When a Taurus ignores you.

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37 years old female from NC  

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Posted by SweetLibra
Posted by ilove2bATaurus
We know exactly what we want. If it doesnt work then why waste our time and urs?

Okay. I can understand that. But then why do some of you come back? If you've made that determination that you don't want a relationship, then why reappear after the disappearance? Do Taurus stand firm on their decisions or do you sometimes realize that you maybe judged someone on something very superficial and then regret making such a rash decision?

I realize this may not pertain to you specifically but since you are a Taurus maybe you can relate.

We come because figure u have learned ur lesson and maybe you've changed. Sometimes it could be because were bored and need someone to talk to. Yes we do stand firm on our decisions but some yes we do realize that we may have pre determined our decision too quickly and want to try again if the issue wasnt that serious.
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dear ephflank,

I am ignoring my ex girlfriend because, in all of my power i did everything i could to woe her, sent her flowers, lend her my car, spent 5000 dollars to get her car down here from Florida only to find out the engine had died. Baby sat for her son, brought her breakfast, drove her back and forth 60 miles a day and when one time i told her i couldn't help her anymore financially and she dumped me. You couldn't possibly imagine how this hurt me so. My way accepting the stupidity that i've cause to myself i went into a hell hole so i can't beat myself so that when i come out i will see the whole picture more clearly and start over. My financial security is so very important to me and when you threatnen that i'm gone. So if you didn't do anything wrong then he is wrong but if you did threatnen his security in anyway then you need to apologize and make an ammends. Thats the only way we Taurus men will forgive and give things another try.
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Posted by ilove2bATaurus

Majority of the time i have expressed how i feel and it has been ignored. it depends on the person. If u are someone that i really want to get to know, i will tell u. But if u are not an interest to me, i just wont entertain u at all. For example : I met an aries man. We talked on the phone for about 3 weeks and all he heard was that i liked some of the same things as he but did not hear that i wasnt interested in a relationship at the time. I tried getting know him more but he kept pushing the relationship issue just because i wanted spend a little time with him. He told me that he couldnt just be my friend so i stopped calling him.

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Posted by Mulligrub
I'm a Taurus woman and I tend to cut people off cold if they piss me off. I absolutely despise being told to answer for my actions or being told what to do.

I think for me if I ignore someone it's because I need to process my feelings on the matter before I respond. I don't like hurting people and will self-sacrifice to avoid someone else getting hurt to the point there is nothing left of me and then I have enough and out comes the bull anger!

I am a pretty forgiving person and always willing to meet someone halfway. If that person meant something to me then I will never leave them without closure and will always give them a logical and sound reason for me cutting off the relationship. If they were being a douche or didn't blip on my emotional radar then silence is all they get. If they were to sit back they would see the signs that the end was coming though.

....And THIS^^^^^^
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*Im a Taurus Gril* I love nature, perf

Im a taurus girl and if i do that with a stranger then it means im not interested to know u closer or i just dont really like u..but being a slightly judgmental person u need to start opening coversations with me and then if ur really cool ill start taling more n more and also say hi to u the next time we see each other
But if we talk a little and i dont say hi to u again and STILL ignore u then I just dont like u

If ur talkin about a taurus person that ur ALREADY close with then probably u upseted them in some way u just gota go find out what rong and apologize and AVOID repeating ur mistakes too many times.
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Name saids it all

Sadly, I dont know the reason why i ignore ppl...

I think i just want to get through my daily routine perfectly and having a small convo with ppl around just isnt in my list of routines. And that's just me... just me... kk? i dont know about others but i just happen to do that. weird ryt? and i seems that im alright fine and dandy with it.... i dont know it... its confusing O_O

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