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  • My personality as a Pisces?

    Hi there...I was wondering if you guys give me an idea what Im like with my natal placements? IM a female Pisces sun, leo moon, taurus asc, venus + mars tightly conj in Aries, Scorpio 7th cusp and I also have Uranus very tightly conj with Jupiter in Sa

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  • Posted by haunt
    I’m curious as to what your sign is, cancer sun leo moon? I dont hear about cancer/Aries couples often.

    I’m a Leo sub July 23, but have cancer tendencies so at the center of the cusp. Rising is Aquarius, moon is Capricorn. Don’t know mars I need to look it up. Venus is Virgo.

    He is Aries sun, Aries moon, Taurus rising, Venus in Pisces, and mars is Scorpio.
  • Arielle83
    Good c.u.n.t.
    Easy going, sarcastic, quiet and cheeky. Tells me a lot about his family, his kids. How him and his wife met. What they have for dinner etc. He teases me a lot, not sexist, more open minded and empathetic than most. From the country. Hard ass

    Weirdo conspiracy theory, trump loving, neckbeard. Doesn’t talk much, but expects you to talk to him first. Lazy, jaded and arrogant. Goes on speed dates and tells the chicks he’s a supervisor.

    Shy and quiet at first, but I soon had him cracking up. Fires up when pushed, but overall very quiet. Kinda goofy and let’s the truth out when he drinks. Takes the piss out of ppl. Hard worker.

    Very quiet and shy until I had to partner up with him and he started singing in the car. Young and confident. Thinks older women want him, but his fuvk boy haircut makes me think he’s a butter lay. Mommy’s boy and worships his jealous gf. Hard worker.

    Old and set in his ways. Sexist, racist and homophobic. Hates our lesbian boss, thinks women don’t belong at our work. Doesn’t stop talking about his opinions or his life. Shows off his money but lives in a granny flat out the back of his investment property. Works hard and then sits on his phone after lunch or talking and gossiping to everyone. Thinks ppl need to bend for him. Goes to Bali to treetrunk hookers, but claims they aren’t hookers, that they actually want him. Never got over his wife leaving him 20 yrs ago. Controlling.

    Big teddy bear kinda guy. But if a redneck/bogan. Loves his wife but pervs on insta skanks on fb. Very homophobic. Has depression issues. Very protective of his daughter. Loves to drink. Easy going. Will call u a piece of butter to ur face

    Cancer/Leo cusp
    Dramatic gossiping Muay Thai coach. Likes to get away with doing as little work as possible. Doesn’t give a treetrunk attitude. Smokes a lot of pot. Big butter stirrer. Pervs a lot. Crushes easy on younger women. Been with same chick since he was 20

    Condescending and a know it all. Pretends to be hard at work to the right ppl. Suck up. Fake. Talks to me like I’m a little girl even tho I’m only 5 yrs younger than him. Not a hard worker. Competitive in sport.

    Conniving creepy weirdo. Clearly lives through learned helplessness. Has had 5 work claims in last 4 yrs. takes sick days all the time. Sucks up to boss. Has been married 3 times. Thinks he’s a ladies man but he’s clearly a user. Claims he has vertigo, anxiety, depression, insomnia, back problems, hernia, etc. Laziest person ever. Fakes his claims to get sick days. Broke

    I like the Pisces, Aries and Scorpio.
  • Lol @ the thought of an Aries wanting to take anything slow

    In my experience (my best friend is an Aries, I've dated an Aries, I have Venus and Mercury in Aries and am on the Aries Taurus cusp), they run full speed ahead and dive in head first.
  • Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by LethalFantasia
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by LethalFantasia
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by LethalFantasia
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by LethalFantasia
    My BFF is Venus in Gemini.

    She jumps from relationship to relationship.

    I stopped asking her about it in 2016 lol.

    😂 What does she like when she's in a relationship? click to expand

    Lol well I give it to her. She stays with the guys she commits to for a while. And only cheated on two. But to be honest, I think the problem with her is that she does not like being alone. She always needs someone. So even if she still misses one of her exes, she'll date another dude to try and get over him. click to expand

    Cheated. 🤢 Hm. My boyfriend has Venus in Gemini but I'm his first girlfriend and he's significantly older than me... He shut out romantic interests up until now because he used to be so focused on his career and just was terrified of having extra stuff going on while trying to reach his goals, so he's been stubbornly independent/self-reliant. Interesting... I just really wish I knew his time of birth so that I could see what House his Venus is in, lol. click to expand

    Omg you should ask him And then you can secretly get readings on him to see what type of guy he is. lol!

    Houses are super important too. Way more important then many people think. You could be a flightly Gemini or Aries Venus, but if you have it in your 12th or 8th House, suddenly it adds a whole new dynamic. click to expand

    I did ask him! He told me he'd ask his mama and get back to me, hahaha. I'm still waiting for him to just tell me. 🙄 And yeees, Houses *and* aspects are super important. I'm dying to know his birth time so that I know his Ascendant too, lmao. It's really funny though because every guy I've attracted recently has Gemini Venus and like... It's just so unexpected because Gemini rules my friendship House (11th House), sooo... I dunno. click to expandclick to expand

    I think it's also your Leo Sun. Leo and Gemini's are BFF's together lol.

    But umgz how cute and exciting! I wish you the best with your relationship! xoxox click to expand

    Hehheh, I'm actually not friends with a lot of Gems! So this is super weird and unfamiliar but I'm fine with it as long as like... As long as I know what's going on and right now, I don't, lmao. Haha he's an Aries/Taurus cusp. 😳 I've never ever dated a Taurus lol... And if the birth time he gave me is correct, he's a Taurus. And thank you. 💕 He's very sweet. click to expand
    click to expand

    Oh shiz he's an Aries/Taurus cusp? Does he come off more like an Aries or a Taurus?
  • Just wanted to reply to occult’s post above, and dispel some ignorance:

    First of all, I think your ego is butt-hurt by astrology that touts Scorpio as being the most powerful sign of the zodiac, am I right, or am I right? ;P Lol, but no seriously I believe all signs have their unique strengths and weaknesses. However, your post reeks of threatened insecurity, which definitely does not make you look “strong”; in fact, it shows a shallow, defensive, insecure ego and makes you look weak. If you truly knew your strength, would you need to bark it out loud like this in the first place? Also, where is it stated that Aries ppl are not “emotional?” I had 2 relatives who were Aries, and though they were loud and had the typical Aries need to self-promote, show off and compete (and there’s nothing wrong with that- it can be healthy, depending on the context) they were horribly sensitive to criticism (even astrology acknowledges that although Aries are loud and boisterous, they are the sensitive “infants” of the zodiac, as they are the inexperienced, new, fresh souls starting out life for the first time vs the later “seasoned veterans” of the other signs). I remember myself having criticized each of them once and they basically broke down inside- they kept a mostly straight face, but you could tell from their eyes they were almost wincing inside. One of them, an uncle, actually later confronted me about my criticism and wanted to know why I was critical and liberally showed his frustration and hurt about it; also, he was very close and caring at least to his own immediate family, but never got along with me (perhaps the criticism being one reason why). Also, you have a misconception about water signs and their association to emotions and such. Even though traditional astrology likes to associate them with emotions, that does not imply that water signs are emotionally weak or unstable, it simply means that these signs are more in touch with emotions, and tell me- courage, passion, confidence, and determination- are these not experienced as emotions? Of course they are! And emotionally experiencing these things makes a person stronger, not weaker. Also, water signs are the masters of their emotions, and use them as a power with disciplined force to achieve their goals, which again makes a person stronger ie. the passion to achieve a goal. Compare this to yourself, who has yet to learn how to control his emotion of feeling threatened, insecure with low confidence in himself and therefore, goes on the defensive by making these comments. In contrast, I personally have known several Scorpios (I myself am a Libra-Scorpio cusp so I’m not totally biased lol), one of them was a friend, who was the toughest customer around- this guy could not get offended by anything, insults rolled right off his back. Once, a third person had thrown some vicious verbal javelins towards him and you know what his response was?- he would simply shrug his shoulders and calmly say “I don’t care,” and mind you he was the star of our high school rugby team and was heavily built too, and wouldn’t hesitate to fight if he had to, but forget pure physical strength, that was emotional strength right there. The other scorpios- even the females, had this same stone-cold, stoic toughness to them (tbh they were a bit too “manly” for being females), and you could not faze these people. The net describes scorpios as having “great inner strength” but I know that to actually be true with myself and with the “pure” Scorpios I’ve dealt with. As for your “aries is unbreakable” comment, that’s a childish thing to say- what evidence do you have to say that Aries is more unbreakable than Scorpio or any other sign for that matter? In fact, if you look at Scorpio, it’s a *fixed* sign, and mars rules it, that actually makes Scorpio “unbreakable” in the truest sense of the word with its fixed quality- it’s solid, stubborn, set, stoic, permanent, immovable and truly “unbreakable” like a rock, owing to its fixed quality, and then throw in mars’ mettle, drive and determination, and this quality is only amplified-you get a soldier with a laser-beam like focus, determination, stubbornness and one pointed concentration of energy like a missile that will not quit or explode until it hurtles towards its target or goal with great power, speed and efficiency, come hell or high water. The sun being exalted in aries does not mean that Aries is “stronger” than Scorpio, strength is a subjective quality indicated by a person’s personality, the planets, their positions and the birth chart as a whole. Having a strong sun simply means that the person will give the qualities of their own identity a lot of importance, whether that means the person realizes their own true centre of existence ie. the Self, Spirit, Soul, whatever you wanna call it, or, like you, they succumb to the weakness of the false centre of existence ie. the Ego, the self image, which is essentially weak and always a slave to the opinions of others and consequently seeks external validation, and must exert external power and control, and compare itself to others as being superior to them in order to distract itself from its own essential weakness. Having an exalted moon (moon in Taurus) gives the toughest rock-solid mind, and actually Vedic astrology gives more importance to the moon’s position than the sun. By the same token, Saturn is debilitated in aries and exalted in libra, and having a strong Saturn makes you 1 tough cookie, so that is a very simplistic comment. Also, its an over generalization to state Aries lives in the present and Scorpio doesn’t- I think you’ve read those Astro blogs that relate to Scorpio holding grudges- which I will say may be more true of Scorpio than Aries, but this doesn’t mean that Scorpio doesn’t live in the present and that 24-7 they are just seething with anger and murderous revenge to take out the person that betrayed them in some way, no- it just means that they will hold a grudge (and mind you, Scorpio has total self control over their identity- insults will roll off their back and just as equally, praises won’t impress them either bc Scorpio could care less about the opinions of others, and so the insult would have to be astronomically huge to cause Scorpio to actually hold a grudge) so they will go about their daily business and life, and put the grudge on the backburner in the subconscious and when given the opportunity suddenly the grudge will come back to the conscious mind and that’s when they may get even, that’s all. Tbh, I’ve actually seen a few Aries ppl not letting go of attacks that happened a while ago- whether that’s criticism or arguments against them. You have to remember, Scorpio energy is basically enhanced mars energy that is mature, wise, disciplined, dead serious, controlled, focused, highly efficient, powerful, crashing, directed and intelligent, with strategy involved, and is a seasoned, experienced war veteran or martial artist vs Aries energy, which is mars energy expressing itself in a cardinal manner-meaning random spurts of energy which come through to start new life and things, and overcome the dead inertia of winter (and don’t get me wrong I love the lightness, new life and joy of spring myself which contains the energies of aries, Taurus and Gemini), but here mars energy is more immature, undirected, undisciplined, childlike, joyful, lighthearted and concerned with random/undirected/unfocused energy that is simply expressing itself to gain knowledge about itself, and trying to make new starts (which is also important) but lacks the follow through and stability of Scorpio, but whether or not your dealing with Scorpio or Aries, essentially it’s the same Martian energy and Martian energy is always fundamentally ever in the present moment (especially when it is actively chasing its goal) which is its blessing. For your comment that Scorpio would be “dead” before getting its “revenge”(again typical overly simplistic stereotypes), check out Bruce Lee’s chart; yes I know he was a Saggy sun, but his mars (fighting ability, strength, toughness) was located where, hmmm?- that’s right, *Scorpio* (also mercury and moon) *not Aries*, and that too with a perfect square to his Pluto, and it’s well known he had a “deadly” and extremely powerful, focused and devastating force when it came to his punches (esp. the 1-inch punch) and that famous jumping side kick which could basically KO an opponent in 1 blow, and can you say he lacked for speed, suddenness or quickness in a fight with his Scorpio mars?, I don’t think so, and I’m sure you fact, cameramen had to slow down the footage of his punches and kicks because they were so lightning quick that normal recording could not even detect them on film, and he was able to ATA (attack the attack) of the opponent before the opponent’s attack could even reach him when he flexed the Kung Fu, so no... I’m sorry.. also look at Michael Jai White (Scorpio)and a bunch of other mma fighters..that automatically proves the point that Aries simply could not finish off a fight with a Scorpio before the Scorpio responds simply by virtue of an Aries being an Aries. You should, btw, check out Llewelyn esoteric astrology which actually states that Scorpio alone is the warrior of the zodiac; in fact, according to this, Scorpio must undergo war in order to defeat the darkness and evil of both the Ego and of the world, and is likened to the 8th labour of Hercules killing the Hydra, and here, mars is both the ego and the spiritual ruler of Scorpio vs Aries that has mars as the ego ruler but mercury as the spiritual ruler, so in that sense, Scorpio is a more pure mars sign than Aries; however, even if you do include Pluto as a co-ruler of Scorpio with western astrology, that only adds an extra punch of power and potential energy to the already powerful mars situated there.. And, genius, check your facts first: Christ was a Capricorn..

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