Can Scorpio and Leo work?

My Scorpio friend met this wonderful Leo female and he just is already in love with her and vise-versa. Can it work out or are they doomed?

I have tried the Scorpio-Leo thing before and it is a very EXTREME relationship!!!! These two signs are the most powerful of all the other signs!!! They are both fixed. One is fire and the other is water!!! Both have strong egos!!!! This relationship will depend on your communication skills!!!!! If it is good, it is outstanding!!!!!!! WARNING: If it is bad, than it is war!!!!! Very strong passions! For me, it didn't work out! But I know a few couples with these signs that have worked out! It all depends!
I hear Leos's get on very well with Librans and Aquarians.
The best partner for a Leo is a Sagittarian.
Leos and Libras do, my friend.
I am a lioness. My best friend is a Scorpio and her and I have great communication. Although I would imagine it could get nasty if we were to fight!! Talk about power struggle. I have not seen it work out!
As for mates, I prefer Gemini's the best. Sag is a bit too mellow for me and with libra I felt that I did not get enough attention. With Gemini although sometimes too flirty a leo can expect the royal treatment. They are also excellent lovers who dig foreplay!! That is always good especially for this kitty cat!!
Even just living with a Leo female for the past 6 months has made me confused, bitter, angry and resentful and brought out the worst in me oh and she has called me Psycho a few times, seriously I just don't understand this girl, once I was very attracted to her and liked her a lot but now there has been so much fighting, wars, dramas (some made up),jealousy and hurt and anger.

See I did a dumb thing and told her I liked her via a text but she said she didn't feel the same way but things were NEVER the same after that...I dated other girls and she would get jealous, even though she didn't want much to tell...but what I can tell you is I need her out of my life and asked her to move out last week (I'm the leaseholder).

If you want any further info then please ask.

Scorpios are way to possesive and jealous for my liking... I need room to breath!
Not very good for me!
Dude, nething can work. But, I find that the best relationships almost always fall under trine astrological signs. For example, I know three couples who are in long term relationships, scorpio-pisces, leo-cancer, scorpio-gemini. This is how they are: 1) s-p relationship is almost divine they love each other so much, they definitely belong together, 2) l-c is not bad, a lot of love but both had to compromise a bit (at the beginning), but still a very healthy and loving relationship, and 3) s-g these two do not belong together at all, the gem cheats but scorpio doesn't know about it... or does she I think she's just ignoring it, but they've been dating for about three years now...

So anything can work, it all just depends on the lvl of happiness that results from the relationship.
Scorpio men can be very intense, you really have to get on their good side or suffer the wrath. It looks like just u and me on the boards at this time OFA, I'm bored from studying for midterms , what about u?
it is scary. very scary... my scorpio friend stood up in class and told the professor off and walked out of the class. And, he got in a fight with his best friend b/c he thought he was hitting on his sister at a party... It's just too krazy... But, if you're their friend, they will do everything for you, which is great .

Btw, caps suck (j/k).
scorpio men are great they will give you anything you want wine and dine you but you will have to go through hell to get it.
Well OFA, it's been nice talking to you, have fun out on the town while I labour away at my text books . I should probably get back to my studying anyways. MWHAHAHAHAHA... :p
So nothing works? Just from my personal experience the trine sign relationships always turn out better, but i'm drawing from a extremely tiny sample size which isn't representative of the population at all. And you misread my post, I don't think Scorpio-Gemini is a good matchup. The couple i know isn't very happy, they're just together b/c they have history and both are scared to move on or at least the scorpio is. the gemini is definitely too outgoing for the scorpio. But, the scorpio-pisces couple i know is truly a good relationship. I do agree with you that one should not blindly decide relationships based on astrology. I read somewhere that two famous serial killers were pisces. Based on my own dating experience, I have had good experiences with pisces and virgo, and terrible experience with gemini. And this was b4 I read aobut the astrology stuff. I mean is this just concidence? i dunno...
"coincidence", forgot the in
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