Capricorn Male with Venus in Aquarius?

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I have been reading through the forums and came across a few times where people mentioning that Capricorns with Venus in Aquarius are difficult lovers. Can you guys shed more light? My cappy has Venus in Aquarius and has the Moon in Virgo. I did a chart because I was interested and was quite amazed at some of his characteristics; however I would like to hear more characteristics from your experiences.

Things have been going better between us since the holidays because he had two weeks off work so he had more down time; therefore we spent more time together which of course made me more content with him. I took him out for his birthday on the 11th and we had a great time. We went out for drinks and I guess he saw a more cool side to me other than in the We can talk about anything??_ I really wanted him to see another side to me rather than the sweet woman that he always say that I am because honestly that makes me seem I am no where near sweet. And I know how well men adores a sweet woman but loves a feisty woman as well so I wanted to show him that side of me.

I felt as if we were best friends on the date instead of lovers because we were laughing and joking the entire night like I would do with my closest friends and as a result of this we both were being flirted with by other I read that Venus in Aquarius people prefer lovers that will give them that sense of friendship. I am seeing that this is what makes him more comfortable with me compared to more intimate moments where he gives his body and soul to me then like that he pulls away.

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23 years old male from Montreal

As a cappy with Venus in Aqua, I can say that becoming more a friend to him than anything else to him is a pretty good path, he will admire you for a long while. But he won't want to take it any further a good while(at leas emotionally). He'll have alot of trust factors to slice through before really and fully letting you in.But if he hasn't strayed his attention to any other potentials, then I'd say you're on a good track. There's notmuch you can do until he wants to stop flying, land and run with you(if you sorta get my drift, I always use odd reference terms). Not sure what else I can say to see if my insight is on the money as I'm not quite sure if any of the other signs in my chart might have a relation to how I deal with a potential S/O. But I'd be glad for someone to correct my theory/opinion to help you out in a better fashion.

Best of luck and hang in there, you might be in for a slightly lengthy back and forth, but it's worth it .
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So what do you know, I recently discovered that my dad has an aqua venus. 45yrs old and still single. From what I remember about his past relationships, he wasn't difficult to deal with, but he was a flirt and a serious cheater. I remember having the duty of sitting by the phone answering it when his girl-friend was around because MULTIPLE women would call. The one that got away from him was a Leo(they dated for like 7-8yrs) and they still are close and go out from time to time. He didn't have any plans on marrying her then and don't now, especially not since she's in a relationships with someone else, yet she's the one that got away. That was probably the closest that he's ever been, and will be, to marriage. I find it interesting that he still sees her a bit since she's connected to someone else, but this seems to be an Aqua thing. I think
that connection allows them to detach and be free whenever they want.

In a nutshell if he's not serious then I wouldn't waste my time. You can force absolutely nothing from him. Seeing you in every light under the sun won't matter, if he doesn't have a real commitment in mind.
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Chiming Cap is an aqua in Venus. We've been through many ups and downs over our last 20 plus years together (I'm a Pisces)but we survived and at present are thriving in a way that uplifts us both like never before. It took him a long time to trust his feelings for me and to realize what a good woman and relationship we have. There was drama in the early years but that has passed and we are without a doubt not only soulmates but bestfriends now and always. It wasn't easy but definitely worth it. I too am an aqua in Venus so that helped me in some ways to understand him in a way other women in the past could not. Patience trying they (Cap guys with this placement) can be but a great catch when ready to be caught.


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