Fellow Gem's question for you!!!
Hey everyone! Just wanted to ask a few questions of you other Gem's around here. Lately I have been a total mess prob
gemini mercury ^^
how does it affect my character ...?? taurus sun ..pisces moon ..aqua rising
LeGendary ViRGo
what's with the Gemini hate
I just don't understand why you guys are so hated i luv my own mercury brothers and sisters even tho i have disagreement
Is there anything good coming up for us?
Im not sure what to look for? the last few months I have been able to read it and ride with it so ive been prepared for
the evil twin has been UNLEASHED.
I don't believe in revenge, I usually 'turn the other cheek' and rise above what rage I'm feeling, but this time its per
Aqua = undeveloped gem
About being airy and dissapearing.. Aquas are the ones hiding with all that bottled up emotion,while gems really dont h
Perfect Gem Angel
Okay, let talk sex here please, among others like
myself, I posted this on Virgo board, I dont think they like me over there......they never respond. I think I shall not
This song is CLEARLY for us Geminis. . . agree ? It even mentions that he's talking about a Gemini :) Do you like the
Gemini man messed me about for 5 YEARS!
Hey i really need some advice on this, i really ready to walk away once and for all. It started five years ago where me
Geminis and sex
Geminis love talking about sex. For me, I like to shock by being up to date on different topics, and not getting coy re
Gemini man, talking all sexual...
I'm a Leo and had a date with a Gemini man yesterday and he's really keen and very cute which is great! We spoke last ni
Gemini man/Scorpio Female??
So I hear that this is an oddly successful combo and I'd like to know more. There's a man I work with who I've been att
Why you don't care, is what I want to know.
And maybe it's this very uncaring, in itself, which is why it exists. Maybe if care was present, then it wouldn't be.
Mercury ........
It appears to me that Virgo's and Gemini's think that just because of this planet being a ruler, that it means they have
Gem Nation
Am I the love ARIES have been looking for?
Gem Nation here... I have been reading all over the place how Gemini's are the PERFECT match for ARIES...right now I'
Ok! This Mercury retro crap is starting to.....
Get on my damn nerves!!!! GRRRRR!!!! So apologies again to the peeps who's feelings I hurt. :( Peace! GM
Cancer trying to figure out you Gemini women
I cant tell if this Gemini women is into me or not? I really cant. One day she is into me and the next day she is not an
How does a GEM deal with emotional dependency?
Hi GEMS, Just found out that my father's cancer is now out of remission and it's now terminal. This is very difficult
I work with the most obnoxious gemini I have ever met. I want to slap the butter of him and all he has to do is just say h
Here is your chance...
anybody who has a problem with me or think that I have wronged them in some way, here is your chance to throw it in my
Doing his job again ...
Thank you, dxp ..
Leo girl
Just out of curiosity...please state what you like or dislike in a leo girl..
could use a some gemini insight
This could be a long post. But after getting comfortable with all of you, I think its cool if I 'put myself out there'
Where the hell are the rest of my gem fam? This board is not as lively as it used to be.... So whats good gems, whats