my love to Sagittarius man...

I first came to these boards due to him. That was 4 years ago, I think. I am a Scorpio woman. We have a big age gap. He is younger. It started as a fling. We met and very same day jumped into bed. It was a fabulous experience being in the arms of a Sag man. Those meetings repeated over the next 6 months. I am blaming an eclipse on a lovely Valentine's Day tearing us apart.

He is so serious, but I find him very funny and unbelievably affectionate. I love his intelligence. I love his smile. I love his free spirit. I love that he is so opionated and holds on to integrity.

Before I go into more amourous talk and disgust you guys, after many months, he found me again and wanted to be together again. For the past almost 3 years, he is trying to get back with me. Until recently he kept asking once/twice a week. He remembers details that I had forgotten about. He said he kept a photo of me. He keeps fishing out emails I had sent him years ago.

So... why am I here?

I want to meet him again. Although he wants only sex out of this deal, I think I misinterpreted his wanting to get back again. I always thought he just is into pure sex. Thinking about it more, I think he did find something in me, which I had found in him too. I don't wish meaningless relationships.

Don't get me wrong, friends. I'm not looking into a traditional relationship with him. I just like him for the way he is. He made me happy at the time. His thought still makes me smile. That's all.

What do you think?

I want to understand him so I don't have false hopes.
another thing I feel about him is *Telepathy* !

He contacts me at exactly the times when I think or talk about him.
we even went to the same shop in the city. This is a 2.5 million populated city. I was looking to take on a closing business and he was looking to buy their stuff.
anyway... I see more Scorp girls coming to Sag board today.

Who knows what's happening with the stars...?
I did meet a NEW Sagittarius man online who I found equally attractive through his photo. If things had worked out, I was going to meet him last night. But I chickened out ...

Somewhere I feel guilt for refusing to meet the younger Sag man for so long.

The new one is closer to my age, although I don't think it would matter much.

I just wonder if my younger Sag has felt something, because I didn't get a reply from him. He always writes back, but not this time...
i needed to blurb out these things
Hi FumR so I see you are still thinking about the sag, that's crazy how when you meet the right one they can leave an impression on you for the rest of your life and vice versa. I don't know if my words help seeing I have only dated seriously one sagg who I am still with his bday is tomorrow by the way but I have casually went out with two other sagg who were younger than my guy. I notice that the younger ones who had different venus than my guy wanting to get serious right away so that made me run the other way, one had a venus in libra and the other scorp but my guy his venus is in sagg which is a hard venus to pin down so I have heard.

Do you still have the same number, email, and etc it seems like Sagg always seems to come back and contact that person if they really cared for them unless he has move on.

Also to understand a sagg men is to talk to them and ask question, You can't try to figure them out just ask question and be upfront with them they like that. Sagg men wont you to keep it real all the time!!!!
Hi Diva -- so nice to see you again

Yes, still same Sag it is ...

He doesn't kiss'n tell. I asked him a number of times what it is that keeps bringing him back. He said, sex was good with me. And, once he blocked me from FB telling that I rejected him too many times. I told him, I don't see this as rejection. I just don't want to have a casual relationship. If he wants to hang out sometimes for a drink or movie, I'm up for it.

He has Venus in Sag.

Now since you mentioned, I checked the Sag man I dated a while back who asked if I'd marry him. That was first day we met LOL I see he has venus in Cap.
hmm... puzzled about the difference.

was talking about * Telepathy * with this Sagittarius man.

Just when I was typing up this thread, he wrote back

weird stuff, I tell you .. he never writes around this hour.
aww good for you! i feel the love in the air
happy birthday scorp diva...meant to tell u!
Posted by DMV
happy birthday scorp diva...meant to tell u!

Thanks DMV

I feel that telepathy you both speak of too, it's crazy I could know he wants me to text him so I will and he will respond right away or I would be thinking of him and he texts or call me.

The feelings between this duo is so strong but yet so conflicting that's why I say Communication is the only way becaue if you don't you won't understand where the other person is coming from and that will start all kinda conflict which sometimes can't be reverse.

How is that goin?
love in the air sounds good. Just now I kissed and told him all my scorpio secrets. In writing! If he wants to run, now is a good time, because I can't hold back any more. Nothing will come out of us anyway. He is way younger than me and I'm not particularly in a good setting in my life.

DMV -- I've been reading quite a bit about Sagittarius only to understand where clashes can happen. Scorp is intense and that might drive you away from him. I wish all Scorpios in love with a Sagittarius, they could explore astrology. Without knowing your partners base, it would drive us nuts trying to figure out. We have a different way of expressing ourselves.

I want to be charmed, but he tells me such hard reality, that I have to stop and digest sometimes. Then I tell myself that he doesn't mean the way he says. He says it like a child with pure good intentions, never meaning harm. Our mental connection is strikingly alive, inspired and with admiration for each other.

HE has the say in everything. HE decides if he wants to continue or not. I can continue and be loyal to him even if we don't have a traditional promise. My heart wouldn't want anybody but him anyway. I could go on to my business trusting him to be busy with millions of things. He can remember me occasionally and give me same affection and happiness.

I just learned that I have to communicate with him. I have to tell him what I want, think, or feel. Otherwise we keep staying on superficial level. I also have to learn to be less extravagant or speak less in methaphorical terms, because I realize it doesn't make sense to him.

Perhaps these are part of your misunderstandings with your Scorpio, DMV.

From how you are describing him, he must love you deeply. He must admire you. The flip flopping can happen when he cannot understand you. He will try different ways to please you, but also can become impatient when he feels that he is not successful in expressing himself or connecting with you the way he wants. What he has to learn is not try to analyze you mentally, but use his feelings to understand you. Life is not that serious and once he figured this out, he will have tremendous fun with you.

I think that's what it is...
about the telepathic connection, I didn't see him online for days. I think last we said 'hi' to each other was Nov. 9. So here he is just when I started this thread and asked me same question, "when is the get-together?".

I replied, he is always in my mind. I normally would keep that to myself thinking that I don't want to scare him. But this time I did. I said more... He may not like reading all I wrote, but it's out now.
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