thanks for visiting the gemini message board. gemini men and women do all they can to enjoy life, but can be very impatient with others. do you gemini?

Controlling attention span?
Okay well im a gem sun/merc and lately i've been getting into a lot of butter at work because I just cant keep focused. I
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What is the gemini evil twin?
I'm : sun: aqua moon: taurus rising: libra So far what i have seen in gemini friends and my boyfriend. i haven't s
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Gemini Men and Libra Lasses
So, Gemini dudes, what is your take on the Libra ladies? Merci!
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Ok, My Gemini send me a message that he is no longer coming home 5th December and that he is only coming 15th December.
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Help With Gemini
Hey Gems & Gem board frequenters, This isn't the first time I've posted on this board (and BTW, thank you very much t
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The great Gino Vanelli born June 16, 1952.......
The same as me, Geronimo, and Tupac. ;) The Gist of a Gem In I! ;) Enjoy!!
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Taurus/Gemini Cusp
Well I recently found out that I AM on the cusp of Taurus/Gemini. All my life I thought I was a full fledged Gemini. I h
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He says he loves me...
Is this Gemini for real? I posted something months ago, about how we were only long distance friends for now (opposit
by onlyinwriting2 · 5 replies · updated 11/20/2010 12:39:05 AM
November for romance?
Is November actually a good month to have romantic encounters or relationships? I'm just curious because I wonder how mu
by Strawberrie · 6 replies · updated 11/18/2010 11:15:15 PM
Gemini women ?
If gemini girls are always flirty with guys how to you tell if she actually likes you and how do you get one to like you
by KiNG23 · 7 replies · updated 11/18/2010 11:09:29 PM
Geminis And Aquas
so i must ask, what people think of these couples, i have seen alot of these couples, seem these people are just drawn t
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Gemini man has suddenly popped back into my life
This was a while back, but I wrote about a gem man I was seeing for a few months. He was the only gemini I've ever dated
by Candeh15 · 27 replies · updated 11/17/2010 1:38:03 AM
Insignificant flirting? or something serious?
about me: aquarius, moon taurus, rising: libra Im in a relationship with a gemini male. I adore him to death..howeve
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Was a Gemini! This will get those Gemini minds rolling!! I'm going to hell!! HaHaHaHa!! ~GM
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Gemini Ex
Me an my Gem ex have been friends for over 11 years. The back story is that we were together in our early 20's for a cou
by flirtycancer79 · 3 replies · updated 11/15/2010 10:20:07 AM
Gemini and phone sex
ok, My Gemini boyfriend has been out of town for the last 3 weeks . And I have been working crazy hours. Needles to s
by Bella79 · 9 replies · updated 11/11/2010 8:31:29 PM
Sexstrology - Gemini – Thinking Butterfly
Gemini FEMALE The Gemini female might be one of the most complex creatures of the zodiac with her dual butterfly pers
by Strawberrie · 5 replies · updated 11/11/2010 4:24:52 PM
Gemini! Can you give me your insight?
Hello everyone. First off, I'm a Gemini and I really like this girl who's a Sag. I know Gemini's and Sags are opposites
by Zappedthoughts99 · 9 replies · updated 11/11/2010 11:49:32 AM
How to pursue a relationship a gemini girl?
Im a Leo and I like this gemini girl at my school a couple weeks ago she gave me hugs everyday now she does'nt how do I
by KiNG23 · 5 replies · updated 11/11/2010 6:15:44 AM
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Geminis VS Libras
Who in your opinion are the bigger flirts/players? Also.. Why?
by GlamGemini · 23 replies · updated 11/10/2010 7:52:28 PM
Tips to repressed Evil Twin ?
I don't know what happen to me but I just snapped today at my roommate (i doubt it matters but she's a cancer). I got ti
by Strawberrie · 17 replies · updated 11/10/2010 6:57:29 PM
Gemini testing a libra tricky tricky..who'smarter
Hey guys,ok.been dating my Gemini for 2 years.everything is going great .he lives 2 hours away ,but we see each other ev
Hey, have you dated a Capricorn before?
What was it like? & what was it that had attracted you? I've attracted a number of Capricorns in my life. But being
by Kleo · 13 replies · updated 11/8/2010 2:48:10 PM
Double Trouble! How do you calm your twins?
Hello fellow Gems! Listen, I do it. My bestie Gem does it. You've probably done it. Your mind gets fixated on somethi
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Gemini Sun & Rising; Aqua Moon. My 5 month old
Hi! I have a 5 month old son whose rising sign and sun sign are in Gem, and his moon sign is in aqua. (Also for re
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Gemini men and texting
He will respond ask a question then i respond back and he never responds on time. always like 1 hour later.. 30 minutes
by candi3bb · 16 replies · updated 11/5/2010 9:41:08 PM
I'm a Gemini man in love with a Pisces woman
it was love at first sight, like cupid's arrows. I met her and felt this intense connection and then I looked up Susa
by Judicious · 22 replies · updated 11/5/2010 9:23:58 PM
How important is your ascendent and moon?
Hi everyone, I am at a crossroads and not sure what to do. I am dating again after a 10 year relationship, and after go
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First time meeting my gem guy...any suggestions?
Hey guys..I am going to my gem guy's country for some work and he asked me to meet...(he has been saying that for a year
by sunnynight · 12 replies · updated 11/5/2010 1:05:05 AM