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You're welcome, JustBarelyAFish =)
Hi all,

Just stumbled upon this awesome thread while looking for pisces/aqua cusp (i'm Feb 19) compatiblity with virgo 1 (she's Aug 28). Thanks to mystic fish and all others, I've a much clearer understanding of what my sunsign means!

Also figured that my sunsign doesn't seem to go well with Virgo 1 and that's perhaps correct seeing how its going lol.

After reading what JustBarelyAFish's wrote though, I'm starting to wonder that there is a whole lot more in the mix that I've no idea about and will be researching more!

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..nice of you to say, achilles, glad we could be of some help. Happy researching, btw.. =)

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What is the psychic phenomena that we have and what does it mean we can turn it off does anyone really know?
Cause i would love to know more and about me its so hard when every other site gives you one or the other and not what you really are..
My sister told me today that i was Aqua/Pisces. which also are the first letters in my First and Middle name..
Ok guys, I've been looking things up on the net recently (haven't do the actual indepth analysis yet though) but it seems almost as if this Pisces-Aquarius cusp is pretty much the worst time to be born in! I personally don't have any radical conclusions (and this is not spam but my genuine thoughts), but comparing with other signs it looks as if every other sign is extremely cheerful and happy while pisces-aquarius cusp is sad and aloof. Looking at for example -

"The Aquarius-Pisces cusp can be symbolically likened in human terms to the period around seventy-seven years of age...

...By this time the human being should have come to terms with his/her life and to peace with loved ones and friends. Breaking down any armor that remains and showing honest feelings are important now. Rarely will new projects be taken on at this time, but the explorations involved in ending life may come to represent a kind of ultimate peak experience for the highly philosophical...."

I can kinda relate to all this (and more other descriptions of this cusp all around) because I'm on this cusp - I've been extremely good at reading others, very intuitive, great imagination, problem solving skills, intelligence and other traits that we have.....but on the negative side, I can't seem to relate to normal day to day life (laundry, cooking, cleaning, yeah call me lazy lol), don't generally get along with a good fraction of populace (while other cusps effortlessly socialize and what not), don't have the *drive* that people like scorpio-sagg cups or virgo or even gemini have to just enjoy the life and am basically more aloof and introspective (and lazy for that matter) than most other, is it even a good thing to belong to this particular cusp? Aren't we pisceans and piscean-aquas just naturally "depressed" (not clinically, you know what I mean) as opposed to other signs that don't enjoy the psychic-ness and intuition but are generally more happy (for that very reason that they're not psychics and enjoy the material world)?



PS: on that note, it also raises a question - is it better to be shallow and more sociable and happy than deep and aloof and not so happy? But this is beside the point of my post.

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Hi, have just logged onto this site for teh first time and what a revelation it is! i'm a february 23rd girl who has always struggled with fitting in. i'm always wondering what others think of me and, just as mentioned in a previous post, it is to the detriment of the relationship at hand. i've only once been able to snap out of this self analystic, self condemning state and that was with hypnotherapy but regressed after 3 months. combined with a crap upbringing which impressed no self confidence whatsoever upon me, and an as yet untreatable hormone imbalance, sometime it all gets a bit much and my freaky mind goes into overdrive!
Has anyone got any advice for me about an Aquarius-Pisces-cusp man I know and am crazy about? His birthday is 19th Feb. I checked his year of birth and in that year the sun moved from Aquarius to Pisces at 2am on 19th Feb, so he really is cusp. I'm not sure of his birth time.
We get on like a house on fire and have a real connection and everything in common, but tho we hang out socially and it's obvious we'd be great together, he never does anything about it. Then again, all the body language is there and he seems to like being around me, and even a bit nervous.
I'm Aquarius with Cancer ascendent, venus in Pisces, moon in Taurus.
He's got venus in Capricorn and moon in Aquarius.
Should I persevere or give up?!
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oh my god that is so me!!!!!
i went to a psychic and she told me what your saying about my personality based on my numerology.
I cant beleive its so true!!!!!
im always confused, indecisive, have many different personas depending on my mood and been told i am psychic and believe it from experiences, but so unsure of myself or how to be or who to be.

Thanks for helping but im still confuded what to do???
just found this site very excited, 1 was born 2/19/45 and do not really know what sign I am, my life is going through drastic changes since 2008? what is up?
Hi everyone, i am 20th feb born,1985, aqua-piscean cusp with a moon rising and share my birthday with kurt cobain. All through these years, i am very confused with my own character. Sometimes i tend to be very outwardly and tends to interact with people and gets popular with them but later on, i tend to contemplate these kind of attitudes and prefer solitude or hanging around with just a few guys i know. Right now i am thinking too much about how people will percieve my writing and even take this, posting, too seriously. It goes with my conversations or my writings towards people. Sometimes i just stumble to interact with people and other time, i just dont care how i do but i would do. Also,I have a natural tendency of thinking only about myself. and so most of time i have neglected my family. Generally when people talk to me about something i generally tend see it from my own experiences which made me think of myself as a jerk. I have hated this behaviour of mine. I also worry a lot and seldom lock myself in a room in the dark inorder to get away from everything. I love solitude and day dreaming. I have completed my 4 years engineering degree and then took a job as a software engineer. The job was interesting at first but later i hated it so much and so i quitted my job and right now i am pursuing my mba. Why i did an mba was the biggest thing to come up for me. I am not a people's person because i cannot come up to something like that everyday because of my mood swings. Sometimes i feel i have a multiple personality problem or so. I am sensitive like anything and stay away from rough people. Seriously, i cannot live like this for the rest of my life. I have so may breaks in my life and i am not good in my relationships with girls. I have had so many girls in my life but not my kinda girls. Right now i am worried about my career whether i would be able to survive a tough two years mba.... Please share your experiences and how you fought this..
I am born on 14th Feb and met this guy born on 18th, so he is a proper Aqua/Pi cusp and it was so strange chat to him. He was so open but yet scared to say certain things in case I wasn't interested. but this diden't bother me. I loved how open he was but I think this was because i understood his weirdness. The first thing he asked me was if I was a Feb person. To which I said yes 14th. He said I looked like a Feb person and felt something about me that he coulden't explain but knew we would understand our weirdness. I never got his number, but I wish I could meet him again. Also the other thing that would annoy me about dating an Aquarius is that they do things based on how they feel at times.
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I haven't read all of this, I worry I might not like what I read about myself

Is it all good??


Feb 19 here
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