How do Capricorn react when they are jealous?

I called my Capricorn friend and ask can I come to a game he was coaching. He said his girlfriend would be there and I said so, I wanted to come to see the game and I wasn't coming to see him. He said ok. I showed up by myself looking good as usually and my male friend showed up to join me later.

After that the Cappy started ignoring my calls. Sometimes he would answer and say he was going to call me back and never call. I told my male friend how the Cappy was acting and he said he was jealous because he showed up at the game. I didn't believe he was jealous because he never showed any signs of being jealous. I never did anything to make him jealous. He never show me he care about me outside of the bedroom.

After 6 weeks of ignoring me I started to think my male friend was right. I sent the Cappy a text and told him the male that join me at the game was just a friend I work with. I told him I felt stupid sitting there by myself so I invited him to come. After that he started talking to me again.
Hahaha...I love these boards!

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Yes it's a long story!!! He said he was single for 2 years after his long term girlfriend broke up with him.We was talking all times of the day very long hours. He never showed any signs of a girlfriend. If I didn't annoy him to deaf one day he never would have told me that. He would tell me he was gonna be busy approximately 3 days every 2 weeks. At least that's what it seem like. I called him 1 day and he was home doing nothing after he said he was gonna be busy. I got angry and said something I shouldn't have said. He started acting real distant and said he didn't want to be brother.I done the wrong thing and starting annoying him by calling constantly. He was getting more annoyed and told me to stop calling. He said if he hang up one more time and I call him back he was gonna hurt me. I didn't know what he meant by that so I really started calling. That's when he said he had a girlfriend. He said she was gonna pick up the phone if I continue to call.No woman never answer his phone. If I knew what I knew now I would have just left him along for a couple of days. Because regardless of what he say he wouldn't stop dealing with me. I didn't know how he was plus he seem like he was enjoying me acting like I couldn't live with out him. Yeah this a soap bopper!!!
Posted by amethyst2002
...whoa whoa whoa.

Is this the same Cap you've been sleeping with for 8 months? And he has a GIRLFRIEND?

If so, Holy Jesus, you're a piece of work. Wow.
Yeah I see you been paying attention. Everything I mention is true! He be blessing me in the bedroom. Why you think I was acting up. I make him think he got the best dick on the planet. I understand him a lot more. He was loving the attention.I stop giving him as much attention now. This was my 1st time ever having any type of relationship with a capricorn man. I know he has a good heart now, he just act so dam cold sometimes. That's a big front I don't understand why cappys don't really show their feelings. I know he has feelings for me but he think, I think if he show any feelings he can't control my actions. I've have been giving him space and not calling all the time and know he's been fine. I still have a lot of work to do in order to break down that shell of his.LOL
I never had sex with him right away. Your miss interrupting what I mean by cold. I made the road rocky by acting ridiculous, when all he wanted was a little space for 2 days. Besides, that he treats me fine, plus he respect me. He just don't show to much emotions outside of the bedroom. He seem like he afraid to show emotions, thats what I mean by cold. I think I freak out on him when he was showing emotions and he's very cautious to let me know how he feel. I don't need a hug, I love myself more than I will ever love any man! Thanks for you reply! Keep in touch!
He calls me all the time and we don't even talk about sex, we live in different states so we spend a lot of time on the phone. I don't even care for him as much as I use to. All my info in alias. I have movie stars that's tried to talk to me before and entertainers and I turn them down. I'm a unique person and never was easy to get. I admit I do fall hard when I have sex with a man. I'm not disparate and never was. I just would like to let everyone know.
^^disparate or desperate? if it's the latter, you've been the textbook definition of desperate but hey, denial and good sex go hand in hand.
I be using my cell phone so you could see many error!!!
Your cap kind of reminds me of a cap I was dealing with. We were seeing each other for a few months, not necessarily dating, but we weren't necessarily just friends either, and while we seemed to get closer, the cap would become more and more persistent about having sex. I kept telling him no even though we would closer to it because I felt off about him in the long run. Every time I'd ask him if we could get together, even just casually, he'd always tell me that he wasn't sure, or that he was busy. However, he'd tell me sometime later that we needed to hang out or he'd ask me a week later if I wanted to see him. I thought nothing of this until after I was done with him. Sometime in between all this, when the cap started to become more distant than usual, I found out that he was seeing another girl besides me. Since we weren't dating, it wasn't like he was allowed, but he kept coming back to me. It really hit a nerve when I tried to give the cap a gift for his birthday and new years, but every time I tried to ask him if I could see him so I could bring his gift, he'd tell me he was busy. Although, I knew it was because he was seeing this girl; he didn't know I knew about her, and she didn't know I knew about them. Eventually the cap stopped speaking to me until about a month later when he texted me about of the blue, asking me to come and see him and if I wanted to have sex with him. It was confirmed right there that I wasn't much to him besides a booty call, and he asked even while still seeing the same girl I mentioned above.

I've seen some of your posts before, and I think you need to let this cap go or at least put him in a place where he's not a huge factor in your life. If you are aware of what you are to him, then by all means, continue what you are doing, but from what I see, you're quite hung up on him. You're allowed to have a friend with you because he has his own girl to worry about. I hope you've already stopped having sex with him.
The friend I had with me was really a friend business I work in I'm always around sucessfull men. I don't know who was suppose to be his girlfriend because I never seen him talking to no woman.

I'm really not ready to leave him alone. I have been holding my feelings in not showing him too much of interest and I'm sure he see a little change. I ask him do he miss me and he said yeah you know I miss you. He is in town and he ask me to go to a hotel with him and I said I was busy.
The friend I had with me was really a friend business I work in I'm always around sucessfull men. I don't know who was suppose to be his girlfriend because I never seen him talking to no woman.

I'm really not ready to leave him alone. I have been holding my feelings in not showing him too much of interest and I'm sure he see a little change. I ask him do he miss me and he said yeah you know I miss you. He is in town and he ask me to go to a hotel with him and I said I was busy.
UGH! seriously? why do people act as if there's no record of what they say?

i was going to let this slide but you're starting to tick me off with this act/denial/whatever. damn fixed sign women.

you posted this in the leo forum. i was going to respond when i read it initially but then i thought, she's a leo and she ain't gonna listen to butter. but at this point you're insulting my intelligence and we can't have that now can we?

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I was infatuated with a Capricorn man. He's 4 years younger than me and it felt so much like love. My biggest mistake wasn't telling him how much I love him, because he continued to show feelings for me after that. My biggest mistake was... I didn't have any patience!!! I couldn't understand why he would spend so much time and energy in keeping me satisfied and then say he was gonna be busy for a couple of days. It seemed like he would distant himself for some odd reason. I should have remained calm and patience. I felt most men who wasn't in a committed relationship would have someone to full fill there needs, so therefore I felt he was being with another woman.

I would call him anyway to see if he would pick up. The majority of the time he would. After all the annoying caused him to act like he didn't have any feelings for me. He would tell me he didn't want to continue seeing me and stop calling him. I'm sure he was still liking me because I admit I was acting crazy and no matter how crazy I reacted if I call & continued to call and tell him I love him and want to see him, he still would give in and make love to me.

Since I have changed my behavior tremendous. He calls me & I call him back now. I'm not asking to see him. He was so use to me asking to see him. If I wait for him, to ask me I could be waiting for a long while. How long will it take him to admit he miss me and want to see me?Or do I need to initiate like I been doing?

now read through your posts in this thread. i going to cite some stuff but eh, i don't feel like it and i don't feel like listening to leo woman justification right now.

just answer this...if you live in different states, how did you just end up at a game that he was coaching? was this during your phone-stalking phase? and you brought a friend? a male friend? and you didn't notice his girlfriend...because you were so intently looking for her? and you said all this to say, you're a reformed desperate woman and he must really be into you because he acted "jealous" by not talking to you for like 6 weeks?

maybe he was thankful his phone wasn't getting blowed the fuq up?

you're a lion on the chase and god help ya, maybe you'll catch him, maybe you two will live happily ever after?....naaaaaah
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