Decan Compatibility : InDepth

So having paved the way with my Virgo Decan compatibility analysis.
I started to look at the other signs as well!

Each signs first Decan is always governed by their overall grouping : Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

Thus Decan 1 Cardinal Signs always have Decan 3 as Mutable.
Decan 1 Fixed Signs always have Decan 3 as Cardinal.
Decan 1 Mutable Signs always have Decan 3 as Fixed.

The logic I will apply here is that Mutable Signs are attracted to both OTHER mutable signs and people with Signs in Mutable Decans!


Though the logic is mostly untested and does go against the very lovely relationship Shaks is enjoying, I just like it's correlation. It makes sense and has a definable order!

So here we go!

Capricorns, Aries, Cancers and Libras [Cardinal signs] of the 3rd Decan [Mutable decan] are more likely to get along with Virgos [Mutable].

Virgos [Mutable[ of the 2nd Decan [Cardinal] are more likely to get along well with 3rd Decan Cardinal Signs!

1st Decan Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius [Mutable Signs] should, in fact, get along with each other.

2nd Decan [Mutable] Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpios [Fixed signs] hypothetically should find themselves attracted to Mutable Signs.

Does this make sense to you guys? lol
Hence when they talk about Virgos Compatiblity with this is how it should really be!

Virgos match with
Decan 3 Capricorn
Decan 3 Libra
Decan 3 Aries

Decan 2 Taurus
Decan 2 Leo
Decan 2 Scorpio

Decan 1 : Virgo matches with Mutable signs
Decan 1 Pisces [...ew]
Decan 1 Gemini
Decan 1 Sagittarius

Decan 2 : Virgo matches with Cardinal signs
Decan 3 Capricorn
Decan 3 Aries
Decan 3 Cancer

Decan 3 : Virgo matches with Fixed signs
Decan 1 Aquarius
Decan 1 Taurus
Decan 1 Scorpio [...ew]
Posted by virg_goki
lol @ pisces and scorpio

caj they make you muddy?

More like Pissy!
Putting your hypothesis to work, I consider your arrangements, at least for me, of the first decan virgo with the first decan mutual signs to be one of a fatal love or challenge . I was friends with four first decan sag-guys, and they all emphasized their judgment based on moral code while i lived on morality, yet my mouth spoke otherwise, which lead to contradiction and tension with both them and I. Although we settled our conflict over and over again, once we stopped hanging out, or the moment we split, we all went our separate ways due to our mutuality. Some of these sag-guys have gone to dislike me while the other sag-guys lost interest to hang out with me. For the women born under the first sign of Sagittarius or the first sag-decan, there was too much sexual tension to ignore the simple flirtation that yearned for gratification. The relationships with these women could be intense and sodomizing.

Gemini- The ones i knew had too much of a fighting and overpowering spirits, and my rebelliousness forced the geminis born under the first decan to provoke conflict that i couldn\'t ignore (and was very immature to do at the time), which lead to bitter rivalry. Obviously, we resolved our problems, but our trust was severely ruined to the point of leaving the friendship as acquaintances. The women were all ways on the go, and they were unable to be pin-pointed (men wise), so i didn\'t risk myself.

First decan virgo men are really cool. We know each other well, and we have a great deal of fun. I\'ve made friends with many virgos over the years, and they consider me a good pal to talk to, and i the same to them. They are very reliable to me, although you think they are very unstable, but I understand them best because I am one of them. The women are very beautiful, and they are committed to their goals, but the sexual tension is intense here as it is with the first decan-sag women.
First decan pisces are conflicting like the first Decan Sagittarius people but the sexual tension isn\'t quite as intense in this relationship because the women and i emphasis a need for a higher connection or meeting with the minds, which they tend to ignore their physical needs in order to achieve this endeavor. THe only problem is that we are both mutual, and independent, so the moment we notice each other, we unit as one, but leave as individuals again. The males are cool, but the friendship is much the same with the women, a connection that eventually disconnects due to independence.
Posted by ellessque
I don't see 3rd decan scorpios anywhere on your list

That's because Decan 3 Scorpios aren't "best" for Virgos according to the logic.
3rd Decan Virgos or bust

Decan 3 Scorpios
Decan 2 Capricorn
Decan 2 Aries
Decan 2 Cancer
Decan 1 Taurus
Decan 1 Leo
Decan 1 Aquarius
Decan 2 Pisces
Decan 2 Gemini

Your hypothesis seems to be a bit bias

Of course it is
Nice to see you sharing Sorti-man.
I hear you on the "tension", haha.

Freaky stuff.

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#essages.asp?p=1&id=2377088#2377195\">Posted by Cajunspirit
Nice to see you sharing Sorti-man.
I hear you on the \"tension\", haha.

Freaky stuff.

Hey, don\'t mention it.

I bet you get that same sort of tension with second decan sag people, and that is pretty freaky...
i guess its kindof ironic then that ima 2nd decan virgo and i cant stand all three of mine LOL
Don't forget... everyone loves a cancer.
Posted by ellessque
well, darn. I'm up for a challenge.

give me a few months and i'll come back and blow your conclusion out of the water

Lookun' forward to it Misssss

Posted by Candeh15
Don't forget... everyone loves a cancer.

Posted by PandorasBox
you lost me at So

I'm.... shocked... lol

Posted by 69virgo
1st decan aqua and 2nd decan virgo....not to me my wife is a cap aqua leo...jan,22 almost cusper...Leo rising and moon...can you say spot light..hahahahahahahaha...

How did you manage to catch her anyway?

Decan 3 Virgo was messed up aggghhh.
Decan 2 Aquarius
Decan 2 Taurus
Decan 2 Scorpio
The guy I am currently dating:
The third, Venus/Taurus decan of Virgo

Me: A Sag/Scorp cusper:
The first, Jupiter decan of Sagittarius

I know a first Decan Virgo who annoys the crap out of me. He talks incessantly, always eyes the young girls in the office as they walk by. Never shuts up.

Now my Virguy is the strong, silent type. He doesn't talk much unless we are discussing a topic together, or in bed late at night just holding hands and chatting. He doesnt look at other women when we are together. He is fussy and likes to stay home a lot; but right now in my life I need that. I am not a Sag that has to be out running to be entertained. Our quiet times together are the best.
Posted by 69virgo
We moved into her hood when i 12, and went to middle school together...dated for about too weeks in the 8th grade before this scorpio stole me away from her. we went to different high schools but still lived in the same hood...she went off too college about 400 miles away and i went too school in town..her 2nd year in school she came home in Sept and i saw her for the first time it seemed like in years and we've been together ever since.. she tried too tell me about how she always loved me ever since the 8th grade.. caj i think that's how she stuck the hook in

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