thanks for visiting the gemini message board. gemini men and women do all they can to enjoy life, but can be very impatient with others. do you gemini?

Air and I gotta have FIRE..
Everything I read on Air/Fire signs says Fire needs Air. But my best friend and some of my most memorable Ex's have been
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Fellow Gems I Need You
so since we were talking about being alone in our dark place. i am in that moment right now. do you often be like me,and
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I love when someone hates you & they can't even point out what it is they hate about you. *laughs* that is so sad. Let's
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Gemini have sharp tongues
usually when i get mad i tend to put that person on spot. i am very rude and cold-hearted when it comes to that. i point
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How are you girls??? As said on the aries board...The new (hello) & the old...I miss you! =)
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When Geminis Hurt...
Here's the thing. I noticed that Gems are rarely classified as the underdog because nothing seems to faze us. But we d
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I love myself xD
First off,i do love myself. Some people have a lot of nerve. Don't tell me i don't love myself,when i do. Because if i d
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I'm going to be the bigger person
so,let's see here. apparently he isn't going to tell me how he feels. and since i have a virgo rising in me as a gemini.
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Geminis worst in long-term relashionships?
Is it just me, or does everyone else have experience full of gemini's cheating and being extremely manipulative in relas
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Gemini male Pisces female
I need some insight on this couple. I tried asking about the moons but thought I might as well ask about the people. Is
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GEMINI May 23, my birthday astrology
↓Friends and Lovers↓ People born on May 23 love to surround themselves with good company and usually have an acti
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How do you know Gemini woman likes you?
I've met this gorgeous Gemini girl just a few days ago when she joined our company on a junior position for a temporary
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Gemini Facts 1-12 :)
i am a gemini. so if you have the same behavior please let me know :) well first i was born on May 23. ok now let's g
by KrystleSade · 29 replies · updated 7/26/2010 12:31:00 AM
Gemini tends to read minds/future?
i don't know if i am the one Gem,but i tend to know what my mom and others are going to say before they even try to spea
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my chart for Gemini<3
↓Planet Positions, Ascendant, & Houses↓ Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0 Sun Gemini 2.17 Ascendant Virgo 1.
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Gem's have
the most beautiful smiles! Tis all
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trying to find my chart
i have no idea what everyone means by the planets, & signs what not. someone help me? i am trying to find mine and a vi
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Negative energy
don't you hate when you are trying to be positive. & you know in your heart that things will get better. & you have no r
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Gemini & Virgo compatibility
is there any virgos guys and or gemini woman that has fallen inlove with a virgo man? please tell me your experiences!!
by KrystleSade · 4 replies · updated 7/24/2010 2:52:29 PM
Love Zodiac Profile - GEMINI
If you are Gemini: You are born to flirt. You love to indulge in harmless flirting for fun. You love variety in love an
by ezahria · 3 replies · updated 7/23/2010 3:04:45 PM
Cancer Gemini Compatibility ?
i am a Cancer, moon in Gemini, Libra is my raising sign. He is Gemini sun, Leo moon, Leo raising. i'm not sure how this
Hey Hey Geminis !
HI ! I'm a female Gemini and I'm new to this forum & I found it interesting & I'm a total Gemini lol so yeah . . . B
by GlamGemini · 11 replies · updated 7/21/2010 10:30:44 PM
Virgo: Friend or Foe?
I'm just wondering... do any of my fellow Gems have problems with Virgo? Be it friend/colleague/lover... I read some s
by Gemini_Times_Two · 65 replies · updated 7/21/2010 12:57:51 PM
Gemini disappearing act: Normal?
Hey all, I'm fairly new to the Gemini board, but I had recently inquired about a Gemini male in a previous post. We h
by slowdance · 5 replies · updated 7/17/2010 3:22:52 AM
Gemini woman: "not sure what she wants"
I've known a Gemini girl for around a month. We've grown to like each other, conversing, flirting around etc.. Last wee
by seafood_disco · 13 replies · updated 7/16/2010 7:46:52 PM
What does anyone know about third decan Gemini's?
I am wondering what people know about this decan in particular because I am a third decan Gemini, and I have always felt
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Whats up with my Gemini.
I caught up with old buddy from High school, Were both 21 by the way, Anyways we met up hanged out vibed off of each oth
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Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon.
i read on a few sites that these are the two worse signs to have together ? or something like that. Is that true ? wow.
Gemini moon w/ Pisces moon
Any experiences on this and how it would play out?
by prettyladii · 1 replies · updated 7/13/2010 1:10:12 PM