Most Insecure Zodiac Sign

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and WHY?????
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Scorp Rising/Aqua Sun/ Sag Moon/Venus/Ma

Any/all signs. Astrology is not an end all be all & doesn't make the person. Life experiences, what you are taught, how you deal with things and how you grow determine how secure/insecure you are. work on self and you will learn to love who you are. Good, bad & indifferent.
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Well i could say the same about Cancers with LEO moons SAtoriFierce.
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31 years old female

Sun 11°37' Virgo

Virgos with leo moons
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26 years old female

Lambie!!! Posted by dofacc In conside


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Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter

Posted by blisss
Actually maybe the Gemini. They feel the need to brag and show off their new items etc...that screams insecurity to me. Including the storytelling to make their lives sound more interesting.

It's about sharing their excitement....
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26 years old male

I don't agree about Leos either. The ones I know are perfectly okay with their surroundings. They're actually more evolved and mature, and they rely more on their soul now instead on the ego. We shouldn't forget that the Sun is also the esoteric and the hierarchical ruler of Leo.
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37 years old male from Canada  

First Decan, Mercurian and Venusian Leo.

A better indicator would probably be Moon placements - or rather, specific Sun-Moon combinations, and even Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto aspects. I doubt that any one sun sign has a monopoly on insecurity (and there is more than one kind, anyway.)
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28 years old female from BK, NY  

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

I haven't noticed a pattern with any sign being more insecure than the other. I also feel like I have experienced each sign being insecure at some point. I don't think there is a person walking this earth that is free of insecurities.

The world insecure in itself makes people insecure in a way that they want nothing to do with. But it's a part of life and its in all of us.
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28 years old female from BK, NY  

Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0


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47 years old female from Small Town, USA  

Sun: Cap Rising: Scorpio Mercury: Capr

Capricorns are more insecure than we let on. We reek of confidence and ability. Although capricorns are confident in our jobs because that is were they are most comfortable, but there is also an insecurity of losing said job, thus losing the identity. Capricorns are also a little insecure on the social side and have a fear of rejection, though one would never allow this insecurity to be displayed.
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|Aries Sun|Scorpio Moon|Cancer Rising


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21 years old male from North Carolina  USA  

It's 106 miles to Arroyo, we've got a fu

Sometimes Leos.
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39 years old female from A place called Happy

Fairly Even-3 Fire, 3 Earth, 3 Water, 2

I personally think it is Sun square Moon that breeds insecurity.

It's a tough placement to have.
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