why do pisces talk endlessly about...

Themselves?!? And how brilliant they (you) are? Its always I'm this, I'm that. Or is this just the insecure ones that must proclaim who they are (or who they think they are) time and time again. Just stuck in delusions of grandeur.

What is that? So much talk about themselves and how spiritually evolved they are. But little to no action.

Where does the enlightenment go when a pisces is upset or put off by something or someone?

yeah for pisces doesnt make sense when ppl say you take no action. Ppl expect too much, we have nice and bad qualities, but dont push us or try to change us. If you accept us we will be the best you can think of. If you are always complaining how we are you may be disppointed.

Otherwise, when we try to be romantic ppl sometimes are not in mood, we are always in mood. Usually ppl stick to little stupid problems that dont make sense and are nothing compared to love, to share all with the persons you love, to be happy.

Answering the question "Where does the enlightenment go when a pisces is upset or put off by something or someone?" Pisces will take all to emotions, we may be not very rational when we are upset, hide if you can, we can be have very sharp teeth as a shark.
from Full Fathom Five •
"Pisces Sun/Scorp Rising Moon/Mars/Mercury in Aquarius Venus in Aries ""
"It seems you first said that Pisces talk about themselves all the time, and that makes them seem insecure (uh, don't insecure people talk BADLY about themselves? people with good self-image talk positively about themselves)."

Oh dear, is someone complaining that they've come to a message board entitled "Pisces" only to find the topic of discussion is...PISCES? GOOD GOD, MAN! Something must be done! It's spread to the other boards as well! Taureans are talking about Taureans! Scorpios are talking about Scorpios! Cancers are talking about Cancers! This must be stopped at once! A visit from Mr. Obvious would also be quite helpful.

I swear, everyday my faith in the average I.Q. of the populous decreases at an alarming rate.
female •
I think that insecure people do talk about themselves a lot as a way to validate themselves through other people...not all pisces people do this but some do..i think that the men do it more than the women though..
Sea siren,

This post is not neccesarily about the pisces on this board. Get your head out of your ass. Ms scorpion explained it perfectly. Thanks for commenting tho.

Lol@ ms.pisces. If that was an attempt to get me to talk about my "kitty" on this message board, fuggetaboutit! I don't swing that way. No disrespect to you lesbians tho. That's just not my thing to discuss my lady parts with another girl. Nope...

Lost pisces...that's interesting. But why is it that pisces are free to express disappointment with someone else? Then when another person does the same to them they act like its the end of the world. Respect is a two way street. But back to the topic at hand....

Bijou are you not aware that people who talk about themselves endlessly are typically the most insecure? Its almost as if they are trying to convince you they are great. Instead of just being....great. Instead of exemplifying that which they speak endlessly about they talk about it, and exemplify something totally different.
A dog cannot bark and bite at the same time. Some people talk the talk, others walk the walk, those of us that are in touch with our spiritual and flesh walk and talk.

Seriously, I think the best way to lose a pisces is to stop believing them. I have stopped believing a pisces before but I've never stopped believing IN them. Like u see potential in a person but you stop believing all of their stories about what they're gonna do..lol.
It was just shown in this thread by two pisces!

Just look at how condescending sea siren was at the end of her post. Look at ms. Pisces' comment.

I bet I could dig up comments from both of these people talking about how enlightened pisces are. How sensitive pisces are, how spiritual pisces are. Yet where is this sensitivity when dealing with others? Where is it when you're dealing with people or situations that are not necessarily what you like?

Anybody can be enlightened, spiritual & sensitive when the situation is good. Where does the higher self go when things get bad?

This is the thing pisces don't like to be called out on. Showing and proving. Not just talking a good game. Luckily, pisces are charmers and most will be entranced by the time they actually realize they are with someone who doesn't take themselves seriously.
Adw cool, thanks for commenting. I don't think you fall under what I'm talking about tho.

Unless you've ever said something like my pisces friend:

"Yeah you know I'm a natural designer. Because everytime I go out I wear some wild clothes. (Me thinking to myself, umm when we go out u don't wear anything wild) Everybody asks me where I got it from. Yeah cuz I'm in tune with what people like. This dude came up to me yesterday and said man u look like u should be a celebrity. Cuz I got my own flavor you know."

I'm thinking, maybe this would be slightly impressive if I didn't know u so well. I've seen your closet. I think this is why a pisces swims. After you're figured out, the thrill is gone for both parties involved. Then the cycle is repeated until they are found out again. At what point do pisces walk the walk?

I am speaking of the males specifically.

Sadly it seems that's the only thing that can spring a pisces into action. Them thinking nobody believes in them. Are you the type to let things unfold naturally? Or are you a self starter? I think the women are different than the men because my mom is a pisces and she's nothing like the men I know.

Its really bothering me because I suspect a friend of mine is losing confidence in himself and is slipping into self destruction mode. I kinda wish I didn't tell him not to tell me any of his MANY plans...& just do it. Now I'm afraid, he's afraid he's alone. But I do feel maybe this could be a turning point for him. He could get mad and actually do something for a change.
"Anyway, ioflyfe - you say some stuff in here that is really relatable from my end. lots to think about."

wow thanks, I enjoy conversing with you as well.
female •
I soooo agree with you imitation and electro....the pisces dude that i'm dealing with does this ALL the time..it's so annoying...i mean when do you just get real and stop putting on this facade like you're so great. I really want to tell him to knock it off. And the sad part is that i can see right through his little charade. He just wants me to make a comment about how great he is and boost his obviously low self esteem. He must be very used to pathetic women that fall all over him and treat him like a king, women that only see money when they look at him...Now that he's dealing with an independent woman who doesn't care about money or status, he doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know how to impress me. I say, just be yourself.The thing about it is that i'm impressed with things about him that he wouldn't even realize. It's not the things that he brags about (material possessions, how great he dresses, how great he is in bed, his position at work) but it's the little things that i notice that i really admire (he's caring, he's imaginative, sensitive)...When will they learn????
They do. I've never seen a more arrogant sign. Even if I didn't know any pisces in real life (and I do. They're all incorrigible douchebags) just by coming to this site and seeing all these pisces talk about how great they are would be enough basis to render them completely obnoxious human beings. Glad other people are noticing what disgusting human beings these pisces really are. ABOUT TIME.
26 years old male from Mattel •
"Sun - Pisces Moon - Gemini Mercury - Pisces V
I talk about myself alot. . .but thats only cause i love myself Whats wrong with that? lol.
from Full Fathom Five •
"Pisces Sun/Scorp Rising Moon/Mars/Mercury in Aquarius Venus in Aries ""
"I'm a pisces girl, and I usually talk about myself to help people gain insight to who i am or what's going on in my mind when i do things."

Everyone talks about themselves. It has nothing to do with astrological signs, despite the attempts of clueless posters lately to ascribe every sin of God and Man as belonging to Pisces. No, this is a direct result of a culture that is self-centered and egotistical.

I have noticed that those who complain about it are usually those who do it the most. They get irritated when someone else has the audacity to steal their limelight.
57 years old female •
lol .. me thinks that Pisceans being confident enough in themselves that they don't feel the need to defend themselves ... is driving some other people batty, in which case, has caused a situation in which these people keep attempting to get Pisces fins ruffled.

And our not defending ourselves ... because we know we don't have to .. is actually creating jealousy/envy. It's not normal for Pisceans to display an envy mind-set .. but, it seems so obvious here that it drives people nuts that we are completely comfortable in our own skins and don't NEED their approval/acceptance.

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