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  • nanobot
    I'm a capricorn moon with a scorpio moon. My experience is not all sunshine and rainbows like everyone else. It's difficult, heavy, contradicting.

    How can I be in a relationship where we are so selfish, and also so selfless?

    So unnurturing, but so fully supportive.

    I hate the word "intense" but its "intense" I guess. We get under each other's skin a lot. We are both immature. Lots of growing to do. Communication can be difficult, fights can be explosive. Sometimes it feels like, we aren't working together even if our goals are mutual. The road to trust has been a hard one. He is hard to understand and can be angry at times for what seems like no reason to me, and I am frustrating and difficult to deal with in general.

    Yet there is a sense of comfort, familiarity, rawness, and vulnerability.

    Positives - most supportive relationship I've been in, travel well together (this is much more important than people think, imo), he pushes me hard to reach my own goals and understands my dark and defeatist moods and cap moon's tendency to mope when down, we can do nothing and everything together, I find him to be financially generous, empowers me to better, lots of mental stimulation. I'm sure there's a lot more but this is what comes to mind right now.

    Also, we are a double chiron-venus conjunction. I've been told this is generally a difficult pairing.

    My #1 advice here: Realize that you are both on the same team.... not working against each other.
  • Aries sun / Capricorn moon 😑
  • DeadInside
    they'll bend the knee
    Posted by FreedomReign
    Posted by DeadInside
    someone check the combo capricorn moon x venus gemini

    Please because it drives me crazy I feel more Scorpio then anything
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    scorp are overrated, just read about gemini venus and capricorn moon
  • DeadInside
    they'll bend the knee
    someone check the combo capricorn moon x venus gemini
  • HeavyEntertainmentShow
    The weightlessness & lack of rest, away from you I'm in over my head...
    Posted by loveleegems
    Posted by HeavyEntertainmentShow
    Astrology is loose guidelines at best. Good things don't sit around waiting for you to catch up, YOU have to make them happen.

    If you focus half as much on making what you want happen as you do on your charts, you'll live a far more productive life.

    Why are u here? Take that same advice and use your energy elsewhere! Clearly I didn’t ask for an random opinion but an
    Interpretation of the chart I posted !
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    I'm here for the entertainment. Have you met Emhendo? I voice-act her hilarious rants to my guy & it makes for a spectacular comedy show. His laughter is music to my ears. It also gets his juices going, as in

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    Gotta love Leo-dominants. I also serve as living proof of what I said up there. Hard work pays off far better than a chart reading. People here keep going on about the Capricorn moon being the most difficult moon to deal with and they say "avoid it like the plague".
    But these people are lazy and expect everything served to them on a silver platter. If I listened to everyone here, right now I would be alone and still dead on the inside like I had been for several years beforehand. Gay boy in love with a straight guy, in what universe does that ever end well?

    For 4 years I gave the Cap mooner the unconditional best of me as a friend, even though I didn't believe for a second that he would ever want me the way I want him. In the end he comes to me all on his own. And a year later he moves me into his home after living in mine for several months.

    But if you wanna become a recluse and spend the rest of your life in a cave just because your chart has something you don't like or you expect everything to be handed to ya, no skin off my fart. But the universe never rewards laziness.

    #HardWorkPaysOff #YouSnoozeYouLooze

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