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  • Cancer Ascendant
    Leo Sun and Cancer Moon in 1st House

    Big-ass forehead
    (Relatively) large/round dark brown eyes
    Lean physique
    Thick eyebrows
    Long, thick, straight black hair down to my tititatas
    High cheekbones
    Sharp jawline
  • Cancer ascendant. Round, moon face is the only physical characteristic I can associate with it. Supposedly Cancer anything is supposed to give you an ample bosom, but genetics has overridden astrology in that regard.
  • ValleysofNeptune
    Pisces sun, Virgo moon, Leo ascendant
    25 years old male
    Sun in Aries
    Moon in Scorpio
    Mercury in Pisces
    Venus in Aries
    Mars in Cancer
    Ascendant Gemini (at 0 degrees)

    Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in the same sign they are in my birth chart, the rest are different
    And sure, why not I guess
  • AneemA04
    Venus persona chart:
    Cancer ascendant, eh i approach love with my natal moon expression
    Aries moon 10th house, yikes! Pda all the way?? But its true. If i fall in love i want everybody to know that.
    Venus: scorpio retro
    Mercury: scorpio
    Aquarius mars 7th house!

    Why are my venus, mars and merc are exactly the same with my sag ex's natal??!
  • besarlalluvia
    fishy caught on a hook
    yeah i felt it too. overthinking.. not feeling content.. wanting more but feeling stuck. so i was pretty reclusive the whole day. that’s cancer ascendant reacting to all that sag. but i’m sag dominant so pretty conflicted.
    did anyone here without any natal sag influence feel the same kinda yearning?