thanks for visiting the gemini message board. gemini men and women do all they can to enjoy life, but can be very impatient with others. do you gemini?

Gemini, I need some serious help here!
Ok. I have an Aries friend (Capricorn moon, Venus in Aquarius) who I always get on her nerves. I form relationships wher
by Zappedthoughts99 · 9 replies · updated 9/15/2010 10:03:28 PM
One of Those Days
... where you wake up just wishing that something good would happen in your life. Well, good morning, fellow Gems. J
by TwistedTwin · 4 replies · updated 9/15/2010 12:35:23 PM
I really need some insight on this..
I just want to say this may be long, and I'm great full to anyone who reads this and gives their input. Let's start t
by kiwiigirl · 5 replies · updated 9/14/2010 8:59:07 PM
Gemini stuck in emotional Stupor???
Usually all the time, I have such an optimistic attitude and am so carefree, but lately I've been in this emotional blur
by Zappedthoughts99 · 7 replies · updated 9/14/2010 11:44:08 AM
Venus in Gemini really makes me nervous.
Include that with sun in gemini, and you have yourself tons of fun, lol. Point blank, there is this gem guy who is a lot
by Candeh15 · 9 replies · updated 9/13/2010 9:49:12 PM
Oh, Wise Ones....
I just want to say.... MOON SIGNS are awesome!!!! I thought at first that I needed the time of birth to get the moo
by Joanie675 · 28 replies · updated 9/10/2010 9:21:53 PM
Lazy Gemini
There is no doubt that my gemini is really into me. He gives me everything and anything I want, but lately he hasn't ini
by capris · 9 replies · updated 9/8/2010 11:11:12 AM
Which FIRE sign is best for a Gemini ?
In your opinion, which of the 3 fire signs do you think is the best one for a Gemini? Sun sign speaking of course . .
by GlamGemini · 7 replies · updated 9/5/2010 10:42:56 PM
Fierce Dravidian
The Sagittarian types
I noticed we haven't talked much about them through the whole of last year, quite some talk concerning scorpio, aries an
by Fierce Dravidian · 45 replies · updated 9/3/2010 10:45:25 PM
Can someone help me explain my birth chart???
Sun Gemini 5.05 Ascendant Cancer 23.12 Moon Sagittarius 24.42 II Leo 13.16 Me
by Zappedthoughts99 · 2 replies · updated 9/1/2010 8:11:01 PM
Just a general question for you gems
So I have a gem friend who has liked me for about a year now, but I don't really want anything to do with him (though, I
by Candeh15 · 3 replies · updated 9/1/2010 7:48:35 PM
Help me understand my Gemini man !?
Hi everyone ,I need help! For the first time in my life I think I've met my match! I lovvvvvveeee geminis ! I have had t
HELP : What do I do?
Okay so a while back I was involved with a Libra man.. Him : Libra sun / Virgo Venus Me : Gemini sun / Taurus Venus
by GlamGemini · 8 replies · updated 9/1/2010 3:51:44 PM
Seuction Tips For Gemini..
You should: Be prudent in relationship with him Keep informed of all worldwide events. Newspapers, magazines an
by CancerianGoddess · 5 replies · updated 8/30/2010 9:11:02 PM
My Gemini-ness is KILLING ME!
Help me guys :( I have like LOVE ADD. I don't know how to stick with anyone, My longest relationship was maybe a fe
by GlamGemini · 42 replies · updated 8/30/2010 12:20:52 PM
Awesome, this feels familiar.
Ok Gems, I did this not long ago and thought I'd learned better. Now, I'm there again. I ditched the Aries infatuation a
by GemsRaGalsBestPal · 3 replies · updated 8/26/2010 7:09:00 PM
Geminis and Relaxing
I was just wondering... do any of you have problems relaxing? I seem to be highly strung and it's rare when I don't hav
by Joanie675 · 8 replies · updated 8/25/2010 10:44:39 PM
Gemini & Gemini??
Has anyone else been with/had a relationship with another fellow gemini?? I have. The relationship was SUPERRRRR inte
by nats · 10 replies · updated 8/25/2010 6:10:40 PM
Gemini's and Pisces???
First off, hi! I'm new here, and just wanted to ask for some insight :) Typically, it's said that Pisces and Gemini's
by clynn05 · 14 replies · updated 8/24/2010 10:07:30 PM
Hey there!
Just made an account here! :)Hi everyone!
by justbecauseshedraws · 8 replies · updated 8/24/2010 8:37:10 PM
Gemini fear of wondering?
i suffer from "manufactured fear" i tend to make up things in my head that aren't going to happen in real life. & at tim
by KrystleSade · 2 replies · updated 8/23/2010 3:29:15 PM
Just met Gemini...question...
I met a Gem online and was wondering if they play cat and mouse. We never actually talked..we keep leaving each other me
by mslibra · 7 replies · updated 8/21/2010 8:16:22 PM
do u gems feel suffocated with friends when they leave you a lot of messages. I feel that a lot, i want to vomit, i hate
by seascape · 16 replies · updated 8/21/2010 9:48:55 AM
Geminis . . . do YOU play mind games?
We're known for being confusing and playing mind games so I'm wondering if this applies to you and tell us all about i
by GlamGemini · 9 replies · updated 8/20/2010 12:11:49 AM
james tate
I don't know what to do my girlfriend a Truaus left me for a Gemini Lesbian. I know most Gemini men are deficient when i
by james tate · 30 replies · updated 8/19/2010 2:20:33 PM
Fellow Geminis, I need some advice?
I met this Sagittarius guy, he's your typical Sagittarius except he's VERY romantic & willing to commit ( Scorpio Venus
by GlamGemini · 6 replies · updated 8/18/2010 12:40:55 PM
Us Geminis & Flirting
Us Geminis are known for being flirty and charming ;) So I'm just wondering.. how are you when it comes to flirting
by GlamGemini · 4 replies · updated 8/18/2010 8:27:51 AM
i will definitely miss you... :( HUGS!! i wish you the best in all you do and hope that someday you will return...
by misslissa · 6 replies · updated 8/15/2010 7:23:15 PM
Mutable Madness.
Change,Change & more change. It seems that wheneva a gemini starts goin into mutable mode some of us tend 2 4get the oth
by G.L · 2 replies · updated 8/14/2010 10:14:57 PM