Do Pisces fall out of love easily?

It usually says that Pisces fall in love easily. I want to know if they fall out of love easily.
Nope .. however, we have the ability to put a shield up, regardless of our feelings, and distance ourselves from our partner if we believe the union is over and we haven't found the right opportunity to swim, yet.

Secondly, don't believe everything you read because we don't fall in love easily either .. our real life partner is on the other side of the rainbow, so to fall in love with a living person is actually quite hard.

We fall in lust easily, though, or an infatuation

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It's complicated, and then I'm not sure we even know the difference between actually being in love, and the idea of it.

Here's the best indicator I can tell with just my own self .. I am compelled to help people, to aid them, to rescue them (even if they don't ask for it) .. and this feels very intense inside, I MUST help someone if I feel they are suffering in any way.

However, when I am loving somebody, or in love (as it's perceived on the other side as how being in love should feel) .. then my compulsion to assist somebody is not as intense, and I will focus on my partners needs instead.

That's as close as I can get to giving you an idea ... we HAVE to serve, we aren't complete unless there is someone to take care of. So, if your Pisces boy/girlfriend is still aiding other people randomly then s/he doesn't feel that this is being satisfied within him/her. If s/he has stopped with a lot of the running to help somebody and is focusing on you and what you need to be taken care of, then this "need" inside of them is being fulfilled.

Whether it's actually "in love" would be nearly impossible to tell, for we process how we love somebody NOT by a physical person, rather, how it "feels", or should feel as it's experienced within an illusion.
P is right. And to answer your question I would have to say yes. For me it's not necessarily a shield... I can just cut off my feelings completly really easy. For instance... I can be madly in love with someone... and they could do something very small... yet mean so much to me.... and hurt me without unintentionally. Immediately my romantic love will vanish. And it's very hard to get it back. We tend to distance ourselves from unpleasant thoughts and feelings. That seems almost contradictory to our natural willingness to place ourselves in other peoples thoughts but it tends to be a defense mechanism. And that does feel like a shield.
The reason I don't say shield is because in my experience I don't put a wall up... I completely remove myself from the situation.. no need for a shield if I never talk to them again right?

Oh... and unlike P's feelings... I do fall in love easily. Very. I love human nature.... the bad and good. However I fall out of love as easily as i fall in.

i can only speak for myself...i don't fall in love or out of love too quickly at all. it takes time for me to even say i love you and when i do i mean it. however, if i see certain things in my love's behavior that seems out of line i will take pause. if this behavior continues then i will talk to him about it. if it then continues, then i will start to mentally pull back and watch him. now he will not know that i am doing this, i am looking to see if his words are matching his actions. i am at this moment still in love but if i see his behavior continue i will again to talk to him telling them exactly what i am seeing and experiencing from his actions and/or words.

if this continues, i will cut it off eventhough i am still in love...then i will go through a process of grieving for the relationship and for some unexplained reason one day something will snap and i won't have feelings for that person anymore. the crying will stop and i will be anew and i will go on. i never go back to an old love, not even to kiss them. when it is over it is over. i am not like some people who go back and fourth....and i think this shocks some people who are used to that back and fourth behavior. so to the person on the other side it does look like i fell out of love quickly but it took a lot of bullb*tter from them to get me there.

the end.
And, when we severe the cord .. somehow, we can just walk away and never think of it again.

How do we do that? I can do it with anything, a lover, a friend, a job .. just feel so deep, so intense, like my heart is going to stop .. then, like the flip of a switch, it's gone.

However, I don't know that I actually fall "in love" with a live person. Inside an illusion, I can. Infatuation is easy for me.
"now he will not know that i am doing this, i am looking to see if his words are matching his actions"

I do that too, Phishy ..
But, really, though .. what is "in love"?

Every person experiences life differently .. we all make our own realities with each passing life-lesson, so "love" to one person may feel completely different to another.

p-angel - yeah...that's a pisces skill..but it has helped me dodge several bullets...whew!
Phishy, there is someone named kel on the Cancer board who has mentioned your name as being a dual identity to him and he's getting spammed for it. Do you know him?

The thread is called ... cancer______ attack of an id
LOL!! no i don't i will go check it out...
Well, speaking only from my own experience, not all Pisces, I can say that there have been times when I've mistaken infatuation for love (though mostly when I was much younger). In these situations, I got along really well with these people and there was a significant connection, but I wasn't able to fall in love with them (and it became clear after about three months; I guess that's my trial period or something). But when I've really loved someone, it has taken me years to recover after the relationship ended (and a lot of time spent piecing myself back together). Maybe it's b/c I invest all of myself in another person when I really care about them. I don't think Pisces love lightly.
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