Best Man For A Capricorn Woman....?

Instead of having one for the guys, lets have one for the gals heh? Please posts any insights.
Promising Thread, Awaiting Some Unique Responses......
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Someone who is emotionally strong, stable and independent, not only not to feel intimidated by her ambition but also to be there for her in those (rare ) moments she is feeling vulnerable and the weight on her shoulders becomes too much.

In other words, a Virgo man (Ok, I know Im being biased but I do still believe in this)

I feel we're the only ones who truly get you on the deepest possible level.
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I can tell you with certainty that a Capricorn man will rarely be the right choice. lol Someone who can take the bit in his mouth, saddle on his back... and withstand the riding crop well would be a good choice. lol j/k

Really, I dunno. Maybe a Scorpio guy? I don't know if Cappy women are as hard on other men as they can be on a Capricorn man.. but I'm thinking you guys need someone similar enough to identify with, but different enough to keep things interesting, and tough enough to stand up to you when necessary, but tactful when he does so. I'm really interested in seeing what you gals have to say on this topic on this thread.

Do you Capricorn gals find that you often want or need to be the alpha in your relationship when it goes long-term?
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I think Shaka hit the nail on the head with the description, but I'd not be able to pin it down to a sign.
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Id say a man who can relate to how im feeling when I dont even give off any clue that anything is even goin on..someone whos willin to meetup half and half..that will mirror all the love from me..has longterm and short term goals..who knows how to be able to overcome obstacles while remain cool..responsible,positive.has intellectual,spitual,physical,andmental connections to me..could be many different zodiac signs that comes close to addin up to this,so cant name one specific
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So if a man can bite the pillow then he can get us????explain plz decan,cuz,i dont get it...unless that means,he can treetrunk us rite,beat the kitty us untill we dry,and sort of let us run butter...if I misinterpreted that statement set me on a straight rite path...
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Uhm. Think Decan was trying to say Cap women want a man to bend over and take it. A fellow that lets them run over him.

Stinger Baby, I feel in a lot of ways, a Cappy woman is essentially a Scorpio male. Have noticed many similarities. So yeah, maybe you're onto something.
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Actually she is,i am back with the scorp guy I date a few yrs back,and I noticed all these things she spoke of,we r perfect for each other,we never really argued it was always calm and kool even when it got tense,they like to play like they dont like something and caps r sort of arrogant about what we think others feel,so we feel that intensity from scorp and then we reflect it they way they would want it,the only sign who knows how to handle all that intensity we let out..just like a virgo is perfect,except they dont do mushy all the time so it could be that earth sign and that watersign for a cap cuz other water signs show their weak and overly emotional and that isnt what a cap wants
Well I personally don't find other water signs weak, or any sign weak to be honest. I use to, but I've realized that everyone is strong in certain areas, including Caps. As crazy as this may sound, I actually think the core of a Pisces is stronger than a Cap, whereas the shell of a Cap is stronger than a Pisces. We can be mushy inside, and I like what age does to a Pisces male more than any other. My pisces asst. Director was the perfect type of guy I'd want to grow old with. Very intelligent, compassionate people-person, wore a suit everyday but wasn't at all afraid to get his hands dirty and fix things around the building. I use to love seeing that old man work lol.

If I could have a younger version of him that would be perfect for me.

Posted by thxbutnothx
Quiet strength is very attractive to me. Only a man with kind and big heart with emotinal maturity can let down their ego and let their women shine. There are many different types of caps but I have observed that the type of men that usually work better for caps in general are those who have bigger heart and brain than their ego.

I sooo agree with this. I'm not afraid to admit that I have a BIG ego, so I'm going to clash with someone that's similar. I need that person to see through it and be strong where I am weak, and us not battle it out with the egos because I will lol. Think its the leo moon that takes me over the edge.

I agree ElusiveSoul, and I've grown to learn that everyone is not what they appear. It was nice that your mother was able to admit her admiration for you.
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I just told my guy that statement,about needin someone whos strong n my weak areas ,so we cn reciprocate that to balance one another out to be fully as strong as we could..thats normally a guy for the capwoman to have the comment about the water signs,you guys are takin that out of context..yea water signs r more emotionally rule by astrologies nature and scorps r more intense,but no one said that means these signs r weak asses..i believe my moon makes me hella weak,its virgo,then my venus is offbalanced am i???kmsl @dat butter
VIRGO MEN ARE NOT THE ONES FOR US-They become petty and vindictive and hold unfounded grudges for what I don't know. They truly like us and would want to pursue a relationship with us but the reason it WON'T work is because they can't get over the fact that we know them on a deeper level than they are willing to uncover. Virgo's like the fact that we Know ALl about them, what makes them tick BUT they can't digest it, they'd rather we NOT get in their HEADS so to speak. Maybe A fairly good friendship but relationship won't work.

Scorpio MEN-Someone said it BEST, they need to be MATURE because if not you will have a BIG problem on hand with a fiuckle wishy washy guy who opens up then shuts you out. This drives Capricorn Women crazy. How can one moment you be laughing and perfect chemistry and then the next you go into some mode where you try to ignore us knowing you want us? yeah right, Scorpio you will forever LOOSE OUT!

Gemini Men-Won't Work gue to them and their Multiple Personalities, one minute ok the next minute acting psychotic. Plus their jokes are horrible and we don't get them or their juvenile way of trying to communicate with Us.

Aquarius- Good friends until he sabatouge the friendship because he knows he likes us. Also Aquarius men may want the relationship perks but not really want the relationship.

Pisces-Cassanova's and we just won't put up with that!

Aries- They always try to fire back at us and then the fun and jokes are OVER.

Leo- Verdict is still OUT.

Sagitarrius- Bossy controlling and suffer from foot and mouth disease. Horrible Match even though I feel they really care for us in their own way. if they would learn some tact and diplomacy we might could meet them half way.

Capricorns, a mirror image of ourselves. We know who we are and this can backfire at times. We need someone who can Spice things us, not we someone we know their calculated moves.

Umm Who's left LOL
Sorry for the typos, typing fast will do that to you!
I left out Taurus- Has some great Potential! A Bull and Goat locking horns Hmmm
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