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firebunnySo the bar exams are over...
By firebunny
I don't think I'll make it. It was very difficult! :( At least I didn't quit mid-way through. I purposely didn't answer the last four questions of the last subject, which only has 5% of the total scores. I am brain-dead today. Literally! :(
A troll doll came to life and messaged me... AYYYYY!
By Ands2016
HemispheresIs it considered sexual harrasment when...
By Hemispheres
The woman coming in to cover my shift is going to get a whiff of my balls? Worked both jobs yesterday and had no chance to shower... Whenever I sit down it smells like a sumo wrestler teabagged me after a match.
From Venus in Taurus dedicated to a Venus in Capricorn
By ShadowAbsorber

What is with Taureans....
By wicked
Taureans who stay in touch and disappear and then come back as if I never shouted at you? I dont get it. If anyone were to tell me to get lost/I cant stand you/ f off I wld never ever get in touch with them Tell me do u disappear when someone has hurt
do sag women run away from commitment
By HellDorado
also, how to make a sag woman comfortable without making her feel trapped?
NostalgicCappyNew here
By NostalgicCappy
Hello everyone. I've been visiting this site for years and reading posts, but I thought I would officially join. I just wanted to make an introduction, and say hi. I've read some excellent advice on here, and there are some people on here with such big he
Friends who always talk about their exes
By Heart
Yay or nay? I say nay. I recently ended a friendship with someone who always complained about every failed relationship he had, when it was clear he held onto people who took advantage of him and were more often than not clingy and manipulative. He was
The #1 best-selling artist in the world is a taurus right now.
By 2Moon
Hello, it's me! #QueenAdele
Long time gemini friend plus more?
By ozzie1985
I will try to make this as short as possible. I have known said gemini man for 5 years. We talked frequently 5 years ago for a bit over 1 year and then poof..he deleted me out of his life. Fast forward to present time...I sent him a msg and he responded w
Best and worst placements for sex
By christinelovessnickers

Have you ever been stalked ??
By Harukaa
What's your sign and your stalker ?