thanks for visiting the gemini message board. gemini men and women do all they can to enjoy life, but can be very impatient with others. do you gemini?

What to do with this pair of twins? lol
Hi all, Its been awhile.. i still come back every once in a while. :) So i've been with my gemini man for two yea
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Is there a difference in the usage of cute?
Hi y'all! its me harassing again you Geminis for more answers!the aquarius forum just sucks ...aquarius are highly in
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Well endowed gemini
My Gemini has made a comment to me on the phone we were chatting,he said,if I did not have a big penis u probably would
Read this: 1 of my friends has a daughter that is 1 turning 2 in the coming days of this month but there's a problem t
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i need help!!
how can you get an aqua not to be mad at you if what happened isnt your fault?
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Geminis & their mind
I got 2 good questions for the gems in da house. 1. How does it feel when u get 2 know your self day by day & stil
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The Gemini Myth The most famous twins in our mythological heritage are Castor and Pollux, the sons of Zeus who we
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Castor & Pollux. The Myth
The Gemini Myth The most famous twins in our mythological heritage are Castor and Pollux, the sons of Zeus who we
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What are you studying to become?
What are you studying to become? I wanted to see if there was any correlation between what gems wanted to "become".
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How to tell if a gemini girl likes you ?
she hugs me and we play wrestled a couple of times and when she gave me a high 5 we helds hands for a lil bit. I would
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Gemini: Nothing Like it
Overview & Personality Traits The sun-sign of 'the Twins' takes its name from the two bright stars that dominate the
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Aqua male, gemini woman
ok, so ive been seeing this aqua. weve been together for almost nine months. weve recently taken a break, and weve been
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Gemini May 21 or 22?
I was born on may 21 which i thought was under a gemini sign however ive seen another sites saying geminis are may 22 to
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Read this: 1 of my friends is with his baby mother & things are gettin complexed between the two of them. But its not
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When SINGLE .....
What do you miss most about being in a relationship? If anything. For me it would have to be the physical side of it.
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For Gemini Ladies
I like this gemini girl and for the past week she started giving hugs and we play fight/wrestle with each other and in c
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my chart and story
Hi everyone. I am new here and have a question. How do I go about getting my chart done? I know the exact time and pl
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standing up to a gemini
oh i have a sweet libra moon and we hate conflict. but we also hate being taken advantage of. i am gem rising so i under
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Cancer female interested in Gemini male
I dont get why I find Gemini males so attractive and allow myself to be entranced by them. Alot of them I know are big
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Cancer MALES with Gems?
I was wondering if any of you Gemini gals ever dated a Cancer male.. How did it go? If it ended, why did it end? what
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What type of girl attracts you in the club?
So,guys have a lot of variety of tastes in girls. I noticed that many guys like the "black long sexy gaired girl with
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Approaching Gemini Females
Having had some experiences with Gemini females, I realised I never took the time to understand Gemini females. I just u
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Gemini Cougars, Gemini Cubs
Okay -- backgrounder. I've been assigned an article on cougars so was wondering what you think about it, if you've ever
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Too mushy or emotional for a Gemini ? Help !
Ok .after not hearing a reply from my gem guy for almost 7 months I decided to send one last email basically saying to h
Care to share with me?
I'm starting to REALLY like this Cancer guy.. I've got a Cancer moon and Cancer in my 7th house (marriage & partnership
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Too mushy or emotional for a gem update
Hi guys please go to my old post too mushy or emotional for a Gemini post I updated my answers to those users who are h
Gemini tells me(Libra) that i show off too much?
I like Gemini woman. At one point of time she stopped talking to me when she saw me flirting with other women, although
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An Aries Seeking Advice? Not possible!!
Never thought I‘d be asking this but could there be hope?? Or am I just being a hopeless (typical) Aries romantic? Bea