Aquarius Horoscopes

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  • ~mystic_fish
    from Neptune and Nirvana
    I love and have been into astrology for the longest time AND believe in it and also believe in a higher power ..

    "Astrology is a belief system based upon the assumption that the lives of men are mysteriously influenced by the heavenly bodies - the moon, planets and stars."

    The way i see it, astrology isn't about mystery or magic. When luna "effects" the tides, is that magic? Crime reports/odd behaviour consistently rise during a full moon, is that magic? If God created the heavens and thus the 'heavenly bodies', then 'astrology' is simply the addendum of that creation. Why do they have to be disparaging or at the mercy of each other? To say it's evil, couldn't be any further from the truth. In reality, astrology is very precise and calculating in discipline. The universe alone is based on careful synchronization. Nothing is by-chance or coincidence. Also, how can a greater self-awareness, understanding and tolerance for others (what i get out of astrology) be evil? And what immoral, evil acts have 'some' priests committed at the mercy of the innocent. I must admit, the Kuko, fake psychics (some) and extremely limiting, boring solar 'newspaper' astrology is certainly a grenade in a china-shop, unfortunately. Other than that, astrology is well and fine and only going to get much stronger in this century, as the need for higher self-awareness emerges naturally, as we move headlong into the Age of Aquarius..

    "Horoscopes are published in many newspapers and magazines. They give the same message to everyone in the world born in the same time of the year.."

    From those with a limited depth and understanding of "hardcore" astrology.