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I reconnected with a Scorpio whom I used to hang out with many years ago as friends. We went out on what was supposed to be just an innocent fun date. To keep this post short, I'll skip what we did for the night leading up to the following:

As he was driving me home, he asked if he could hold my hand and I let him. He stroked my hand and held it up and kissed my hand a few times. At some time in the night, I told him how stressed out I've been with my job and complained about my neck aching. So as we are driving home, after he'd been kissing my hand, he asked if he could rub my neck. I'm not going to turn that down because I really wanted a neck rub.

Fast forward to my house, he gaves me a massage and it was pretty good. Keep in mind it's already 3am and we were both tired. He fell asleep for a few minutes as did I. When he woke up, he continued massaging. Then he fell asleep again. Then maybe 10 minutes passed, I stirred (we were spooning), and he suddenly woke up and this time starting kissing the back of my neck and rubbing areas that wasn't my back (frontal areas mainly). It was hot, but it threw me off because at this point, we hadn't even kissed yet.

I asked him to slow down, I turned away to face him and told him that I wanted him to kiss me. And kiss me he did. He did it with so much passion. I don't know if that passion was so strong because of me being a Taurus and him a Scorpio (I hear this combination is magnetic). The kissing was erotic.

Now, the next part is not for the kiddos, so stop reading here if you're under 18.

He and I didn't have sex, but his hands and fingers made me c*m 10 times. This continued until 8am in the morning. He would kiss me and hold me, but no sex. I wanted it, but Ididn't come out and say it.

So the point of this post: Is he attracted to me? Was he just looking for a good time? Note, I didn't reciprocate what he did to me because he told me that he wanted to focus on me and make me feel good, and that he did.

Can a Scorpio man have such a passionate night without sex and not want something again with a woman?

Here's some of his chart:

Sun - Scorpio
Moon- Aquarius
Venus - Scorpio
Mars - Aquarius


Sun - Taurus
Moon- Leo
Venus -Cancer
Mars -Cancer

I'm an open book, so ask me any questions to help me figure out if this guy was sincere or just looking for a good night.
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Good God, I dont know if he just wanted a fling or long term, but you have GOT to tell us about the 10 x orgasism......LOL
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All this looks really good because he must feel in control and getting more relaxed. feels like he's into giving, which means he must like you. the leo moon vs aquarius moon? niiiice
Venus in scorp vs Mars in Cancer, awesome
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Posted by BigGirlPanties
Good God, I dont know if he just wanted a fling or long term, but you have GOT to tell us about the 10 x orgasism......LOL

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Sun/Sag Rising/Cancer Moon/Leo Venus/Aqua Mars/Scorp Dec 15th
I'm treetrunking jelly you can that many times!
It started out as a back massage. In college, he was on the swim team and studied sports medicine so he put his massaging skills to work. I was falling asleep and he kept massaging for 20 minutes....I can't massage that long without my hands getting tired, but he said he wasn't tired. That went on for about 30 minutes until he laid behind me and said he wanted to rest for a few minutes. The first timeafter he woke up, he started massaging my back but it was more rubbing and touching.

The second time he woke up (when I stirred around to try to shift my body) was when he rolled me over on my back and he started rubbing my frontal areas. My clothes were on at this point, but he'd rub over my breasts, my thighs, legs, crotch. I think once he realized I wasn't going to push him away, he started rubbing my breasts and crotch area with more deliberation. After a few minutes of that, I was so turned on that I had to tell him to slow down. I rolled to face him and asked him to kiss me, which he did without hesitation. That kiss was like none other I've ever had. It was fierce, all tongue one second, just lips the next. He was rolling me on top of him, I was rolling him back on top of me. We did this song and dance a few times, but never taking our lips off each other. The kissing was intense.

Now for the orgasms.

He played with that area while my pants were on for several minutes, alternating between touching me there to kissing me to both at the same time.

Soon after, my pants were off. I haven't had sex in a long time and I was so turned on at that point, that I really wanted what he was offering. He used his hands and fingers and he definitely has experience with this, becuase it didn't take me long to c*m the first time. It didn't take me to c*m all the other times for that matter. I was moving around furociously begging him to stop but he said a few times "let it go" or "you want this, let me do this", stuff like that. After it was all said and done, my bedsheets were nearly on the floor and all the pillows were on the floor.

When we realized what time it was, we decided we needed to "call it a night" 8am. lol

He gave me a hug, but no kiss when he left. But I don't know if I was giving off a vibe to not want a kiss because I'm pretty shy (although I wasn't last night, lol). He said he'd call me later after he woke up. I went to bed after he left and slept until 2pm. I texted him and told him I enjoyed last night and he sent a message back "Me too, )).

Not once smiling face but a triple chin. LOL
that should be :-)))
"Now for the orgasms.

He played with that area while my pants were on for several minutes, alternating between touching me there to kissing me to both at the same time."

Let me clarify - when I say alternating between touching me there and kissing to both at the same time, that didn't mean oral sex....wanted to clarify that incase you read it that way beause after I reread what I typed, it could be seen that way.
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"thug lYfe.
yo who needs porn when you got DXP

venus scorpio+venus cancer yes yes
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Sun/Sag Rising/Cancer Moon/Leo Venus/Aqua Mars/Scorp Dec 15th
I like these venus in scorpio people
So now that I've written you all my erotic story, what do you think about his intentions?
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