what does this leo man want from me :(

32 years old female •
typical aries women!
hi there im new to his post area but thought will give it a shot to see if i could get some help regarding this leo man i met.
to start of with im an aries girl ( a typical one lol)this leo man works with me and told me that he likes me. that was months ago. later he asked me on a date and stood me up and then we had a wee kissing at work which he told everyone at work. since then i have started hating him for being a jerk however the problem is he keeps bugging me at working meaning he teases me a lot, hangs around the area i am at all the time, looks at me, likes to somehow touch me (not sexually) and i know he does that only to me. i know he flirts a lot to others but with me he treats me like i am a small kid like bully me and throws things at me and makes fun of me. by the way he does talk about sex most of the time. he also wanted to do 'it' with me at work but i rejected him which he was upset about but he was fine after few days. the thing is that, i do feel like he is just testing me to see if i really want to it with him. being an aries i do flirt back at him and give him all the answers he wants to hear but sometimes i do think if it is just sex that he wants. i dont want to confront him and push him away. but at times he does show that he cares for me more than that like asking about my x boyfriends, my family background, wants to know if i slept with anyone recently , asks what i am doing all the time. we do laugh and tease each other all the time like i said he follows me like a puppy at work. but if he genuinely liked me then why did he stood me up after he admitted he likes me? and if he dont like me why is he still playing this mind games with me? urggghh so bloody annoying.. pls help! lots of love - aries girl-
32 years old female •
typical aries women!
lol thank you.. i surely will do tht! just be friend!
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Aries woman + Leo Man = flirtatious sexual chemistry

32 years old female •
typical aries women!
hey leolady.. i think the sexual chemistry is awesome even though i have not slept with him yet . he is fit and i go crazy whenever i see him and i bet he feels the same way too.. and recently we decided we were going to do it in my place cause we both know there is definitely something in the air. even though i agreed some part of me dint want him to come over to mine because than it will just prove that he wants sex and thats it. but he dint show up.. i mean he did say he would come over when he is done with his family stuff but he told me the next day sorry he had too much things to settle so he couldnt make it. but im happy he didnt at least i know he doesnt go to every girls who wants to sleep with him.
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Is he in a relationship? That's what it sounds like to me??? The missed dates and it sounds like he's craving attention. Like PinkLibra said "RUN"! He appears to still be immature!!!
32 years old female •
typical aries women!
hi ya i know i was to run but just wanted to do it and then run.. which i diod, i slept with and the sex was amazing bt he told me not to give my heart to him because he is a bleep lol! which i wont since he already gave me warning he did tell me his heart is like a stone because he has been heartbroken many times and he is not wiling to go through it again! but i like challenge when it is thrown to me. i want to make him fall fr me.. any advice on how could make him go crazy of me.. haha
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Oh Goodness! You didn't take the advice of PinkLibra? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

If he's not willing to give himself to you then maybe there's something about you that he doesn't like or can't get past. Whatever it is, try to find out without being too obvious and do the opposite.

In Addition To The Above Try This:
1. Send Random Text Messages with compliments. Not just general ones, something about him that YOU SHOULD have noticed. Don't over do it!
2. DO NOT CALL! Let him call you!!! Be Patient.
3. Random invites to friends parties-Text Messages ONLY. Not one on one dates. He wants to be seen; not just by you.
4. Make sure you're perfectly dressed every time he sees you. Keep your A Game! You have to "look like you have money" even if you don't!

*** I don't know if this is true about all Leo Men, but I married one and tried to date another (smh); and it was my money that they were extremely attracted to! IN MY OPINION!!! ***

5. When he calls, let him do All the talking. His job. His family. Ask about HIM HIM HIM! Listen to HIM HIM HIM!
6. Try to find something you guys have in common and be good at it; but not too good!
7. Sometimes when he calls, answer; but tell him you're busy cleaning or something and you'll call back. DON'T Call right back! Wait a one or two days.
8. Try not to engage in any sex talks/texts; it's the physical chemistry and appearance that will get him. The non-verbal seductive ones.

I know this is a game, but it just might work. I don't know if it's worth it! You might still just get burnt! Because once you think you have him; you'll be yourself - he'll see it and go "OH! That's why" And still move on.
32 years old female •
typical aries women!
hi ya..i will be ignoring him now. i do still see him at work but im nt as goofy as before.. acting all cool and like i dont care, he still talks to me but im playing the cool card.. to be honest i dont want to get burnt and i know all he wants is sex.. so i might just say no to him the next time he calls me fr sex just to play the hard to get card. and LEO GAL 4REAL YOU ROCK. thanks fr taking the time to reply i think you are right maybe there is something about me he doesnt like my hair colour cause i recently changed my colour he did like it and said it suits me but he seems not into the colour anymore and something about he prefers my black hair. and also he makes fun the fact that i cant speak english very well (english is not my first language) and we dont speak on phone or texts cause he is nt that type of person and i dont like sticky guys so im nt bothered about tht, just casual fb chats and at work. oh i also told my friend how he has a great ass and when i saw him today i told him i told rita how you have great ass.. he was so happy and glad to hear that. haha they do love flattery dont they! x
A Leo man once told me 'I want to possess you'. Those words should be enough to explain his curious behavior and his need to get into bed with you. Typically, Leo men love the attention they get from all sorts of women and seem to be flirting endlessly whether or not in a committed relationship. This is not because they want to be players, but because of their insecurity and need to be reassured of their attractiveness. When it comes to sex however, this would really depend on each individual. Some Leo men only believe in having sex with women they already have som kind of feelings for - don't be fooled by his pouring of questions about your family and your going about, he might just need the reassurance that your life revolves around him. Others do it for a grand ego upgrade. Be smart. If a Leo falls in love, he would fall all the way.

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