How can scorpio guy attract gemini girl?

I am a scorpio guy. I am dating to this Gemini girl who is fun-loving and very talkative. I know we have first impression for each other. I read Zodiac Compatibility signs and found that this two won't work for long relationship. So, any advise how can I keep her interested in me for long time? Probably I want advise from Gemini people. What excite you most and what kind of relationship you want from Scorpio guy like me?

Please help this scorp who is now madly fall in love with a gem.
"I read Zodiac Compatibility signs and found that this two won't work for long relationship."

Normally, these relationships don't last long, as Markella has pointed out, since she's been through 2 already ... however, there is a Gemini woman in here who has been successful with a Scorpio man and I think it all depends on the maturity level of both parties. According to compatibility .. water and air aren't suppose to work for the long haul, however, it's possible.

The problem that arises is that Scorpio's, once they find Mr/Mrs Right, then they settle-down rather quickly and want to maintain a sense of routine .. they like stability, and dependability .. and this is inherently contrary to the Geminis nature. The Gemini likes to keep things moving, have constant stimulation, excitment .. their soul is restless, while yours (Scorpio) is more settled. So, this is the reason why the compatibility reports normally say that these two won't make it.

My brother is a Scorpio and has been married to his Gemini wife nearly 30 nears now .. and their marriage is very successful, built around respect and trust. So, this pairing isn't impossible, regardless of the opposition in nature of the two. Instead of working against each others differences, they have worked towards bringing a quality that the other was lacking.

She has taught him to take leaps once in a while .. be spontaneous, eventhough his nature is to be concerned with every little detail of the consequence. Because of trusting her judgement .. he will close his eyes and jump when she gets worked up over something that sounds thrilling, he trusts that she will land him on his feet, and will go along for the ride (sometimes).

He has taught her to re-direct some of this excess energy, and has shown her how she can be more diplomatic during an emotional uproar that zings through her whole essence, which causes her to want to react to every situation that arises ... by his uncanny ability to remain calm, cool and collected.

However, all that is once you're actually in a relationship with this girl. To get her there .. you'll have to maintain your respect for her by not being judgemental of her incessant opinions about other people, which she will do because Geminis like to talk about other people .. they have a geniune interest in other people, and will gossip about them. But you have to keep in mind that this isn't for the sake of being catty, or petty .. rather, a real interest in others life.

Also, to get and keep her interest .. you have to make sure that you show her some creativity in your thoughts .. meaning, talk about your dreams, what you find exciting, even if it's just silly fantasies.

The whole point is .... Geminis are so restless, and flip along in life simply because their mind is ever turning .. and if they can't find an avenue in thought in which to direct this, then they feel compelled to "act" it out .. to get it out.

So, if you give her a mental place to exercise, and release .. by sharing with her your hopes and dreams, and what moves you .. then you'll have her deepest respect because she'll know that you can understand entertain her ever-churning thoughts, without judgement.

However, be prepared to be on the move, also ... it can't just be in thoughts to share .. pay attention to what she finds exciting and take her there.
yes - there are several successful gem/scorp pairs here. And I also believe the more mature both parties are - the better they are able to handle the differences. It's not easy, but it's also not impossible.

We gems can be VERY devoted partners and are attracted to your strength and passion. Be prepared for not being completely fulfilled, and I don't mean that in a bad way - it just is what it is. You will connect on many levels but there is a place inside BOTH that the other cannot touch or understand.
Other planetary influences are also important in this - not just sun sign. My first scorp b/f was not tremendously communicative and that ended up being a factor in our breakup. My present one (maybe thanks to a gemini moon) is very verbal and we are able to share our thoughts and work out our differences that way.

Scorps are always looking at the unsaid when it comes to communication. That's something I had to learn - that communication to scorps is not always about talking.
"You will connect on many levels but there is a place inside BOTH that the other cannot touch or understand."

That really is a good thing, Emma .. if put into perspective. If there are levels in which the other cannot easily find an understanding, while maintaining respect for this very difference .. then it keeps the other always searching the soul of the other. It keeps the interest there to find one another on a different level, and that can provide a lot of growth on the individual level, as well as the partnership.
Hi guys, thanks so much for your responses. Very interesting facts you guys have there.

To Atlantic Myst, my Birthday is 9-November-1979, her birthday is 11-June-1984. Well, I only know the Scorp/Gem signs. I am not very much familiar with Horoscopes in Detail.

Very thoughtful and well written, MarKella and P-Angel. I take note the advises you guys give. I love to see there are many success Scorp/Gem stories. I hope mine was one of those too.
Was talking to her yesterday. She has like full of energy all the time and I have to keep up with her.

We talked about Horoscopes stuff and compatibility. I think about the way to adapt her Gemini instinct to work with my Scorpio instinct. Below is the list I could think of. What do you guys think?

- Never be possessive and jealous (ok...I will try)
- don't give pressure to Gemini (ok...I will never)
- learn to back off a little (ok...learning learning )
- don't be intense ( to un-intense? teach me )
- don't be secretive (fine...this is the only thing I have and now I gonna throw away.)

Its like I have to give up my whole scorpio personality for her.
haha...I am just saying it. Of course, how can I give up my own personaility.

Yes, I believe more in what reality says than Star sign. But a bit of side help from Horoscopes never hurt, right?

I guess I need to learn to chill and take things less seriously. You know, being a scorpio, we feel too deep even on the smallest thing.
ok guys...don't worry, I still use my judgement.
btw, I just found a site which calculate all my related signs and hers. Like sun, moon, venus, mecury (I was like oh my god! I didn't know horoscopes is so deep). The reason I started doing research on compatibility is just because she seems to be interested in and had a conversation with her about Zodiacs signs.

Anyway, do you guys know any web sites that tell the compatibility of each sign like sun signs, mooon signs. So far, I can only find sites showing compatibility of Sun signs.

Your Cancer moon squares her Scorpio mars ... this could lead to serious fights, even to beating each other up.

Your Cancer moon trines her Scorpio moon, however ... which means you know how to make each other feel comfortable, warm and fuzzy, so as long as you two don't let arguements get out of hand, you both can find a "safe zone" in each others hearts.

Your Sag mercury squares her Capricorn jupiter .. this will cause you to have many mis-understandings because your likes/dislikes are so different from each other.

Your Scorpio sun conjuncts her Scorpio mars .. there should be an intense sexual attraction with this aspect.

Your Sag mercury is in opposition with her Gemini venus .. this will cause your relationship to be either black or white .. no gray areas. Either you're really happy together, or furiously fighting .. no middle ground.

There are other aspects .. but, your biggest obstacle will be the opposition of Mercury's ... complete opposition in communication styles .. yours is in Sagittarius and hers is in Gemini ... which means the way you talk to each other will lead to many, many disturbances in the relationship, and this will likely be the catalyist that either makes, or breaks.

I agree with your thoughts on your post .... to give everything that has been suggested is necessary, you will have to stop being yourself. A Scorpio HAS to have their secrets ... a Scorpio is by nature, jealous and intense.

To tell you the truth, after seeing where your planets are, this doens't sound like a good compatibility for a relationship. You two will tear each other apart.
Your Sag mercury squares her Capricorn jupiter .. this will cause you to have many mis-understandings because your likes/dislikes are so different from each other.

That one can't be right .... will look again.
You - aspect - her

Sun - Conjunction - Mars
Moon - Trine - Moon
Mercury - Opposition - Mercury
Venus - Opposition - Mercury
Venus - Conjunction - Uranus
Mars - Square - Moon
Jupiter - Square - Mercury
Jupiter - Trine - Jupiter
Saturn - Sextile - Moon
Uranus - Conjunction - Moon
Neptune - Opposition - Sun
Neptune - Opposition - Venus
Pluto - Trine - Sun
Pluto - Trine - Venus
"You know, being a scorpio, we feel too deep even on the smallest thing." - yeah, no kidding

Here are some good places to check out: and
Thanks P-Angel for your detail analysis on our signs. Hey, you are pretty good. You must be a professional Astrologist, right?

I love this one "Your Cancer moon squares her Scorpio mars ... this could lead to serious fights, even to beating each other up." haha...if there are fights, I guess I gonna let her win, coz with her skinny body can't even pinch me.

Yes, to avoid those misunderstanding, I guess I better to be more communicative then. From her side, there is no problem, I guess. Last night, we had long conversation again. And she pointed out all those good things she likes and some bad things she doesn't like about on me (I didn't even have to ask her, I so love gemini nature of being so frank and open-minded).

Yes, we already noticed a lot of differences in our like/dislike. Even on food, type of movies and plances, etc. But we agree to try to match each other. Like this Friday, I plan a date, I let her choose the place and what to do. But she asked me to take this movie that I wanna see, even though I know she so hate that one.

Perhaps, its too early to say things right now, because its only a few week so far.
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