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    Hey everyone just wanted to know what Virgo/Libra cusp guys are like and do they match well with Aries. By the way he’s a Aries Rising and I’m a Virgo Rising sign. Can’t remember the full chart but I’m Mars in Aquarius Venus in Pisces His ma
  • My personality as a Pisces?

    Hi there...I was wondering if you guys give me an idea what Im like with my natal placements? IM a female Pisces sun, leo moon, taurus asc, venus + mars tightly conj in Aries, Scorpio 7th cusp and I also have Uranus very tightly conj with Jupiter in Sa
  • pisces male vs. sag gal

    Hello, I'm a Sagittarius girl who likes a Pisces boy. He's technically an aries and pisces cusp but either way, he acts more like a pisces. Him and I started dating for about a month and everything was going so well. We both went on cute dates to places n
  • Why I do not have anyone? ( based on my chart)

    Why I do not have anyone? I have analysed my chart in every way but maybe you can find something more? I am Pisces Aries Cusp and sometimes i feel i need 2 boyfriends- one for pisces one for aries. What is in my chart that blocks- have been block
  • Why I do not have anyone? ( based on my chart)

    Why I do not have anyone? I have analysed my chart in every way but maybe you can find something more? I am Pisces Aries Cusp and sometimes i feel i need 2 boyfriends- one for pisces one for aries. What is in my chart that blocks- have been blo

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  • HeavyEntertainmentShow
    The weightlessness & lack of rest, away from you I'm in over my head...
    Posted by Mujer_latina
    Posted by HeavyEntertainmentShow
    Posted by Mujer_latina
    Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    The mystery of Quincunx energy

    is that it?

    Leo & Pisces = Quincunx energy yet it doesn't seem to be a thing
    like I don't see it happening

    Works for us.

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    what do u mean?

    leo x pisces works or virgo x aqua?
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    Well, my boy is literally ON the Leo-Virgo cusp and he's Leo-dominant so he might as well be a Leo. And as much as I'd like to claim my Virgo moon, turns out I'm far more Pisces when it comes to him. The more emotionally intense I get, the more he seems to love it - whereas you'd think his Cap moon would send him running for the hills.

    And don't get me started on all the different erogenous zones I had to study up on in order to keep him "fresh". Leo energy hates monotony especially in sex. But hey, my Aries stellium always did love a challenge.

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  • Why am I only attracted to cusp signs? This is a weird coincidence but over the years every girl I’ve dated had a birthday on the 19th. My first love was July 19 a cancer-leo cusp. 2 years later i dated a girl whose birthday was also July 19 cancer- leo cusp again. Then 6 months later I dated a girl whose birthday was June 19 (gemini-cancer cusp with a Pisces moon. Worst relationship ever.) 2 years later I met a girl who I love and reminds me of my first love. Her birthday is October 19th who is still my current gf. She’s a libra-Scorpio cusp and her moon is cancer. This is a very weird coincidence how they’re all cusp, all have some type of cancer in them, all have the same day of birthday. I don’t ask their birthday till a month later in the relationship and when they say the 19th I get freaked out
    My sun is virgo , moon : aries , rising : Sagittarius
  • Posted by haunt
    I’m curious as to what your sign is, cancer sun leo moon? I dont hear about cancer/Aries couples often.

    I’m a Leo sub July 23, but have cancer tendencies so at the center of the cusp. Rising is Aquarius, moon is Capricorn. Don’t know mars I need to look it up. Venus is Virgo.

    He is Aries sun, Aries moon, Taurus rising, Venus in Pisces, and mars is Scorpio.
  • Arielle83
    Good c.u.n.t.
    Easy going, sarcastic, quiet and cheeky. Tells me a lot about his family, his kids. How him and his wife met. What they have for dinner etc. He teases me a lot, not sexist, more open minded and empathetic than most. From the country. Hard ass

    Weirdo conspiracy theory, trump loving, neckbeard. Doesn’t talk much, but expects you to talk to him first. Lazy, jaded and arrogant. Goes on speed dates and tells the chicks he’s a supervisor.

    Shy and quiet at first, but I soon had him cracking up. Fires up when pushed, but overall very quiet. Kinda goofy and let’s the truth out when he drinks. Takes the piss out of ppl. Hard worker.

    Very quiet and shy until I had to partner up with him and he started singing in the car. Young and confident. Thinks older women want him, but his fuvk boy haircut makes me think he’s a butter lay. Mommy’s boy and worships his jealous gf. Hard worker.

    Old and set in his ways. Sexist, racist and homophobic. Hates our lesbian boss, thinks women don’t belong at our work. Doesn’t stop talking about his opinions or his life. Shows off his money but lives in a granny flat out the back of his investment property. Works hard and then sits on his phone after lunch or talking and gossiping to everyone. Thinks ppl need to bend for him. Goes to Bali to treetrunk hookers, but claims they aren’t hookers, that they actually want him. Never got over his wife leaving him 20 yrs ago. Controlling.

    Big teddy bear kinda guy. But if a redneck/bogan. Loves his wife but pervs on insta skanks on fb. Very homophobic. Has depression issues. Very protective of his daughter. Loves to drink. Easy going. Will call u a piece of butter to ur face

    Cancer/Leo cusp
    Dramatic gossiping Muay Thai coach. Likes to get away with doing as little work as possible. Doesn’t give a treetrunk attitude. Smokes a lot of pot. Big butter stirrer. Pervs a lot. Crushes easy on younger women. Been with same chick since he was 20

    Condescending and a know it all. Pretends to be hard at work to the right ppl. Suck up. Fake. Talks to me like I’m a little girl even tho I’m only 5 yrs younger than him. Not a hard worker. Competitive in sport.

    Conniving creepy weirdo. Clearly lives through learned helplessness. Has had 5 work claims in last 4 yrs. takes sick days all the time. Sucks up to boss. Has been married 3 times. Thinks he’s a ladies man but he’s clearly a user. Claims he has vertigo, anxiety, depression, insomnia, back problems, hernia, etc. Laziest person ever. Fakes his claims to get sick days. Broke

    I like the Pisces, Aries and Scorpio.
  • Im a March aries, born on the 22nd so im on the pisces cusp. But i have a Scorp Asc and Cancer moon. idk what to call what i had with this taurus man born on may 4th, i guess fwb, but it was nice while it lasted.He was very sensual but would disappear alot but when he would come back he would be with me everyday. But the sex was great other than that not much to say. And ive come across 3 taurus in my lifetime, 2 broke my heart 😂

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