Do taurus men hold grudges??

ok so i got into a HUGE arguement with my taurus guy that i defriended him on facebook and blackberry messenger...he calls me a month later asking me y i did that and he was very upset about it...i apologized to him so many times and said that i did that bc i was extremely mad..and that ill never do it again...he seemed ok after i apologized to him...then a month later i noticed that he defriended me on blackberry messenger...i dont get it -- he seemed fine and was talking to me after i apologized to him...why did he do that?? did he want to get even with me?? do taurus men hold grudges??
Yes, dear they hold grudges and they retain information about everything you do wrong to them and they store it in their memory never forgetting. I have some Taurus male friends and they tell me how they punish their girlfriends. They find it all amusing in how they get back at you. He is getting even with you, but will probably tell you it was an accident. If you grovel and beg and chase him he will like that, but don??t ever do it again unless you mean to get rid of him.
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Does a bear leave Hershey's Kisses in the forest? I can only speak for myself here but I have a very definite scoreboard. And occasionally it's in blinking neon. Grudge doesn't begin to cover it if the offense is deep enough.
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they are killers you never know when they will strike but they will get you.
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I would try to kill them before they kill you.
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They get mad and can give you a really ugly attitude...if they love you dearly they also believe in a clean slate.

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Taurus are (arguably) more emotionally-sensitive and moody than other earth signs. I will never say I don't love them, yet their temper can erupt without any clear provocation...only build-up.

Thast probably because Taurus is ruled by Venus, but I haven`t met a Taurus yet that erupts without clear provocation, thats not a Taurus trait at all! It may seem like there is no reason as Taureans tend to hold the anger in as long as possible.
You need to piss Taurus off more than once or twice to make them flip!
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And isn't it absolutely GLORIOUS when we do? Force of nature itself.
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A lot of Taurens are prone to physical violence if they are furious though, kinda like a raging bull...scary
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For me it's like a storm. All the energy and upheaval. The brute force, the power. And then it's all washed clean. And yes, can be quite violent if you don't channel it to some extent.
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If you someone manages to get me upset which isn't an easy task then they deserved what's comming to them a long time ago. If I let loose and tell you how I really feel which I am positive you won't like at all and will be very suprised with how much I held in for so long. But once I let it all out on you we are back to normal unless they didn't get the message then you will cease to exsist you will be invisible till who knows. Time means nothing to us when it comes to things like this. Also if you get me upset to the point I let loose twice for the same reason it will be the last time I aknowlege you after you get what u been asking for. We like peace but we aren't stupid and know when tolerance is no longer helping. That's why we don't like childish games that mess with emotions. That's why it takes some of us so long to let someone get to a place where they can effect us in a deep emotional level. We do our best to avoid someone who might push us to that limit. If you are dealing with a mature taurus we always try to make the best out the situation we have a good sense of humor and can see something funny in pretty much all situations. We are very sensitive in all senses too so if someone we care about is having a good time we feel good as well it gives us a warm satusfying feeling. I love it when that happens it just intensifies my senses to another level. Please excuse any typos or grammer problems I typed this all on my cell phone.
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" In the dead of night, it's the anti-sig.
Well said!
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Yep - I was married to one for 8 years. I will say this much ....they are not as bad as Gemini though gee with a gem they keep bringing up the same arguement .....never get over it. They make my head hurt.

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I find taurus' very sexy when there angry im happy to be wearing red!
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"Okay, so a little about me. :) I'm 19 and i live in wales. My dads welsh an
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ha ha,are you a Scorp holmesuckle?

No, i'm an april aries lol
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