Libras....How do you act towards one when hurt?

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7/19/2010 9:26:39 PM | More

20 years old female from WhereTheSunshines:), New Jersey  

My Libra guy totally shuts down and turns everything off when he says that i hurt him because of my attitude and the way i act when im mad.. But what i don't understand is that I usually only act those ways when im having a bad day! He,s so unsympathetic to my needs and feelings sometimes yet when hes having one of those butterty days im there for him and PUT UP WITH all his bullbutter! Why is he like this? he hates arguments and confrontations with me so he ignores the hell outta me and gets realy really nasty. I hate when hes like this.. Now I've learned to just leave him alone when he gets mad. I havnt talked to him all day and i kno for a fact hes hella surprised but oh treetrunking well i cant take this anymore. I love him to death and im pretty sure we're not breaking up because of this but Im just done kissing his ass when he never admits none of his faults.. Whats should i do? Am i doing the right thing... Yesterday i think I hurt him and made him mader than ever because i called him out on all his bs for the first time ever. He called after reading the text telling me never to talk to him again.I texted back apologizing not expecting a reply but just because i love him too much and its not like me to lose my patience.
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curious visitor

30 years old female from tampa area, florida  usa  

wait, so yesterday he told you not to talk to him again...and after you texted him, did you get a reply?

i think he basically doesn't want to talk to you again. you clearly aren't happy with him, regardless of how much you love him.
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34 years old male from Upstate, South Carolina  

I have read this a couple times and think that ToC's question matters. You said that he is upset at how you acted or treat him... the part that caught my eye was that you said you usually only do it when you had a bad day. There isn't really enough information to help understand where his head is.

Posted by TasteOfChaos

When you are in a bad mood, how are you reacting towards him? Are you taking your bad moods out on him or are you just venting to him and he is taking it personally?

Libra's tend to be able to take a lot more from people before we walk away. It may come from our desire to avoid conflict, but where ever we get it most of us can take a lot. Once we are done though, it's done.

I shut down as well. I think the "no contact" rule may have been invented by a Libra
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20 years old female from WhereTheSunshines:), New Jersey  

Wow you guys are totally right. He used to be very very patient.. Now his fuse is so short!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And LITTLE thing he blows up like a ticking bomb!.... No i dont take my attitudes out on him at all. Its more like one of those situations where you are having butterty days and its very noticable to the person you are with because you act kind of differently and moody... things like that.
Curious Visitor: He saysd things like that often when mad but trust when i dont talk to him he gets very very surprised..
I just believe its kinda effed up seeing that i took all his butter from his babys mother and all that crap.. Ive taken a lot from him as well and he's changed but now he just takes thing tooooo personally. Hes really stressed in his life as well. Its horrible the most horrible thing about the situation is that he developes a tongue as sharp as a sword when he gets angry and it hurts.........
Later when he calms down and realizes all the things he says i think he kinda feels bad about it..
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31 years old male from Califorinia,Louisiana  

The Libra/Pig Talk about devotion! The

overly emotional you two , seem like hes a stress out person don't need you to add more to it. i understand that you also need a person there to talk to about your problems but i think he jus had enough of everything goin on his life.
7/23/2010 2:25:40 PM | More

34 years old

For me, it depends on the source. Usually,I tend to behave more graciously towards individuals whom hurt me. But, occasionally, I'd much rather NOT deal with certain folks whom hurt me at all, even by blatantly distancing myself from them.

7/29/2010 8:40:06 PM | More

27 years old female

sun cancer rising libra moon libra venus

libra rising/moon here

I'm very forgiving and patient, I try and try but when I had enough or when I'm hurt, I shut down and don't care any longer, reason being is because I constantly do put effort, I'm fair and I reason rationally, but when the other person isn't, treetrunk you, it's that simple.
7/31/2010 8:05:46 AM | More
libra sun

27 years old female from england  

I always switch off when someone has hurt me. My friends have all learnt to just give me space, when I am really hurt I do not even want to hear an apology from the person, I just want them as far away from me as possible. I do not like to discuss anything when I am in this mood either as I only get angry and I only like to discuss when I am calm and thinking straight.
4/2/2013 2:19:37 AM | More

can anyone help? Im a taurus woman in love with a libra guy, We were only together for 6 weeks but it was great and he was so loving, I fell heavily for him, he told me he thought he loved me by the second date! He brought his daughter and grand daughter to meet me. He's 52.He said he never gets jealous but then went off in a massive sulk cutting all contact when I went to see an ex to end all contact with him, Man was a pyscho and wouldn't let go, I only wanted my libra man and I thought my libra would be happy to know I had got rid of him completely.I was upfront with my libra but he said he wished I hadn't told him, he had been hurt before and wasn't sure if he was ready for a complex relationship.He admitted to getting jealous and then apologised for being paraniod! After that in public, if a man showed any interest in me he would put his hand on me and keep it there! We carried on and things were great but he told me he would come down at a certain time and didn't ring until later. I was in a bad mood and snapped at him and told him not to bother and put the phone down on him. I expected him to ring back and when he didn't I texted him to end it. I apologised the next day but when I saw he was checking out the dating sites I sent more nasty text messages and 2 emails saying how hurt I was. He changed his profile and removed his photo. I have since calmed right down and a week after the inital row apologised properly by text.Then again 10 days later 2 grovelling apologies and a voicemail to try to redress the balance of the nasty ones. It is now 3 weeks and nothing from him at all. he was so full on, talking about doing up my house, getting me a new car. Saying he just wanted to be loved and just by me. I have told him I want to make it up, im sorry, it was all my fault and we don't have to go over it just try to get back what we had, he hates confrontation, How do I get him to speak to me? I want to make it up to him.
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34 years old male from Upstate, South Carolina  

You necro'd a three year dead thread with a new question of your own? Why didn't you create a new topic?

Regardless, if the guy tells you he ain't interested anymore and don't call for three weeks, chances are he ain't interested anymore. You mentioned a few things in the post that show why he walked. The ex thing is weird. If it's an ex why do you need to see them face to face? You said you apologized to your libra "properly through text" but had to see the ex face to face? Every man gets jealous, some just internalize it. Then from your post, you always seems to be screaming at him and then apologizing... that gets old quick. I don't want that kind of drama.

That don't mean its your fault. You mentioned a couple things about him that didn't sit right but you glaze past them. All I'm saying is it was only 6 weeks and you two clearly didn't work together. Let it go and move on.
4/2/2013 4:53:25 PM | More

I didn't know how to start a new topic.
Firstly he hasn't told me he isn't interested he just hasn't said anything, I have asked for a simple text to say to leave him alone but nothing. The ex started texting as soon as he knew I was in a relationship and carried on so I thought as he lived near I would see him and tell him, he is fairly aggressive, not to me, and I didn't want him turning up on the doorstep, I realise now that was wrong but at the time it seemed right as we are involved in a court case as witnesses together and I want to keep him on an even keel.But my libra seemed to get over that, even referring to himself as paranoid. We were great after that.
We only had the one row and yes I went over the top I was upset about something else but I have apologised, by text and voicemail. He won't answer and he has gone to live at his mothers, I don't know her address or I would go there immediately.
What things don't sit right? I'm wondering if I'm missing something about him.
i know it was short but it was intense and we seemed to really click.

4/2/2013 6:02:22 PM | More

if he didn't want to know anymore why not send a simple text to say so? he's 52 not 15. If he is sulking how long can he keep it up? I just want answers. I have tried to move on but finding it hard at the moment as I need to get him out of my system. It went from fantastic to bad overnight.
4/2/2013 6:37:24 PM | More

If he didn't want to know why not send a simple text saying so? He's 52 not 15. Im finding it hard to move on as I have to get him out of my system first and I want answers It went from fantastic to bad overnight
4/2/2013 7:17:41 PM | More

Dxp poster formerly known as theultra79

He said he loved you on the second date. In all honestly, he may have felt that at the time but, how could it be true? He barely knew you. I think you're feeling bad because you think all this is your fault. You feel like you can take it all back and start again. But you can't, and it's not all in your control. He's not interested anymore so it's best to move on.

The more you contact him, the more you will irritate him and the more he'll see you as a pest. Don't apologize anymore. He read the first ones.

Dude sounds like he has issues he needs to work on anyway. He's 52 and moving in with his mom? Hmmmm....
4/2/2013 7:44:17 PM | More

that did sound bad, living with his mum! but he had come out of a 18 month relationship and moved to be near his kids and was staying on a friends sofa. I apologised so much to try to even up the balance as I had sent a few nasty messages before.
I won't contact him anymore now, but he ticked all the boxes for me and was so loving, I can't believe if he didn't want me after I had a go why not just say?
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