG! I JUST DO NOT NO WHAT TO SAY at first he made me feel like a queen, then all of a sudden BAM! He is a different person. I just don't know what to do i guess i should have did my research before dating this crazy person. One thing i never showed him emotion you know im a cap.
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female from Ireland  

I am Aquarius. I am the Chinese Horse. huffing or simply and with dignity state to wanna be in my world Mister, then be in it!!!...if you don't then that's fine with me:-)

Then you turn on your heel, head held high and walk away from him scurry back to you!!!!......with the above advice!!!!if he doesn't, he's into somone else, if he does, then you are queen bee and calling the shots!!!! Always, always....."Turn the tables" on the one you epitath:-)

A x
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38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

OK! I am going to try that any thing is worth a try at this point.

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Girl, You have your hands FULLL... this man will never see EYE tO EYE with you, he will always be right, he loves to act as if he knows everything. He is more than likely not worth the time nor effort, CUT HIM LOSE!!!! RUN, RUN, RUN as fast as you can away from this confused CRAZY man!!! he will turn your world around. And believe he will come back, cause he likes to play games like that. If you make the choose to stay, get prepared for the mental roller coaster.
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Sun Aquarius. Mercury Aquarius.

It could also possibly be you. You say he breaks up with you every week, what are you guys doing to incite this? you never show him emotion? I think guys would like to be shown some emotion regardless of sign
9/10/2007 2:25:17 PM | More

38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

I show him emotion as far as our relationship goes when it's good we both do, but when he goes to acting crazy i don't show him any emotion because i don't know what to do. He has 2 faces i feel like when he see his self getting to close he push his self away.
9/10/2007 2:58:51 PM | More

Yes they are!!! Please dont be fooled by his charm. He has serious issues that he need to deal with first!!! why is it that he keep breaking up with you every other week? because he has mental ISSUES. I have to be honest here, dont try to fix something that you are not licensed to fix. You should not have to deal with a man that breaks up with you on a consistant basis, who has the time or energy for that. mentally it will bring you down. Yes you may even love this GUY, but aren't you deserving of someone that will love you enough to not see you hurt? Candie, move on and remember that you are beautiful deserve MORE!!!!!! keep your head up.. he has the ISSUE not you.
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38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

Ok! im glad i got onto this blog! at first i thought it was me not being understanging then i realized he is the crazy one once i knew if i ask a question we would for sure break up. Oh! we are on a break now!!!!! Yeah and i don't care if he come back either. Im so tired of this break up to make up game.

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38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

If I don't like something (behavior etc), I will say something. I cannot stand jealousy, possessiveness, unstable behavior

We have talked about him breaking up with me several times before and i can't keep going thru this time and time again an blah! blah!. He always says i didn't break up with you(but what is hanging up in my ear saying don't call me no more?) Or it was a misunderstanding or some crazy mess. I don't even know if he knew he broke up with me. This is my first aquaman and my last. They might make better friends.
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Hello all! I'm glad I found this place. I am a little astrologially obsessed, and it's nice to see that now have an outlet for it.

I've been seeing an Aqua guy for a little while now... and everything I read on this board is pretty much spot on with regard to his character...

However... there is one question that I haven't stumbled upon an answer for, and I'm hoping you can enlighten me.

I'm a Freedom loving Sagittarius, who may be falling for a much younger aqua guy. (Having never fallen before, this is new to me...)
He's always in my thoughts, (But I never let him know it...)

There is a two hour distance between us, so we only see eachother on weekends... and we rarely speak during the week. We don't even really make plans on weekends, we just have mutual friends and always end up running into eachother, and when we do it's magnetic. He is so affectionate with me, with little regard for the other people around us, and even though we've never discussed our situation, it's no secret that we are an item.

When I travel the distance to see him, it seems he would much rather hold me hand and stare at me, then have sex...and given that I have had some experience in being used for sex.. I see this as a good sign.

I guess my question is this...

If they are so unable of emotional displays, and discussions of feelings and such, then what counts? What are the signs and signals that I should be picking up on without having to have the conversation? I don't want to scare him away, so I won't be asking him what's going on with us anytime soon, (If ever) but I also want to have some idea that this could last... A glimmer of hope that this wonderful situation isn't going to end.

Sorry if that's too long, but I'm excited to hear what you all have to say!


9/12/2007 8:33:01 AM | More

38 years old female from covington, GA  united states  30016

Girl! from my experience they all start off like that, they do all the nice cute things and say things we like to hear. Then they flip the script and the true bipolar side comes out of them and they leave you thinking WHAT THE HELL DID I DO!!!!! beware it is not you. Let me give you some examples: He say one thing and never do it. He acted like he had this and had that then once i got to know him real good realized it was not that serious(but i wasn't with him for that anyway so i didnt care). Big dreamer, workaholic, not alot of sex probably like once a week. not a big phone person, the break up to make up syndrome its alot more but this is some.
9/12/2007 2:17:14 PM | More

115 years old

All aquarius' I know are notorious for blowing hot and cold!
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