thanks for visiting the gemini message board. gemini men and women do all they can to enjoy life, but can be very impatient with others. do you gemini?

v s o p
FROM LIBRA MALE TO GEMINI FEMALES thanks for all the L I E S Y O U T O L D M E IN 2009 whats f
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To all My Gem Dxpers
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
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Libra constellation with which there are similarit
I would like to find a girlfriend because I was a Libra, and I'm looking for a similar character with my girlfriend, I d
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Curious about Gemini woman
Hi this is my first post here, I mainly come to the site as a guest usually look at opinions of other signs and what not
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Juliette Lewis
birthday june 21,1973 would that make her Gemini?
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Gemini Godess
Geminis & Movies
I love movies but when my Gemini friends come over. We end up talking and talking and then get lost because we don't kn
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Memories lost..
I was wondering if other gemini's have this issue. I didn't realize this until I was talking to my Libra girlfriend fro
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mars in gemini men
how does one act on love? restless? flighty? any thoughts? thanks
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Dating a gemini man?
I recently relocated and during transition met a very prominent attorney who offered to introduce me to people in order
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What do you think of our birth charts? I welcome all constructive advice/thoughts! ME: Sun Gemini Moon Libra
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Robin Goodfellow
Do any of you Gems have this sentiment??> Why sett
le for less when you can have everything?? Think about it, what do you say??
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Fierce Dravidian
Air signs and relationships,
what specific kinds of relationships do you prefer to have with the Air signs?
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A Gemini Woman
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Marilyn Monroe
Does she represent a lot of Geminis?
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Were are the GEMS!!? WERE IS ANYBODY!!?
I'm bored, hurt, & mad and maybe a little hyper. My right arm is broken, my wife took my pain killers and went across t
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Things that I've learned from each sign.....
Aries: I am an Aries, and I've learned alot from my experiences. The biggest thing that I've learned is endurance. Indep
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When a gem ..says he wants to be just friends
When dating a gem and he decides that he wants to include you in his life 100% and then their is a misunderstanding...he
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Happy Turkey Day Gemmies!
Just wanted to wish everyone and their families happy and healthy Turkey Day! I love family time, but sometimes it can b
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Perfect Gem Angel
Just sharing w/you other lady GEMS!
~SEXY REAL WOMAN~ She moves without intention She looks around in splendor She find attraction with wonder She doe
Hug a Gemini
Okay men here is my challange if you should take it. If you are on good terms with a Gemini girl/woman, give her a hug!
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I'm horrified... don't know how else to view this
570,000 pager messages from 9/11 released Some 570,000 pager messages sent on Sept. 11, 2001, many of them by governme
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To all of you that are off today...
i'm SOOOO jealous!!
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Perfect Gem Angel
Turkey Day
Too bad the Indians didn't give a donkey instead of a turkey for thanksgiving, because at least then we would all be get
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Hott Butts!!!
What amazes me most about Gemini women is that regardless of their body type, large or small... they always have a prono
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I'm looking for a refresher from my other twins and how they cope with their depression phases. I'm 36 and i feel i hav
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gem guys
charmers, heart breakers and completely utterly confusing lol i had a gem guy once.. it didnt last long haha cancers
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