I guess Im the only one still watching this crazy show. What did yall think about Erica and the Mama Dee situation?

Hey Llana, nope, Im stil watching this show even thought it feels so off. There is another thread going on about this on the Scorpio board.

Mama Dee, when will she stop suckling Scrappy?? and when will Scrappy get off the teet.

I still feel bad for Shae. She still hangin on to a dream.
I think Momma Dee is scandalous to bring around shay knowing at the reunion scrappy & Erica became engaged. I also think Erica had every right to go off on Momma Dee , scrappy knows from day 1 his mother has disrespected Erica in every way shape and form. He has some nerve to question Erica's mother about why she doesn't think they will be married ,but he wont put his mom in check about trying to put shay back in the picture.

As for shay she should have got the hint at the reunion that scrappy didn't want her anymore and now trying to step back in is very disrespectful . The fight between Erica & Momma Dee should not have gone as far as it did but Momma Dee needs to know her place & stop living her fairy tale she is not a queen scrappy isn't the prince of the south & she cant go around talking crazy to everyone. I mean lets be honest before love & hiphop everyone forgot about lil scrappy so he's just as irrelevant as he tries to make Erica to call her broke.
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Hey Llana, nope, Im stil watching this show even thought it feels so off. There is another thread going on about this on the Scorpio board.

Mama Dee, when will she stop suckling Scrappy?? and when will Scrappy get off the teet.

I still feel bad for Shae. She still hangin on to a dream.

Whats up!? Call me crazy, but I would have side eyed the heck out of my fiance if he had that expression on his face while talking about another woman. Scrappy expressions made me feel he still has feelings for Shay. I think he felt some type of way when Shay said she could never hate him in the studio. The only emotion I personally feel Ive seen so far from him with Erica is anger, which was displayed tonight. I dont think she reaches him in "that" way, and I dont think he reaches her.

I like Erica, but I personally dont think they belong together. Im old school and believe in respecting the elders, so I dont think she was right in how she displayed her anger last night either.
Ok, I jsut watched the fight. Scrappy comes off so dishinest to me. I dont believe a word coming oht his mouth. I think his mama is more honest than he is.

I feel where Erica is coming from. She had a baby with a mamas boy, financially supports him, and puts up with cheating and an overbearing mother.
LOL @ Inana04, don't worry I watch it too...

Now, ONTO the fight (or FIGHTS rather..)

Rasheeda & K. Michelle: Laaawwd.. just WHERE, WHY & WHEN did Rasheeda think it was ok to fight as a newly PREGNANT woman?? grrr. ..Leaving THAT alone (for now.)

Scrappy & Erica:
Ok,there was a lot of tension at the table and Momma Dee DEF had a hand in things by playing BOTH sides and should never have brought Shay back into the picture. Erica didn't need to start getting LOUD at the table, losing her cool and going off on Scrappy about how he doesn't/didn't defend her. Even when he DID check "MD" and asked her not to call Erica a cookiemonster anymore, it all could have ended just fine right there.. But nooo that wasn't enough for Erica.
After Mama Dee MISTAKENLY thought that Erica called Scrappy a "Mutha-fka, c**kiemonster-azz" ...Erica felt she might as well seize that opportunity to get all of the 7yrs of pent up anger out. It might have been bait from "MD"..but it wasn't the right time or the right stadium... STILL through it all, Erica should have kept respecting "MD" because she is still an ELDER...Maybe "MD" disrespects Erica, because ERICA doesn't GIVE "MD" a reason TO respect her?? hmmm something to ponder...

Erica went TOO far as putting her hands on Scrappy and then kicking him out. She needs to know her role (as Mama #2) and accept that he IS a momma boy, he always will be and she can't change that. The whole cutting down his man hood isn't building or helping him either. What cracked me up further was Erica calling Scrappy a Broke azz.. If she knew that Scrappy being a "Broke Azz" was a problem, why are you WITH him then?? Idiota..

After Ariane, I thought that Erica was another one of the more classy and reserved of the castmates.---until THIS episode.

Class card REVOKED.

LOL @DMV about Scrappy seeming dishonest. OF COURSE he seems that way, his own MOTHER is dishonest, did you notice how her fingers (on her RIGHT hand) were crossed when she lied to Scrappy about HOW she's crossed paths with Shay?? Yep.

Now THISSSS...we didn't see.
This is Mama Dee & Mignon meeting up for dinner.(Sometime BEFORE fight night.)

I LIKE Mignon, she's a wise OG!! Mama Dee seems sooo "FAKE friendly" here ugh!!
I do know one thing tho, if things ever got really bad between her & Erica, Mignon is DEF her MATCH.

http://media.mtvnservices.com/embed/mgid:uma:video:vh1.com:906199/cp~channelId%3D3%26id%3D1706837%26vid%3D906199%26instance%3Dvh1%26uri%3Dmgid%3Auma%3Avideo%3Avh1.com%3A906199" width="512" height="288" frameborder="0">

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#439CD8;" target="_blank">Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, #439CD8;" target="_blank">Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 2

Its kind of hard for me to keep up with this show since I have to watch it online and on my slow computer. For some reason, I think Niko is a Virgo.

Traci Steele.........Scorpio

Not 100% sure, but according to a bday flyer, and a Wikipedia page I got the birthdates.

It was actually hard for me to tell who was lying....Karlie Redd or Benzino. I was going with Benzino first, but something in his expression seemed like she was saying some truth.

That chick Stevie J is working with is crazy.
Why are Caps so aggressive and feisty? I did not like seeing Mimi and Ariane go at it. I hope they never turn on eachother because it will be sad/ epic imo.

I agree with Ariane and KMichelle though. They were just having a convo, and its not her fault he was easedropping. If it was so "wrong" to talk about it, then Mimi should have tried to end it or change the subject, but it was a regular convo. Had she known he was right there she wouldnt have had it. The guys were wrong for confronting her, and Im glad that Kmichelle actually tried to leave.

Rasheeda seems difficult to deal with. Like she layers problems on top of problems in a way.

That Traci girl is crazy.
traci is one of the reason i DO NOT date men with kids. baby mama drama. but its his fault. you want her money, then u take what it comes with.

sad that he lost $50K on a scam deal. Id thought they both be smarter but butter happens.

the fight between Ariane and Mimi is WEIRD. seems ultra forced on Mimi's part.
Something is cute about Drew to me. He is growing on me. Traci is annoying.

I thought that fight was forced on both sides. Arianne was talking about liquid courage while Mimi was calm and sitting down, then mimi starts yelling smh.

I dont like that Kmichelle has taken licks on Karlie Red, Rasheeda, and Mimi. Somebody needs to put her in her place.
K Michelle is a great singer and songwriter but her mouth just messes it all up.
Drew is a cutie!
I can bet money that nikko is a virgo
man, i dunno about nikko. last episode he came off more manly than he did b4. i think Mimi is scared to be alone.
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