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Why does my scorpio husband try to control me? I need my freedom. He says he needs his. But I feel stuffed in a box!
Weve been married almost a year. And Im tired of being under him. I dont argue when he trys to because I dont like it. So Ive been giving him space so I can have some
Hes turned into a jealous madman. Hes going through my things. Questions me about wherabouts when I only leave for ten mins. I mean WTF? It was cute at firsf now its driving me crazy.
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Can you feel the fiyaaaa?! December 15th
Ya, they are such pains in the ass. But I would not cheat on him.
He cheated on me a couple of times. So instead of me now begging for my husband to be faithful I pulled away. But he says he wanted his space. So now I have aquarius. And know he doesnt know of aqua
Arlesun . . . . U hit it on the nail. My scorpio is like that as well as the aquarius. I just makes me feel violated and trapped. Thanks yall for the responses.
he doesnt know. mayb has an idea because I dont care what he does anymore. He does more for me now. Wants to talk more spend time with me more. cleaning up. and oh the massages. Hes acting scared.
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Can you feel the fiyaaaa?! December 15th
Oh my god, you rather be in a abusive relationship than be alone. Man your treetrunked up in the head. None of that you just described is love. He sounds insane. Do whatever you can to stay alive. butter.
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"Anyone know the compatibility of two Scorps??"

My mother has been dating another Scorp for about a year. It's been rocky on her end but then again she has a Cancer moon. She's really sensitive and she gets defensive quickly. They are still together. I think she really likes him and vise versa. She talked to him when she got divorced from my dad and then started dating a Virgo. That didn't work out and 9 years later she's back to the Scorp guy. She said she never could forget him.
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Oh yeah and to the OP... Scorp knows you are cheating. Trust me. He knows. Either get a divorce or go to couple therapy. This tit for tat won't do you any good. Childish really. Why stay married at all if you are only going to hurt each other?
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Ariessun really hits the hammer on the nail with this one. Practically describes everything I would of said and those would be my words coming from the mouth of a Scorpio Male. Believe me Aries is right, hes only digging through the trash and asking a million questions because he is looking for hard evidence of the fact, a little lie that doesn't add perhaps. That would be your biggest mistake would lie to him now cause he will know. People think they are just great liars but personally you'll never catch me lying to another Scorpio cause I know that they know I'm lying. Its probably one of the reasons people feel we are so scary cause they feel that we can see right through them. That is a Scary Thing indeed. Enough Rant, he might not have physical proof but in his heart he knows you been unfaithful he can see it in your eyes or through lies, either way he knows your cheating on him.

Its a good sign that he is gotten more controlling whether you like it or not, because it shows he still cares about you if he didn't care the minute his gut told him your being unfaithful he would of started to cut you out of his life. Instead he is doing the exact opposite. The REAL question is Do you still wanna be with him, your answer was no so my advice to you is this... One just leave your husband, don't try and get anything out of him just LEAVE, if you try and take anything from him your gonna piss him off and then hes going to go after you. On another note I can promise you that Aqua probably not really interested in being with you, to him your just a piece of ass. He might act like he cares but that's cause hes not the one you live with. All men will act like a perfect sweetheart when things are good (I.E. he doesn't have to work at hard and he is getting laid) Like Aries said If you leave your husband then try to hook up with Aqua hes gonna take flight. Your Just an Easy Lay and nothing more to him, He might even get off on the fact hes having sex with another man's wife. Sounds Like a Real Loser to me, And Don't let Your Scorpio ever find out who he is cause he might put him in hospital.

So if your unhappy Leave him, but don't expect to fall back on your Aqua. Women tend to romanticize these kind of relationships when they are unhappy with their current man, but don't kid yourself the Aqua doesn't love you and he doesn't wanna take care of you he just wants to F^^K you.
Damn King I feel stupid. I do love my husband. I wont leave him. U made aqua look like a jerk. I just feel noticed with aqua even if it is superficial. since my hus is trying harder mayb Ill try 2.
But knowing my husband once I start acting normal again he will b back to his old ways. So I will keep aqua around for a little lnger and if hubby finds out oh well. What goes around comes around.
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Posted by capgurl81
But knowing my husband once I start acting normal again he will b back to his old ways. So I will keep aqua around for a little lnger and if hubby finds out oh well. What goes around comes around.

Do what you want, but I warn you you're playing with fire. In the end someone is going to get burned, you or that man and its not going to be pretty. Now I cannot say for sure what it will be, even if physical retaliation is out of the picture he still would what people here call "sting" you. So keep that man on the side and start acting "Normal" again but I guarantee its not going to be normal till the other man is gone. As long as you see him your going to have to run-off to see him, meaning your going to have to make lies and your husband is going to sense those lies and he will know you are still being unfaithful.

What I can't understand is if you wanna work things out with your husband, why you wanna keep this aqua man around. Either the sex with him must be really good and with your husband it is not, or you don't love your husband and wanna stay with him out of necessity. And if case number 2 is the reason than you might as well just leave him because he is going to sense that you no longer love him and he will just go cheat on you Again looking for a women who is going to provide him with the attention he craves. It's not just the sex he wants, he wants a women who is going to adore him and make him feel wanted.

It's really foolish to try and have "your cake and eat it too" in this scenario cause like I said the "sting" comes in many different forms and depending how mad you make,or how bad you hurt him depends on how bad he will hurt you. It might not be physical it very well could be emotional pain he will cause. After all emotional scars run deeper than physical ones and I've heard many people tell their horror stories of their previous ex- Scorpios.

Have said that I'll end with this note. You should have known when you married your Scorpio that you would have to remain loyal and also learn to follow. Cardinal signs like to be bossy leaders, while Fixed signs are stubborn leaders. The reason they are called fixed signs is because they will not change, our nature is "fixed" no matter how hard we try to change we cannot as the old saying goes a Zebra doesn't change his stripes.

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Posted by ariessun
roflmao.....'re married to a scorp man and you don't get that about him? i don't mean to sound snarky...but at what point did you not realize this about scorp men?
this has got to be a joke right?!

Ha! Exactly what I was thinking as I read the OP. Honey, this is what they do.
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