Who is the perfect mate for Scorpio?

I've read a lot of these posts and I'm wondering, who is the perfect mate for a Scorpio? What kind of personality is a good fit to handle the extremes of a Scorpions nature? Should this person fall for their manipulation or should they be a stable individual with their own agenda? Is jealousy really an emotion that they want to feel? Do they get satisfaction from knowing that you are theirs and only theirs or do they want that touch of uncertainty? My boyfriend is a Scorpio and I'm noticing these extremes in him. He's very protective and possessive of me and doesn't want anyone to have me. For example, he mentioned a threesome with one of his friends and I wasn't down with it. He later told me that he's too jealous to have a threesome with another male and that he'd have to 'kill' him if we ever did. That really caught my attention. But then a few days later, he suggested that I be his prostitute and he would be my pimp (o.O) Once again, I got furious with him and asked him why he would want to do something like that to someone that he loves?? He laughed it off and said that he was just kidding but I know better. Why do they do stuff like this? He drives me crazy in a good way and a bad way but I'm so attached to him and he knows it. Anywho, I think I'm straying away from the original question but does anyone have any insight that can help me "understand" him? I'm a Virgo girl btw.
lmao, wow he wasn't playing. He probably just threw it out there to test you and see if you'd be down with treetrunkin a bunch of dudes.

The "perfect" mate according to astrology, is a tie between Pisces and Cancer. Earth signs also are good, and air signs are short term, to train wreck. In my personal experience, I'd say its Pisces when it comes to the Scorpio female. A lot of Scorpion women I know just so happen to be with and happily in love with the men. I always thought they needed more masculine men but then again Pisces isn't always what they appear.

For the males I don't know. It seems they get bored after a few years, they need constant stimulation and someone who can remain challenging but not too much to over power him, or a never ending challenge or unpredictable. But don't just do everything he says, or yes him all the time. I haven't seen the men be really compatible and lasting with any sign. Then again I think its just difficult to find a fully evolved scorpio male.
Who the hell is telling cancer . I do not like to see any scorpio even 100 kilometres around me.sure,its pisces. Pisces is like a concubine in scorpio harem .pisces scorpio compatibility is like a lock and key compatibility .
I still remember how Bohemian serpent used to save his scorpio friend in every
Possible way though she got played by him . It is a scorpio dominance and pisces just let them to prey on them.scorpio take pride in defeating and pisces in being defeated.
But again i doubt it is not a mutual compatibility . Currently i am seeing two pisces-scorpio couples but not a single cancer-scorpio couple which is kinda relief to us cancers .
Posted by lovelibra
But again i doubt it is not a mutual compatibility . Currently i am seeing two pisces-scorpio couples but not a single cancer-scorpio couple which is kinda relief to us cancers .

Slit your wrists and just shut up. I am so tired of your mouth. No one cares about you no one likes you. Get off DXP.
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"Pisces Sun/Scorp Rising Moon/Mars/Mercury in Aquarius Venus in Aries ""
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Yes there is a very strong magnetism and connection between Pisces and Scorpio It's like we make each other feel safe and secure, and like finally someone else out there seems to understand us.

ok I met & spent time with a fish during a biz meeting (first one really) he's got an odd hang up with me now...

Lk a crush but he knows I'm married so he's causing probs...

I felt we could be friends since there is bound to be more meetings but he's kinda lost it... creepily

& not the type of man u would expect behavior lk this from either

I did feel his openess ...unfortunately, I felt his intentions

crabs ... friends awesome...romance? idk we can hurt each other deeply

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" _/div"
Posted by aPiscesPrincess
Posted by Beetleguese
I feel ill, I'll have to concur with LL as well. Pisces just have that je ne sais quoi. I don't even place that much emphasis on astrology but the magnetism and unspoken understanding between these signs is uncanny.

Yes there is a very strong magnetism and connection between Pisces and Scorpio It's like we make each other feel safe and secure, and like finally someone else out there seems to understand us.

For this mermaide I will say this is very true with both cancer and scorpio, however I find cancers very fickle to deal with. For me, when I meet either a cancer or scorpio it is instant attraction like magnets.

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....it's a "coming home" type of feeling.

Yeah!!,its like here I am all along baby!...come home when you are finished testing the extremes!

I think its pisces, aries, and taurus
Pisces because its like a special bond.. can't really explain it you would have to know for yourself I felt at home and one with her
Aries because she's so funny has that bond like a pisces to me
Taurus I like their sexual vibe, I was never with a taurus but a girl taurus and I had something special felt at home with this one too
Yeah . Pisces is all about pain and sorrow . Now i know why do they suffer a lot . Obviously , its due to scorpios . Again pisces like to suffer as well . So they do not want to leave each other .
Its really surprising how pisces are overestimating themselves . They just never admit how weak willed they are .
They will be left most unwanted and deserted . Again pisces will be happier because they will tell they have sacrificed . Ha ha ha .
Its like cheating over a pisces for another scorpios .
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