3D cakes

Irish car bomb cake.

Its a chocolate cake with Guinness baked in, chocolate ganache filling laced with Jamo and a Bailey's buttercream icing. Haven't decided if I wanna roll the bottom layer in fondant or just the "bottom".

But either way, we're not talking out of a box/tin type stuff.

Posted by cheekyfaerie
(i was debating on a pee stain)

Well done.
Posted by venusianbull
Posted by cheekyfaerie
(i was debating on a pee stain)

Well done.

I don't wanna sound vain, but this is the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten. I've been sitting on the recipe a while and had never tried it out. Delish.

V, I'd love to hear some of your exploits or admire your handiwork.
*waving at cheeky* I'll get some pics around for you..back in a tick.
Gosh M, that was supposed to be a secret, can I tell you nothing man without you flagrantly flaunting it all over dxp?

I am amazed, my comrade in cakes!

Hats off to you. Love the cherry blossoms and the sleeping baba? Adorable. Still trying to figure out how you managed the embossing on the blanket. It's so even. And your color palette... the pink and Tiffany blue look great together.
Thanks Cheeky! I like your work too. *fist bump*
Springerle rolling pin. That's part of the fun of it all, being creative and using tools that you wouldn't normally think to utilize. Multi-purpose everything in that kitchen. The 1st 3 were for my daughters school graduation, the next a young mans birthday, skull for a 9 year old girls birthday, a friends daughters baby shower, and the last was a request from a friends son who wanted a gross out cake. LOL
Posted by M
Lol, my apologies *deep bow*

Hahaa. *curtsy*
Wish I'd thought to ask if you could use a dough hook to work the fondant in the early stages. Using fluff instead of proper marshmallows so I can skip the microwave.
Thanks morn!
You can try fluff and see if it works Cheeky, I haven't tried that one. Let me know how it goes.
Having never tried it with marshmallows, I don't have much to compare it to, but here goes.

I emptied the fluff into my stand mixer with a dough hook on. Left it in the mixer until the recommended amount of sugar had been added and then finished it off by hand. I was shocked at how much sugar it holds.

The consistency was basically like store bought. I had a bugger of a time rolling it out and I'm not sure if it was not adding enough sugar from the go or just the size of the cake I was trying to cover.

Defo something that'll take a few go's to perfect.
Yay! Fluff works! Well done, and yes I should have warned you about that, it takes a load of icing sugar. Sorry I didn't think of it at the time.
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