15 Year Old Brazilian Girl Raped In Prison!

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Watch the video if you preffer not to read. This made CNN news all over the world. This one was done in London.

Recently, a 15 year old girl was found guilty of attempted theft in Brazil. She was placed in a prison after her time in Abaetetuba. She was assaulted sexually by at least two men in the prison. The inmates forced her to perform sexual favours and in return she would be given the "priviledge" of eating.

Rape and prison go hand in hand. This is where the story gets incredibly shocking.
The government of Brazil knowingly placed her in a facility (typically for adults) with 21 other men.

The guards did nothing to stop it from happening. The level of corruption here is greatly appauling. Both this girl, and her dad were placed in the witness protection programme. Ther guards weren't all men either! They knew of it happening and did nothing until an anonymous tip-off "notified" them.

I could only barely read this article. I was horrified!