so explain to me what cusp means??? June 1st. don't tell me I'm a Gemini plus something else. I can't take anymore lol p
SO refreshing to finally find an amusing, active Gemini board! YES! Gasp and poke fun fellow Gems, for I have just re
sorry im noob into astrology, i only learn recently, cuz my friend, she said to look into my sign cuz it describe me per
We decided to go on a trip around my b-day. Me being a gem and her, too, right after the idea came up we were already bo
Well they didn't lie when they said that Libra and Gemini are the best match for each other! First of all, I'm not th
I'm 33 Sag and he's a 42 Gem, I met him a year ago, got to know him a little and I liked what I heard and saw. After one
Hello my fellow gems and others! hope yall well and sound :) its been long since i posted here, well i just want to lea
I have been lurking this site forever now and finally decided to make an account, since I can no longer deal with the st
Need some advice...I think my Gemini girlfriend is completely nuts! (No offense to anyone). One day she is the greates
Sun Gemini 23.14???? Moon Libra 26.18???? Mercury Gemini 1.09???? Venus Cancer 11.45???? Mars Cancer 28.36???? Jupi
How do you do that? Moreover, what kind of partners keeps you at that state? I guess I'm the typical flighty gemini.
I am sure that this topic has been answered numerous times before, But I am a new gal on here so I am posting my first t
I have been lurking this site forever now and finally decided to make an account, since I can no longer deal with the st
...without having to change your phone number and/or getting a restraining order? background info: - dated for on
What's the best way to go about figuring out a geminis intentions with you!??
Anyone in here on 3rd decan? I am one of them in June 15 but dont know much about it. So please share what you know of a
... DoubleGemini. hope you had a great day :)
and her lazy, self-hating habits really get to me. she used to be so nice, witty and just plain amazing. really a superw
I am interested in physical astrology - how to see what???s important in someone???s horoscope by looking at their body
I love yoga! Ive found it helps to ground me and settles my mind when I'm feeling especially restless and flighty. Anyon
Ever get bored with getting bored so easily?
Im an aries. I am about to inform you all on some real ish. Ready for a reality check? This is how confusing real life g

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I had a weird dream last night. I was on an airplane, sitting right behind the captain and copilot. There was no barrio from the passengers to the captain. The Captain seemed annoyed. The plane couldn't take off so it had to drive down a road (a normal
I've come to inform you all that I've been banned from dxpnet. It all comes down to multiple accounts, which I would use to troll people like Finbuff, and other hateful people hiding behind a block button. I guess that doesn't make it right. Anyway Dxpnet
Why did you give us busyeyes88? All we asked of you is to bring back the Dodo bird, a few other extinct species, and some world peace, but instead you give us this creature. Maybe you had good intentions and just didn't understand or maybe you wanted to t
Scorpio went back to his hometown to go see his son for the weekend. He called me the night he arrived there to let me know that he's okay. We talk everyday or even a couple text to stay updated on each other. Well his baby mama is always giving him troub
Can anyone tell me how this relationship worked out for them?
Jupiter has been in Libra for a little over two weeks now. Some of my libra friends have started new relationships, others have new jobs, yet others have new projects. Friends in other signs have taken a breath of fresh air, yet others are about to capita
Your experience? This is someone I was involved with 7 years ago, but neither of us can say anyone did the other wrong. He said he has been trying to find me for the longest and hopes we can rekindle what we had and tie the knot. A few of the positive
Post ya bdays so we can wish y'all happy bday. Happy late bday to those I missed, my aplogies
When romantically involved with Caps, don't do either, because it will NOT get you your desired results. Just a word of advice.
1. Experience 2. Education 3. Media 4. Family/cultural belies and values 5. Desire
I am a Libra sun, moon and mercury, Cap rising with scorpio venus and sag mars. He is Cap sun with aquarius venus and cancer mars. Can't tell you about his moon because it's either scorpio or Sagittarius... He would be perfect if it wasn't for his elusi
Hey! So i am pretty sure i am overcontrolling cause of my cap stellium. I mean i want control everything and when people tell i cant have everything under my own control i get pissed of. Need to relax and some capricorn advice on that :)
For reals...the reals deals ...meals on wheels ..homeless ..the odd time in a hostel... I don't want him to be homeless.
This is a little overwhelming. Thanks.
It seems to me a lot of people know. But it's dismissed. There are rumors for years that come to nothing? Has the change in climate made you think you would take it further if you knew it was happening but you couldn't substantiate it or would you 'let
Good evening, DXP people. As much whining as many of you do about stupid crap, you need to remember that your crying is pretty lame compared to the real suffering that goes on in places like North Korea.
I got thoughts of leaving my girl, I love her so much unconditionally but sometimes it feels like she doesnt love me as much as I do, we can speculate that.. quite hard to proove tho, she says that she love me to the max but it feels like; as we are a
How do you LEO people act when something goes wrong, like a way that you did not want it to? More specified in relationship situations... when my girl does things that I dislike I kinda get angry but still sad, sometimes i rage and take it out in th