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  • scorpiosnow
    Scorpio sun/rising/venus * Gemini moon * Leo mars * Libra mercury
    Just found out he's aquarius ascendant aswell….IT GOT WORSE Sad
    But he's got that incredibly romantic feel (pisces) to him and it's what reeled me in but everything else makes me hella scared of getting hurt
  • AneemA04
    Actually it is quite confusing.

    It may be better just to feel vibes without assuming much. Just let the ball roll, I may say to myself.

    12th house sun is always hard placement anyways, heck I myself am having difficulties with identifying parts of myself.

    I have a stellium with him in 11th house (venus, mars, jupiter and pluto) so as long as we see each other as bestfriends, and maintain having a a social life, I think we're great with each other.
    Makes sense with my own natal chart jupiter in aquarius and his aquarius ascendant.

    So perhaps what we should be focusing on isn't the confusion around 12th house but more so to the 11th house coz there we can grow together as a couple.

    Where is your emphasis on the composite?

  • EvatheDiva52
    Pisces: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, AND Chiron
    53 years old female
    Aquarius Rising: Those with an Aquarius Ascendant are unusual and unique, with eclectic interests and hobbies. You are strongly independent, and will refuse to conform to the ideas or plans of others (there is a rebelliousness in you that may show itself at times). Of all the zodiacal signs, those with an Aquarius rising are the most likely to be involved with metaphysical subjects, including astrology. Unusual facial features and wild hair characterize your appearance.


    Aquarians are usually of medium stature with a strong square-like build. They are well-formed in their figure. In their middle age they will typically have a tendency toward being stout. Aquarians will have a clear, good, and clear complexion with a long or oval fleshy face. Their hair will vary from flaxen or (straw-colored) to dark or dark brown. They are usually Good-looking individuals who are friendly.

    "You intimidate men, Eva", "Are you Native American?", and "Do you dye your hair? It is so jet black".

    User Submitted Image


    Hug cyber hugs!


  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
    Ok so my opposite would be:

    Virgo Sun
    Pisces Moon
    Virgo Mercury
    Libra Venus
    Capricorn Mars
    Aquarius Ascendant

    Hmmm, I think we'd be very different people in a lot of aspects (duhh we're opposites lol). They'd probably be more orderly and stable than me lol. But maybe our Virgo/Pisces Sun/Moon would give us enough common ground
  • llibra
    Posted by Toti
    I notice this all the time, relationships between virgos and Libras start off as fairytales and after a couple of months, things go downhill. Virgos are very visual men. I think that sort of stimulation satisfies them more than sex itself. But, that's my opinion only.

    Also, virgos get distant and cold quite often. It's nothing about you, it's the things he needs to deal with. Also, they are restless and get bored easily. They need ten women in one to keep their attention. I think that's the reason why rare virgo men have successful long term relationships.

    I don't see as disrespectful what he has done. I don't see it as addiction even. We all watch porn. We all fantasize. But, you guys should be able to talk it through and you should understand each other's reasons.

    I don't know what your age are and where his mercury, moon, Mars and Venus are placed so I could give some opinion based on that.

    The bottom line is- he will not change. Nor will you. If you stay in a relationship you don't feel comfortable, you can only become bitter. Think well if you could stay all your life with a man of his character, his mood, his critical nature. I repeat- he will not change. It is up to you what is that you want from a romantic relationship. Is he able to give it to you, is another question.

    All the best.

    I'm 26, he's 34. I know that I'm a libra with an aquarius ascendant and my boyfriend is Virgo with cancer ascendant, I think (I'm not sure thou), but that's as far as my knowledge goes in that area...
    I know people don't necessarily change, but I believe we can adjust ourselves if we want to. I know his mood and critical nature and sometimes it gets hard to deal with... but I'm not perfect either and he puts up with me also. It's about compromise.
    He's a well put grown up man and I'm a well put grown up woman. We both know communication is key between us (and everyone else for all that matters!) and that's why I adressed the issue upfront and I wanted to understand him rather than just vent and leave.
    If he's showing - it's not just talk, he's actually demonstrating - he wants to work things out for the better of us, I think he deserves that credit. We don't do favors. If he didn't wanted to be with me, he's okay to leave. Same applies to me.

    Dark sides of our personality (or whatever you wanna call it)? Everybody has them. Everybody. And it's okay as long as you recognize them and you're willing to work them out with your SO.

    Thank you for your straight answer and wishes, I truly apreciate it.
    All the best for you too smile