what REALLY turns a gemini man on?

I love my gemini, just curious?
In what way?
I don't mean to be funny but, you do realize that you have a head on top of a penis as an avatar, don't you? :/
lol! are you serious,now I just keep staring at it! by the question I meant what traits in a woman makes you attracted to her? What are the qualities that you most admire? and of course what makes you sexually attracted to a woman?
oh help me! my co-workers think im crazy sittin at my desk laughing up a storm! yea I gotta change that avatar, good looking out
Smile, Legs, Long Necks, Hips and ass, but all of that goes away if the woman is an idiot. So brain and lots of mental stimulating. A conversationalist that is open-minded, not the open-mindedness that people THINK they have. But the kind that is an infinite train of thought. Rare.

Sexually? See above. ^^^
Posted by amochalibra
oh help me! my co-workers think im crazy sittin at my desk laughing up a storm! yea I gotta change that avatar, good looking out

Who's gotcho back?!
Also, have independent and abstract thought! Not regurgitation of someone else's theories and conjectures in order to make yourself sound and look intelligent. To me, that's just another form of an idiot. Grrrrrr!!!!!! Like the women who like to start a conversation with: "Have you read the book....?" Rather than having experiences to the point that YOU are the book that should be written about. There are those who read the news, and then there are those that make the news. At least that's how I see it. :/
HaHa! That's a better avatar. But, it's been done, many, many, times. HaHa!
Your mind?
yea I had to do something quick with that avatar! thanx for the answers, Im pretty much like that. We can have the best conversations, of course they last as long as he can be still. He's a gem who always has a lot going on, but I really appreciate that fact that we can have meaningful discussions about all kinds of things. I think that kind of scares him though. I let him have all the freedom he wants, but he always finds a way for us to keep communication between us open and often, I also appreciate it when he wants my opinion.
just be yourself...and this is with anyone...they either love you for who you are or not.

Make sure you guys laugh together...he will automatically make you laugh because thats his nature..but make him laugh too.

give him plenty of sex...

and always to something spontaneous together...like a weekend trip without planning. geminis are the absolute best traveling partners...

again be yourself
Oh, I forgot to mention. If the Coochie is too Hoochie there will be no Smoochie.
^ truth.

brains, style, honesty and fun-loving. someone that has it together.
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