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  • I'm a Aries woman, the Cancer man approached me. I had no intention or desire to meet this man, but I find myself really into him although I'm with someone and not really happy. I could fall in love with him, but I don't know if I just want sex?????   Read more
  • im aries sun and piscies moon and venus , i really attract so many cancers even on instagram.. i really like this cancer guy but he doesnt dm me all the time but watches my stories and i reply to his ...
  • I am so in love with a cancer man but he recently left me because his ex of 4 years ago just came back into his life. I hate him for that. Our relationship was perfect.
  • I'm an Aries woman and I'm with a Cancer woman. I love her so much and i have given her the world beyond (just a metaphor). She has been an angel, but she has also been the devil his self. I'm so wore down. I feel like i have been her emotional punching b
  • ariescorpio
    sun in aries moon in capricorn ascendant scorpio
    yea same i feel like i need that in a relationship
  • I love my dam cancer man. He pisses me off, lazy as butter, and runs his mouth like a cookiemonster. But that man can do no wrong. I know our relationship is so unhealthy. We treat each other like property, yet the love is there, coming in all directions! Exhaustin

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