Pisces - THE MOST Powerful Sign

I didnt know you were a cusp! lol. shame on you for not saying anything!
that does sound interesting too!
Yeah I think its a bit cool in a way. Its the alpha and omega of all signs.
good grief that is without doubt the most interesting cuspy, complete opposite ends of the spectrum lol
I heard the pisces/aries cusp is like the doppelganger of the zodiac...maybe that is the closest you will get to an end all sign? They got the sensitivity of pisces, but the strength and go getting attitude of aries. How interesting.
i always though when i was a kid.. 'it would be amazing if there was 1 sign that had a chickentail of each and every sign' .. meaning that it would have no weaknesses or downfalls because it is basicly GOD!

low and behold PISCES lol.. kinda disapointed tho, because they do have flaws unfortunately.

life is predictable^ - anyone movie-goer would know there's a star sign out there that has a 1 single trait of each sign, but DUM DUM DUM, it's only trimmings of each sign missing out all the good stuff beneath the surface.

p.s. i love pisces ha
We are entering Aquarius > Jesus is dead > Religion = Pathological delusions are dead
One thing i do know, Pisces (male & female) are "NO" less powerful than any other sign. Pisces has their own special powers-from within, external/physical or a combination ..at any rate, we can toot our horns once in awhile and feel as proud as anyone else.
Thats always good to know.
Yes maam I realized one more thing its possible that signs like Scorpio and Capricorn females have a fetishistic streak for gemini men even though they are not generally compatable but the latent kink comes out, from the Goodmanesque viewpoint (and this is really great) its also service and devotion oriented but its mostly unilateral flowing fro,m Scorpio and Capricorn to Gemini this is sure as hell possible. Bedroom will be totally dominated by these women.
Are you bored?
whoa! i'll be damned one article says that some children with this conjunction are born via the ceasearean procedure that is me!
wow! i'm just checking out my uranus conjunct rising its exciting as hell! says I'm indviduality personified < I'm going to bank on this and become a multimillionaire 2 Lambourgini Gerrrrrramos baby oh yeah one in shiny red and one in shiny black.
^No grit that's my point completely dissolved.
Pisces power is basically disolved power this influence stretches right down to the way you look which is pisces sublimes that's whats up.
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