What do Pisces do when they are SUPER ANGRY?

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I am a Pisces and so proud to be one! I'll put my planets up when I can find
What do pisces do when they are upset? like example...I always hear never mess with a scorp you'll regret it (nothing against scorps, just an example off the top of my head). lol and on myspace i get lil zodiac forwared things, that Pisces are not people to F**** with. But, what do pisces do when someone has done something really wrong or hurtful to them? I dont really know even tho I am one, I never really get SUPER ANGRY lol. So Im just wondering, what do all you pisces do?
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I knew a pisces girl who didnt get angry often, but you just knew not to treetrunk with her. When she did get upset she had a temper like fire.

I have never real seen a pisces man truly upset though.
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Super angry just isn't something I experience ... most Fish I know swim away long before.

Some people (like the Scorps you talked about), and many others .. hold a lot of things inside to let it fester. Most Pisces people don't do this ... they let thier irritation and frustrations out so that they don't get to a boiling point.

We can, and often do, get pissy/bithcy ... and when we do this, we're venting off so full rage doesn't ensue.
" Maybe...someday.
Those darn ginger kids
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Um I don't like it when I get really pissed. I swear feel so awful after I lose my temper. In several instances in the heat of an argument with some of my close friends and family I've made them cry. But I'm more calmed now lol. One thing has a profound effect on my anger is money issues. Like, someone who is clearly bullbuttertin me around about my money (anything over $100.00). Oh, only get violent when you put your hands on me in an argument. Other than that I'm a pretty easy going person. I guess my libra moon is good for something lol.
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i don't get really angry, just basically annoyed, frustrated at times. Even then, i try and not let my firey Mars/Leo get the better of me, which is rare, since i hate the feeling. I think, as a pisces i just learn by natural instinct what company to keep and who to avoid, in life. *ahh my piscean radar! Although, dang-it! ..You do get the waywards at times, that seem to creep up out of nowhere..lol But much like Libra, (progressed moon in Libra) i'm easygoing and hate to argue! Attitudes get me more frustrated than things or situations do - selfishness, meanness, immaturity, tactlessness, injustice or just plain disrespect. So if it's someone i already know, i much prefer tact, diplomacy, and compromise first. i'm pretty patient.. Alot of the time, it's a communication issue, other times you just may not 'click', which is normal and happens. As for all others, if that doesn't work, i just avoid or ignore all together.. + my more detached aqua influences keeps me plenty busy; a nice catharsis..! =)
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As laid back as my nature is I can be very impulsive when something bothers me...with time I have learned to sit on my emotions and examine where they stem from...but I am the peacemaker amongst my friends, family, relationship...but when pushed to the edge I can be extremely angry...so it's something that with age I have learned to control...but before I was impulsive, defensive and I tended to lash out...but ironically once I let it all out...was easily forgiving and ready to move on from the situation...

It has been hard to control...but I do not want anger, or rash reactions to control me...I want to control my emotions not the other way around...if anyone has suggestions I am open to feedback...maturiy, reflection and overall peace is my goal and although I have 80% control over it, every now and then I have a why did you do that moment...
"I had an Aries brother and I punched his face many times."...Reeeeally funny!

I agree,When I'm real angry I
1) shout, scream,may get violent and then
2) totally cut myself off
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"I knew a pisces girl who didnt get angry often, but you just knew not to treetrunk with her. When she did get upset she had a temper like fire."

That's me, very long fuse but when it goes it goes.

Although it depends on the situation. If someone is doing my box in I can usually just let it go, walk away or ignore them. When someone treetrunks with my friends or family however that's it, red flag to a bull I just go nuts.

Plus where I live it's really rough, you sometimes have no choice but to be aggressive.
Most Pisces I know don't show their anger, they get revenge in their quiet way. You'll never even know they are capable of being the most evil people on earth!
I think this is quite an interesting topic.

A couple of week ago, I just get snap by one of Pisces friend. It was like after class and he asks me if I would want to have lunch with him. I was tired...don't feel like eating...so I shook my head. Then, he called me out...saying I'm rude to shook my head etc etc. I'm quite shocked that he reacted this way that I have to keep apologizing. lol. And in the end, accompany him for lunch...but I think he felt that he over-reacted or sth...he keeps asking me to go if I have some other things to do. lol... Actually, that is the most angry I see a Pisces.

Other stories I've heard...is that my Pisces cousin hit his mum when he's angry...but he denies it or doesn't seem to recall it after he cools down? I'm not sure, I hear from my mum. Anyway, my aunt is a virgo...and she can't seem to understand her son at all. She's losing faith and hope for his son...which is quite sad.

Another one is my Pisces dear...heard from him that one time he was angry with some teens/kids he has to deal with...he was so pissed at them that he just shouted very loudly at them to keep quiet. lol. And I read him write on his blog where he can be very angry at certain people...and I would try to calm him down. But one thing strange is he will always delete the entries not long after. hehe...

That abt it. Actually it's very difficult to imagine Pisces to be angry...cos' they are like so sweet. But we are human after all...we do have all kinds of emotions.

I wonder who is more scarier when they got super angry...Pisces or Taurus? Cos' being a Taurus, I know that if I get super angry...it's really not a beautiful sight. haha... The anger will just keeps building and building until one day the volcano explodes and uh-oh. I'll always cry after I got angry...like why did I lose my cool in the first place.

It's ok to be angry, but no-no...violent pls. =)

Why is it that people are saying "oh you act like this because you have ____ in aries...or scorpio?" Pisces are capable of being evil all on their own. You pisces on DXP are some of the most self righteous people ever!
Oh shut up pangel or mspisces or whoever you are today. None of you will ever admit you're less than perfect. Someone has to balance things out around here.
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I am a Pisces and so proud to be one! I'll put my planets up when I can find
wow gone for 2 days and I have 3 pages of replys! lol awsome!

When I get angry at someone for somthing I always think of things to say to that person that I know would just tear them apart...but I chose not too. I have never lashed out at someone. I know if i did id hurt the other person so I always chose to just shut my mouth. But luckily I get over lil tisks fast. Sometimes....

I always say karma will get them back.

Do any of you ever do that? With what I said up^ there?
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It depends on the situation, but I've just stopped all contact with the person in most cases. If it's a person I truly care about, I will take a break and then make amends later. After an apology, of course, if I feel I'm owed one.

Contrary to some of the other clueless comments in this thread, Pisces don't usually take revenge. I have done this if I felt the person truly deserved it, but it's rare and it's due to my scorpio ascendant.

That is Scorpio trait and someone who takes that approach would most likely have a rising Scorpio or Mars in Scorpio.
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