thanks for visiting the gemini message board. gemini men and women do all they can to enjoy life, but can be very impatient with others. do you gemini?

I'm sure someone has an opinion~
Curious as to what you Geminis think about this~ I am: Virgo sun, moon and mars; venus in libra The guy that I'm
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i need some advice...
so i met this gem about a year ago, and i would say we are good friends although i was kinda falling for him. our convos
by PrettyMe · 4 replies · updated 2/17/2011 10:48:16 AM
Gemini guy is making me jealous?
This gem guy and I have known each other for a year and we have been developing feelings for each other. I invited him t
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You gems are sooo sweet. but sour.
i think of you guys like sour patches. One minute sour then sweet. my boyfriend is irritating me. We've been both
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Being Another Sign
Just wondering what other sign you Gems would chose to be if you had to... and why. And if you're not a Gem, what's your
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the link to vote isn't working :P i made a poster about what "joining a conversation means to me" if you guys have
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How Do I Deal With My Complete Opposite?
I live with three other guys. Two are Gems born on the same day a year apart, and one is an Aqua. The older Gem is my
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ok so ive been talking to this aqua for about a year. and its been up and down, but we really love each other. *sighs* o
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For GM
Since virgos are week I just wanted to let you know most virgos are billionaires I wonder why hummmmm but here is the li
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Do you geminis prefer defined relationships?
Or undefined? I've noticed that all of the "relationships" I've had with geminis were always undefined. The only one
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Bad Gemini Women
This is too funny. I didnt leave any sign or gender out. lol
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Bad Gemini Men
This is too funny. I didnt leave any sign or gender out. lol
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Gemini men, what drives you crazy ;)
....and keeps you hooked? I see to attract a lot of geminis in my life. Just curious what keeps them hooked...
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I think I'm being herded????
This is my first post but I'll be honest I've read these boards for a while now. :) I have a gem guy friend that I've b
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I need some help please! What have you done to help you get over someone? Not just anybody, but someone that you just ca
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Mind Games By Sun Signs
I saw a post and thought it'd be interesting to get this from every group. How do you think each sign plays mind games?
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when a gemini hysterically cries???
do you gemini males cry? my bf cried and cried when i wanted a short break/space. up to a point of snot dripping (lol
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Does this phrase make sense to the Gemini?
"See, you took my kindness for weakness! Now that I'm whipping your ass you wanna call me crazy!!" Just curious.
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Don't Mess With My Air
Hi Gem's! Is it just me or do all air signs hate having their air messed with like when someone just picks up can of ar
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please tell me how to deal with this gemini
He's been leaving me hanging in the the air for months with his hot and cold attitude.He asked if i feel anything for hi
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No Strings Attached
I went and saw No Strings Attached with a bunch of friends and they all said the fictional character Emma had to be base
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Norcalman & GM - in here please :)
Norcalman: You said something in a post recently about gemini men (thread: Mirroring a gemini man's actions) - "He co
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Preach it !
Lauren Hill born May 25, 1975.
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How do u know when a Gemini girl likes u
How does she flirt or does she do something with her eyes if interested
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Sun and moon sign
I'm a cap sun and pisc moon can it work out with sun gem and Leo moon
by Fdthemaster1 · 4 replies · updated 1/23/2011 12:48:47 PM
I finally saw The OTHER side of my gemini love...
JESUS CHRIST! major prop to you guys! And i thought being a aqua is nuts...(good way of course) my boyfriend vente
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Nothing better to do....
Okay i've been posting here for a few months and I must say our board is the BEST lol (ofcourse) but I wanted to know a
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