cancer ascendant

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  • NelsonSacramento
    Sun ♏ Moon ♓ AC ♋ | Pluto ♏ Saturn ♏ Merc ♏ Mars ♑
    33 years old male
    Posted by firebunny
    Posted by Smidge
    I dunno what this threads about but I needed somewhere to practice my bold text.

    Oh. It worked. 👍


    i like cancer ascendants smile
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    you won't like me even being cancer ascendant.
  • Andalusia
    Phat Lisa Loeb
    This past weekend at my aunt's house, lol. I'd take them more often if i had a bathtub where i lived instead of just a stand up shower.

    Cancer moon in the 12th house
    Cancer ascendant
    Scorpio Saturn and Pluto
  • Neno2
    28 years old male from Somewhere born 17 November
    Posted by oxSunQueenxo
    Hades Moon (harsh Moon-Pluto aspect)
    Leo Sun
    Cancer Moon
    Cancer Ascendant
    Sun trine Pluto
    Mars trine Jupiter
    Aka me

    U think all these make u romantic?
  • Posted by fire_underwater
    Posted by piscesgotherscorpio
    *cracks knuckles*

    Im a pisces woman and I learned about scorpio men in Jan of 2016 when I was single again and I dove into online dating with the goal of studying scorpios.

    I would only speak with and meet with Scorpios. I ended up building a stable of them in no time and since I was in the aftermath of a heartbreak I did this without my heart being engaged. I was upfront and honest with each one of them about what I was doing with my time and who I was spending it with if they wanted to know. I knew they needed honesty and transparency.

    Long story short there was one I couldnt stay away from and we are now together. We'd be married if he had his way but I'm not rushing into that.

    I have never felt more at ease with myself as I have since Ive surrounded myself with scorpio men. The ones Im no longer dating are all my best friends and theres one I even helped find the love of his life and theyre getting married this year and I'm invited smile - I . love. scorpio. men. Theyre just the best of the best.

    I feel understood like I have never felt understood. I feel at ease with myself around them. I feel totallly accepted and appreciated by Scorpio men.

    The biggest difference of note compared to other signs is Scorpio men and I have what i call an energy exchange. I find all other signs draining. psychically. like they just emit so much psychic data, I get drained processing it and receiving it all. Scorpio men hold it all so close to the chest there is nothing for me to read or react or respond to, leaving me to just be myself.

    My Scorpio man, allllll of his friends are scorpios too so I have the best time hanging out with them all its like my universe came into alignment when I surrounded myself with Scorpios. Ive never been happier.

    What are your other placements, besides your Pisces sun?
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    libra moon / cancer ascendant / pisces midhaven / mars capricorn / venus aquarius
  • Baru
    cap sun - scorpio moon - cap venus, mercury, mars - cancer rising
    24 years old female
    Ummm I'm a full on capricorn lady, I have sun, mercury, venus and mars in capricorn... My moon is in scorpio and I have cancer ascendant.. It really depends on the situation I'm in. I don't need to speak if I feel like I have nothing to say, I don't think about myself as attention just like me. I can be loud if I'm having a lot of fun, by that I mean laughing with my friends or just being passionate about something. Basically I'm a quiet person most of the time, but I can be load and it depends a lot on my surroundings. smile