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LyseI want a break with no bad blood
By Lyse
How do you bow out of a relationship with a Scorpio man without upsetting him? I no longer wish to date this Scorpio. He has too much going on and I just feel there is not enough room for me and my feelings. I think we’d be fine if I could take my feel
Why so long to come back?
By Shaniajam
I notice reading all these threads that after a fight, an argument, a confrontation, a cancer takes a while to come back... Even without closure. You leave the person confused, dazed to go on and figure things out themselves. Why so long? Why so harsh? To
aquaglassDown time
By aquaglass
Fellow aquas, what are you doing when you feel stressed or feel down?
The L word
By aquaglass
Did you ever say "i love you" to someone just to get into her/his pants? Or did you ever say it to someone that you're ONLY sexually attracted to? Or does it something really special that there has to be a real emotional feeling for you to say it to
I confronted Scorpio but I don't know if he's lying..
By mk89
I asked my Scorpio bf if I could log onto his fb as there were some details we messaged each other on there and he said I could go on and check. I shouldn't of done this but I checked through his fb messages. He had deleted them all and thought I woul
Which house is my jupiter in?
By wxyx33 Jupiter Aquarius 19°44'20 end of house 8 direct house 8 or house 9?
By RainDancer
Do you eat/like tomatoes? I need a yes or no and your gender. I've never met a man who liked em. What gives?
Capricorn: Egoiostic?
By TrueTaur57
I have a regular normal question: Why do I feel that Capricorn people are the most egoistic people ever? Or it just appears that they are egoistic but inside they are a sweetener? If you guys are really very very sweet, then why do you like to appear
Are scorpio moons secretive/manipulative?
By wxyx33
I know scorpio sun have manipulative/secretly seeks revenge behaviour, what about scorpio Moon? There is this girl we met when school started but we sort of left her out, or atleast gave off that vibe now she is acting totally different & act
Calling all Caps/cap doms, cap stelliums, Saturn doms or those with strong a 10th house..
By caliber
I need your insights. Please hold.
US should work with Russia in Syria.....
By Qbone
but instead they continue to threaten world's nuclear powers... treetrunking funny, isn't it..?
Does he misses you?
By Gemitati
Wonderful reading. Sample: Yes, your man misses you, but not in the same way you miss him.