aries and cancer

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  • I am so in love with a cancer man but he recently left me because his ex of 4 years ago just came back into his life. I hate him for that. Our relationship was perfect.
  • I'm an Aries woman and I'm with a Cancer woman. I love her so much and i have given her the world beyond (just a metaphor). She has been an angel, but she has also been the devil his self. I'm so wore down. I feel like i have been her emotional punching b   Read more
  • ariescorpio
    sun in aries moon in capricorn ascendant scorpio
    yea same i feel like i need that in a relationship   Read more
  • I love my dam cancer man. He pisses me off, lazy as butter, and runs his mouth like a cookiemonster. But that man can do no wrong. I know our relationship is so unhealthy. We treat each other like property, yet the love is there, coming in all directions! Exhaustin   Read more
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    There's not much mystery - as far as i can tell (i think most people know the answer 😐). It's the same reason - why "some people" hate any other sign: they had a bad experience - with someone who happen to have this sign (more often than not - hate for a given astro-sign - is tied to a romantic experience gone wrong, though - just as well - it can be tied to a family member or a friend - to someone close - that broke their trust). Even if this traumatic experience is related to just one individual - that can be enough - to form an emotional trigger tied to all the people from this astro-sign. That's simply - how our psychological defense mechanism works (takes in confederation some patterns - and through hate or fear/anxiety tries to keep us away - from what has been acknowledged as a possible danger to our well being").

    For example: let's say you played with a dog for the first time - and had fun at first - but then it bites you for some reason. If it's a minor bite - which can heal fairly easily - your defense mechanism might register some fear (as away to keep you safe) - but if it's a big scar - on your face even (disfigured) - something that affects your well-being long-term - that can translate to both fear and hate. And not just for that dog - but all dogs you may encounter from there on. This is just a basic example - but it works the same. Either that or they're just hateful by nature (haters will hate).

    It's also worth to be added that - the majority of the world's population - couldn't care less whether you're a Gemini or any other astro-sign (since they see astrology as BS). So we're talking about a minority withing a minority. 🙄

    I got what you’re saying

    But I got a kind of really bad experience with gemini man, still I don’t hate geminis, but it’s maybe because I’m not judgmental.

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    If he was into astrology and you broke his heart - he might hate Sagittarius. 😛

    From what you expressed about him - you seemed more or less disappointed - by his actions/behavior towards you. Didn't seem like he broke your heart (that's usually what it takes - for people to develop feelings of hate / love-hate that is). click to expand

    I think yeah I broke his heart cuz I rejected him, even tho I was in love with him, but it’s complicated

    I will never know how can u know about things but yeah he said something about sagittarius. and it wasn’t a good thing 😿💔
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    Yeah, stuff like that. Happens (it is what is).😔

    Goes to prove - that so called Love/Romance - is a childish thing 😛 click to expand

    Yeah I know

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    ... 😅 click to expand

    Huh 🤭😅

    The thing is We think it’s childish because it’s hard for gemini and sagittarius to fall in love, we are cowards and can’t handle the deep emotional especially when we are with each other, it’s very deep .. I was drowning and I think he felt the same, But this is only what I think.

    I don’t know about your other placements but I know that Aries mooner are very emotional 😌 click to expand
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    Ahem ahem... 😏

    lol, i wouldn't put it like that ("cowards" 🤨 / especially since i'm an Aries Moon 😝). Though, since Gems and Sags are mutable signs - it can take longer for most of us to settle down (compared to the rest of the zodiac). Not so eager to loose or freedom (and yes, this tendency - can be a bit childish at times / unappealing 😐).

    Aries Moons are not necessarily emotional, but when they are - that can be really intense (which shows / not something one could hide or is inclined to do... like a Scorpio Moon - for example). I have Cancer ASC - which makes the Moon - the ruler of my chart (also the dominant placement). It's not the same for every Aries Moon out there. 😀
  • aquarius09
    Sun: Aqua Moon: Aqua Mercury: Aqua Venus: Aqua Mars: Sagittarius
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    Even solely based on sun signs, Libra makes the best partner (among air signs) for Sags. Aqua comes 2nd and Geminis seems to be the worst. Geminis are only good for friendship wise with Sags, relationship's gonna be horrible.

    That's just my take. So yes, I do believe in the Libra-Sag connection.

    sag-gems seem to get together a lot but also probably the most likely to break up with each other too click to expand

    Yep. It began like fairy tales then ends up with nightmares.

    Best for friendship tho'. click to expand

    they're opposites but aren't they both cerebral?

    they're both very sociable, hates routine, easily bored so not really sure why it doesn't work... click to expand

    Beats me. 🤷‍♀️

    I guess it starts to go haywire when both tries to control one another. From fun loving free-spirits, both turns out to be argumentative and insecure.

    At least, that was what happened in my relationbutter with them. LooL! click to expand

    jealous types? click to expand
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    Nobody beats Piscean jealousy. Ridiculous and pointless jealousy. Jealous signs that I’ve observed IMO are: Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Sag, Libra and Virgo dominants.
  • AfternoonDelights22
    We on Neptune probably smoking weed

    1. Gentle Scorp in Ur-anus: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Scorpio Rising Stingers: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Gemini Mars Mischief Makers: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Scorpio Venus Obsession: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    1. Libra Sun Vice: (1GP) 1-0-0 (2 pts) [1.000] GF:2/GA:1/gd: +1 *1 Win
    6. Taurus Taco Mars: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Aquarius Rising Creed: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Cancer Sun Crime: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Scorpio Mars Retribution: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1
    6. Aqua Mars Logic: (1GP) 0-1-0 (0 pts) [.000] GF:1/GA:2/gd: -1

    Gemini Mercury Deception
    Aries Moon Fire
    Libra Mars Snowballs
  • SpaceBird
    25 years old female
    Here is his chart
    born june 16 1960
    odiac : Tropical
    Sun Gemini 25°36'
    Moon Aries 2°52'
    Mercury Cancer 20°16'
    Venus Gemini 23°59'
    Mars Aries 27°23'
    Jupiter Sagittarius 29°10' R
    Saturn Capricorn 16°35' R
    Uranus Leo 18°09'
    Neptune Scorpio 6°37' R
    Pluto Virgo 3°51'
    Lilith Cancer 4°23'
    Asc node Virgo 19°34'
  • AerialView
    12 inches of rice💨
    male from Arlong Park
    According to dxpnet

    Aries: Confused
    Taurus: Heartbroken
    Gemini: Baffled
    Cancer: Sensitive
    Leo: Frustrated
    Virgo: Hurt
    Libra: Unbalanced
    Scorpio: Obsessed
    Sagittarius: Conflicted
    Capricorn: Curious
    Aquarius: Detached
    Pisces: Ignored
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