Virgo vs taurus Who's a Better Earth Sign

LeGendary ViRGo

In your own opinion who's a better earth sign they say Taurus is the first and i always wondered why then Virgo is second if Virgos are about perfection shouldn't we be the first earth sign.

i know taurus are stubborn that's why i can't have them as people to chill with because they are hard to reach mentally but virgos are more stubborn when it comes to knowledge but at least were willing listen to your statements.

i guess Capricorns is the best friendship pair with Virgo in my opinion.

so lets debate this.

I think...

Virgo and Taurus Relation is overrated

I don't think a Taurus can make a Virgo happy. I think Virgo gets caught on Taurus' stubborness and perhaps physique... Taurus women have a slow and confident way to themselves, which probably hypnotisez Virgo, so he starts Sleep Walking....

Being as dutiful and servant Virgo is, Taurus keeps him on the hook with her 'My Way or the Highway... ' ways... sheesh... and Virgo can work forever trying to keep Taurus lady happy. So if She is happy, He will be happy as well...

I don't see the magic in this relation. Seriously.

LeGendary ViRGo
wats up FUMRedFairy_tales i missed you lol
Oh.. your question was "who is the better Earth Sign?"

To me... I don't think Virgo is THAT grounded. But I like Virgo more... at least Virgo is flexible

Hugs .. Love.. mwuah

missed you too. Am on my wits today and getting ready for a trip.

"I don't think a Taurus can make a Virgo happy. I think Virgo gets caught on Taurus' stubborness and perhaps physique... Taurus women have a slow and confident way to themselves, which probably hypnotisez Virgo, so he starts Sleep Walking....

Being as dutiful and servant Virgo is, Taurus keeps him on the hook with her 'My Way or the Highway... ' ways... sheesh... and Virgo can work forever trying to keep Taurus lady happy. So if She is happy, He will be happy as well..."

OMG this caught my attention like a red cape

I can't say I disagree, although there seems to be a somewhat negative tone to it.

The story actually has a happy conclusion.. Taurus is happy AND Virgo is happy

In my very own personal taurus-virgo relationship anyone can see how well we go

with one another. His friends say we're "in sync" .. ok they said it once but it sounded nice lol

My friends agree. It's crisp clear to anyone around us that I'm number one to him, no doubts.

Over here in bull-ville (me) I've actually made an effort to be more expressive because it

lights him up when I REACT to something he did for me. The bull doesn't ask for anything

because the virgin is always two steps ahead. My virgo once got seriously hurt because

I wouldn't let him do my homework. He calls me spoiled but I think he loves what he does

more than I do... and WHO AM I to deny him. If there is anyone who can sit back and

smell the roses.. it is a bull

ON THE OTHER HAND trust me, once a virgo is unhappy I truly believe he can bounce!

I once joked about how breaking up and hooking up might be exciting (due to a convo about his friend)

and he got real serious and said, "Yeah goodluck, you'd never see me again"

That was COLDDDDDD. They don't treetrunk around! LoL


Taurus hands down. No question.

But what's with the "VS" that's so aggressive.. as much as bulls like the virgins *sigh*

HA HAHAHAAA.... you are probably right, Bella.. I might be a tad bit jealous for you ladies can be so laid back and can watch the Virgo work for you. They will truly work hard to see you happy. As Raining also mentioned, I did experience the Virgo man being 2 steps ahead of Taurus woman for he cares for her approval. If it keeps Virgo Man happy and yourself happy, then of course, it is positive. It seems like a natural match.

However in my own experience, Virgo Men who had previous relations with Taurus woman confided in me that as much as they felt intruiged by her slow & steady ways, he also started losing the fun in things over the years. It turned into somewhat of a Mother&Son type of relationship. She was the one setting the rules, and he was to be the executor, which he gladly did. Not sure if I make sense. I like to apologize, am not trying to put your sign down, but I think a Taurus woman's inflexibility can take away a Virgo's freedom of thought over the years.

Ironically, ladies.. He picked the very song of Leonard Cohen "Bird of Wires" and this particular line "I've tried in my way to be free..."

sorry for the typo. the song is called "Bird on a Wire"


I'd be curious to know too. My inner voice tells me he might be interested in you. I never heard of a virgo man not being enchanted by Taurus woman. I think once you put your mind onto Virgo man, he will catch on your vibes.

Good luck, hun.

"he also started losing the fun in things over the years"

WoW! This is my number one fear in a relationship We actually once got into an
argument relating to how a relationship may lose that "newness" over the years...
His "relationship 101" perception of how things progress IS of concern to me.
I need to understand it further.

I really don't think I'm controlling.. and I can't say otherwise for other bull ladies because
I really don't know any and rarely run into them. I tend to befriend scorp ladies and water
sign ladies for the most part.

Posted by hikoro
Oy....the virgo taurus relationship.

Well, I am a Scorpio with moon and rising in Taurus and currently dating a virgo man.

I don't know what to say...... except that we are both happy, whether it is my scorpio or taurus that draw us to one another, I don't know....maybe I am just a good mix.

Hey hikoro I'm a Taurus with rising and mars in Scorpio
so maybe that's just a good mix

Posted by BellaBulleautiful
You may be right Fum,I don't know.I've never had the pleasure of a Virgo man's love.I'm currently obsessed with one,but he may or may not be interested in me,I shall find out tomorrow.

Goodluck Bella, hope it works out!
I should say "spark" not "newness"

Oh dear... I didn't mean to scare you ladies within your relationships, but I realize I brought up something that I was wondering about myself of how the dynamics works between these two signs, that is for Virgo and Taurus to be rated on highest scale to compatibility.

What is it that makes it the highest rated?

I'm attracting Virgo men myself. They usually seem to spot me before I spot them and somehow.. the virgo man has been always the initiator in my case. My moon is Taurus ladies. I'm the slow type myself. My rising is Aries, but it borders very close to Taurus. That might be one of the reasons that I get this attention by Virgo man, but I also know that my Scorpio Sun brings out their playfulness... or the child in them. However, I also experienced at many occasions that we do miscommunicate with Virgo, which doesn't seem the case for Taurus women. Perhaps that is the part bringing down Scorpio in scale... I can't know.

Either way.. please don't worry Lady Raining.. I just felt mentioning. If this ever comes up in your relationship, perhaps it can be something to consider, for now it is nothing but theory.

much love to all...

One of my good buddies is a taurus woman. I think she dated a virgo guy for a while and ended up marrying a capricorn (he's on the cusp like me lol)

I do think taurus and virgo is a good combination, when both parties are in the right place in their lives. See, my friend wanted to move forward with life and the virguy she was with was content on having things stay the same for the time being.
I attract virgos too ... but I've always wondered why lol. My chart is a airy and a bit firey :/

Hmmm, I have a north node in taurus, I wonder if that has anything do with it lol

Likes see

Sun: Saggie-Cappy Cusp
Moon: Aqua
Rising: Libra
North Node: Taurus

hmmmmmm lol
LOL @ Dyar...

nice start to a monday thinking of rockin' & rollin'...
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