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  • Help Reading Charts

    I noticed some of you have a knack for reading the charts. I am only good at reading horoscopes...would love some insight since i just read cancer and virgo suns can be a good match and I know there's more to it. Thanks in advance! His : Zodiac

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  • Candeh15
    "Ascendent Virgo 1.43 Sun Virgo 3.36 Moon
    27 years old female
    We've been in Leo territory for a few days now...
    why is DXP still running with cancer horoscopes?
    Not that it's an issue, but, no love for the leos? lol
  • Bena73
    from USA
    There has been so much focus on "career" in our Cancer horoscopes these past months, it's unreal.
    Work, work, work, decisions, deadlines, moving and shaking. wow.
    The $ $ is great, but I'm gonna have to kick in the fun into high gear in the middle of all this "work".
    I need a break.....;}

    Anyone else need a break?
  • . I have always been attractive to the opposite sex but I think from a bad childhood I have no personality to really keep them attracted to me? I'm the guy that will lose the girl to an ugly guy because he is more out going? I never had a relation ship or a girl stay crushing over me for a long time. They lose interest as soon as I show signs of interest. I wanna give up on love if I had a choice I would remove it completely from my mind it hurts to much just to be teased. Oh and also something that just gets to me every time I read cancer horoscopes is the bull butter about us and our mammas that's all it treetrunking talks about.. Don't believe that BULLbutter and I would like to punch the person who wrote this rubbish in the face. Giving us cancers a treetrunking butterty reading making us sound like little kittys. Sorry I'm angry. And really just sick of being in the same situation with girls I have feelings for all the time and have it not work out? I am about to accept being along and good looking for the rest of my life. My looks are wasted on someone with no personality like me