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YellowSubmarineWhat sign is the biggest butter disturber?
By YellowSubmarine
Like they genuinely enjoy stirring things up, but not in a mean or malicious way, but more like mischievous.. basically which sign annoys the ones they love, think of that way Example: they'll throw a piece of information at you that is a big deal but
watching porn
By libramoon195
Dear Capricorn men Will you watch porn even if you are in a serious relationship? If so, Don't you think its emotional cheating ? Another Important question is that if you watch porn or nude girls pictures then will you imagine them while having sex
The_eleventh_sign_11What are your worst habits when you're in love?
By The_eleventh_sign_11
Love sometimes feels like being in a big pile of warm clothes straight outta the dryer, and you rub your feet together and they're all nice and toasty, sometimes when you feel like that you start talking weally weally cute......ladies and gentlemen I am o
Deleted thread
By Impulsv

I'm a Libra woman, confused by an Aries Man :(
By rachel32
anybody that is an aries guy out there? i was seeing an aries guy and i am a libra. we had so much connection and chem
By Prince_Pisces
Seeing as how you've been stalking me all over this board, I'm giving you, your own platform to send your fanmail _ 3 Love you _ 3
livictoriWhen your intuition starts questioning things
By livictori
I was on the phone with a friend and he says he's in Texas. Something told me no he isn't. Then about a week later, I heard his GPS talking and the streets sound like New Jersey where he is from. We're not dating and I'm not emotionally invested. I know
car trouble
By oyes0435
Before I browse other forums, posting here cos maybe someone knows exactly whats wrong. Also, I am stuck waiting for car to cool down, killing time... 1999 pontiac bonneville, long time slow leak in coolant, ID'd before cross country trip. Went cros
In Love with a Sag Girl
By MrTrealington
I'm new here, be gentle! :) I have never encountered a Sag woman before, so for me this has been a experience already. Let me tell you a story.. Around 3 months ago, this vivacious young woman walks into the office. My intuition screams, (She'
"If you can't laugh at yourself..
By duchesslibro
Life is going to seem a whole lot longer than you'd like." Name the movie game anyone? :) No need to wait until someone answers this one. Post your favorite movie quotes! One rule: No Google cheating!
An attraction between two women.
By BeaCancer91
I am a Cancer chic, attracted to a Pisces chic. My Aquarius felt a pull between her and I. I am.not sure what "pull" because only today did I stumble across my attraction. She is treetrunking beautiful. What do you guys take from my few observations..
Aries - Libra relationship?
By Vannie
I've been talking to this absolutely charming Aries guy, and I was wondering the chances of this? Before him, all I've dated are Libras and a Virgo, all of which were sweet but...boring. If its worth anything, I have a Sagittarius moon and he has a Gemi
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