I need capricorn insight

By LoveSeekerJune 3, 2021 9:36pm — 18 replies
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To a Capricorn man? ๐Ÿ˜Š The list: -You're so Boring -Insensitive -A cuck -Lame in bed -Loser -Not passionate -Lacks imagination -Inarticulate/uncommunicative -So slow -Stubborn -Too serious -Glass half empty -Lazy
Cap man/cancer moon/Pisces Venus
Anyone know how a man in his early 40s with those placements would be like? Of course in general and overall description. I just canโ€™t wrap my head around how a somewhat cold sun would be like with so much water.
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Since 2010 I have been in contact with a cap man who to shorten a long story we ended communication mutually in 2019. Throughout our time crossing paths we would both discuss having dreamt of eachother and various strange circumstances of how I knew inf
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He is cheating on his wife since 2nd month of 6 years old marriage.
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A year ago I met a Capricorn man. We had a short but intense fling, I think both of us fell hard fast. Then one day we had plans and I couldn't get a hold of him. I snapped and ended the whole thing. After 8 months i sent him a message saying I want to
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Should I date a fixed or a mutable? Already dated Virgo and Taurus so not looking to do it again unless the chemistry is insane. Aries Rising and Taurus Moon AKA the Horn(y) signs are the most you're getting from me about my chart. Fun or serious answe
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Cappy man disappeared for few days and reappeared! Lol brief few messages and told me what happened over the long wknd and boom! Suddenly a text message (times difference between us I was still asleep) Saying he miss me ๐Ÿ˜จ when I got up saw the message I r
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My non-committal cap ex/sons dad is now saying he wants to marry me. It figures he is saying this now, 3 years after I left and now that I have finally started to move forward with my life. I wish I could say this was an April fools joke. Why now? This fe
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I met a lot of weird guys but this capricorn guy takes the prize. So we met online and he texted me everyday, we flirted a lot with each other, i didn't take him seriously because i thought he is playing with me. Then last week he said he wanted to meet a
Capricorn man when grieving. What is helpful for you?
I know everyone is different, but What are Capricorn men like when they are grieving? Have been talking to a long time friend daily for a couple of months now. He came over for dinner last week (we hadn't seen each other in five years) and told me his da