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  • I follow FKA Twigs on Instagram, and I remember her posting the start of her pole dancing journey maybe two or so years ago. Fast Foward until now, and she's using what she learned these past few years in her performances. The time away learning pole da
  • I am dating a Capricorn man which is very different to what I am used to, he’s the first man to keep me grounded he almost puts me in my place and I feel like he’s very mature and dominant even though he’s 4 years younger than me. I am a Pisces and I jus
  • Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door

    “This book definitely won’t disappoint you. Everyone needs to grab their copy and read this book.” ~ Patrice Balark, National Bestselling Author.
  • Is it a good thing that I always have my semi depressed, baggage carrying, non committal Cappy guy laughing and smiling, even if he's being sarcastic and thinks am a dork?
  • Cancer woman with Capricorn man. My Cap recently came back into my life after over a decade, it feels like no time has passed and all feelings remain. We talk continuously during the week while we are working, but on the weekend when we can be together he
  • So is it normal that someone texts you and you answer 7 hours or days later.. I like this Cap girl but I get insecure when someone is online and just doesn't open my message half day. Yeah we met abroad and we live in different countries so there's no ur
  • Hi, this is a follow on from my previous thread, my sag sun Venus cap ex I’m still trying to figure out. So we have been apart officially for 2 weeks but haven’t seen each other for a week, I haven’t chased her either but she has text me and I have replie
  • We can read about Capricorn females being slow and cautious. In school I knew one that was shy and the sweetest most innocent looking girl and nobody ever made anything public about her. Actually she was sexually active at 15 and had been with 3 guys and
  • First of all I’m feeling pretty broken, I’m a Virgo sun, Leo Venus and cancer moon, my beautiful sag sun and cap Venus have been together for 20 months and it’s been wonderful, we met and things moved quickly and after 9 months I moved in with her. She is
  • I just watch clips of the show since I like Kristin, but her best friend, who is a Cancer, and her husband, who is a Taurus either has something going on or will in the near future. How can the Cap not see it? Naive? Over-confident? Even people in the com