Are Libra Guys and Gals a JEALOUS type?

I was be cautious at least...

Please any helpful hints...
female from TX •
my boyfriend tends to be but he hides it (or tries to).
male from Singapore •
A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
Yes we are. From time to time. Depending on the other persons zodiac. But our ethics keep reminding us that being jealous is not fair. So we control it to a great extend even when we are burning with jealousy.
female from TX •
hitting the sauce this evenin', Leebra? I am!
female from Florida •
" December 9 1987. Sun - Sagittarius
Yessss are you kidding?bMy libra boyfriend gets jealous if I pay too much attention to the cat.
Oh...that's why...
Now I know...hehe...

I mailed this Libra who is getting along with me this way :
" My daughter said you were trying to call, she did not take the call
because she's not good at speaking english, she might not understand you.
Is everything OK? "

He replied:
" Bad mistake! I did not try to call you, maybe one of your other lovers.
Hope your mails to me are copy and paste from your collection. I will go find some sweet ass."

I was shocked, hurt and wondering. But then, I realize maybe he was just jealous.
You think so?
Up to what extent can a Libra man do when he is jealous and woman likewise?
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Jealousy? Yes but not as intense as cancer or scorpio.
My libra friend got jealous of me and my other close friend. There would be distain in his voice when asking about said close friend or lots of put downs. There was another time where it was him, my close friend and I. As soon as we started to 'act close' or speak of things libra could not relate to, my libra friend excused himself and didn't come back for 15 minutes. I think I've said this in another thread. The rule is: Out of sight out mind.

I personally get jealous real fast and real easy of course my moon in aqua will help tone it down but scorpio planets say otherwise, its an internal battle really.

It may not be super apparent but if you look for it, the clues ARE there.
female from the sparrow tree •
Five planets of Libra

You know what I find really interesting. We, meaning the libras in the group, usually say straight up that someone is a jackass and has no good intention towards you. We say it in different ways but we get to the base of the problem right away and we don't dick around about it. To us, generally, it is as pain as day. We get right to the problem, hoping to save needless heartache .....yet, does anyone ever listen? NOOOO!

They just keep trucking head strait into the wall. THEN they come back and say Libras are all markers.

Not all of us are but we can see an marker coming and try to protect people.

I am going to tell you straight up. This guy is a controlling, manipulative man. It is all right there. Plain as day. He thinks you are really submissive and will go along with anything he wants.

* He replied:
" Bad mistake! I did not try to call you, maybe one of your other lovers.
Hope your mails to me are copy and paste from your collection. I will go find some sweet ass."

This man will NOT be a good partner because he is hostile, controlling, and emotionally unstable. You haven't even met him, yet the writing on the wall is glaring.

Seriously. Do better for yourself. This man cannot save you because he has not yet saved himself. If you choose this path and end up with him, you will have a lifetime of heartache and mistreatment.
WoW! LS!

I think you said it rightly right.
I actually have thought about it but you know women when liking someone we overlook some things. But as soon as we gave it a thought again and accept the shouting reality then we see truth. Only acceptance to things make it easier.

I second the motion.
female from the sparrow tree •
Five planets of Libra
* women when liking someone we overlook some things.

Soooooo true! It is so hard to see it when you are in it. A friend gave me some really great dating advice. "People always tell you who they are and the trouble you will have with them in the first three dates. You just have to listen for it."

I have had men tell me they beat their ex, cheated, or pull stunts like this usually within the first three dates. It is better to walk than risk getting hurt.

You seem like a genuinely sweet person so I "KNOW" there is a great guy out there with your name on him! You just have to step over some of the crap, like this libra guy, along the way. You can do it!
85 years old female from Chicago •
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Yeah, Libran men can get very jealous and show it!!!
female from TX •
"Hope your mails to me are copy and paste from your collection. I will go find some sweet ass."

I know I'm later on this response, but WOW. This guy is definitely a player and showed absolutely no respect to you. Aren't you the one who he's been wooing this whole time? Aren't you the one he wants to see when he visits your country? Aren't you the one he's been writing love poems to? His response shows indication of a guilty conscience and I am almost postive that he is the one who is doing the copy and paste from his "collection". Ugh, he urks me and I don't even know the guy. Go find a better suitor, JJ.
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