thanks for visiting the gemini message board. gemini men and women do all they can to enjoy life, but can be very impatient with others. do you gemini?

Best and worst zodiac sign to date?
My most favourite was Libra most fun and soul mate, worst Sags both ended up being psycho`s lol
How to get a Gemini guy?
So, I was wondering how does an Aqua girl pick up a Gemini guy nowadays? How do you geminis feel about being hit on? Als
how do you feel about forgeting people? know its prob normal and it's easy but its kinda been scary for me lately ... an
Gemini and past relationships
So, I have been dumped by my Gemini man. When it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Long story short: We dated
Pisces man. Situation with gem girl
I am in a complex situation with a gem girl I have begun falling for big time. I am 31 she is a mature 24 year old. The
Tired and Frustrated!!!
hey guys. Let me just say Im going to go mad soon. Ugh!!! ok sooo venus is out of the picture right!? Went direct in
Clingy, needy Gemini female friend?
I have a Gemini female friend who is extremely clingy and needy. It's really annoying to be honest. I'm not the only one
Help plz !
I need an advice regarding a Gemini man
I posted on here a few years ago and got a lot of help..This time I need help figuring out a Gemini boy. Me and him hav
Geminis and Love
I was wondring about the fleeting and fickle Gemini love. I???ve read many websites and firsthand accounts about what i
Gemini Advice, Please
Hi all. I have been spending a lot of time talking and texting with a Gemini guy. We have been out on a couple of
How do you get along with leo women?
Why are you guys so difficult to deal with?
Been trying to get a divorce from Gem and he is the most difficult person to deal with!!!!!! Keeps nitpicking and changi
gemini man
Hi all, need some advise, hopefully from a taurus woman. I have met a wonderfull lady. Been dateing her for 6 weeks.
Gemini with Mercury in Taurus?
If you are a Gemini with Mercury in Taurus how do you think your Mercury in Taurus manifests?
Gemini Hate
I don't get it you all seem fine to me.
why must you try to outsmart me?
is it just me or is it normal that when you are making a point and someone just has to over go it, that you go into sup
traits of a gemini woman supposed to be
shy, emotional, highly sensitive, private, hide from people OR is it just me? i have my rising and sun sign in gemini, a
lol... you gemini girls
My best friend is a gemini and are you all like this? Totally boy crazy, never can make a decision, always running aroun
am I the only one oblivious to all the drama here lately? sheeeessshhhh... thought Gems were above most nonsense
something for all....
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