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Solar Return Chart
ooru-u can you share your insights on this solar return chart if you want to see the natal chart just say the word and it s yours img https i ibb co mgqdzvp 5-ee4-fd46-b0-f6-4753-a881-cecbec20-be84 jpg img url
First Reaction to Astrology
what was your first reaction to astrology i remember really looking into it after a breakup and really want to learn as much as i can were you skeptical had disbelief or what
Mars in Pisces Man with Mars in Capricorn Woman
okey dokey soooo having looked at this combo with aries in mars im now looking at the same combination with pisces in mars man anyone have this combo in their relationship it would help if you are aries man with a cap woman but i mainly w
hi guys i am new here this is the first time being here in a forum hope you help me i have a boyfriend and i have a very intense attraction to each other for the ones who know about reading placements i hope you can help me here because i dont
All the Fixed signs and a Capricorn decide to live together...
who has the biggest control in the house at the end consider they dont kill each other yet taurus leo scorpio aquarius or the caprcorn
Mars in Aries Man with Mars in Capricorn Woman.
can this work i am already aware just how bad aries amp capricorn arw together but what about these two as mars signs good or bad
Planets and Houses Check!
for all here who know each sign their planets are in their charts along with astrological houses in their chart - do the signs where you have moon venus and jupiter usually add to your energy and make you feel more positive on average than anything -
What sign are YOU and what TWO SIGNS have fought over u before or were jealous because both liked u?
and if you picked one of them which sign won lets see if these signs fighting each other usually go at each other no matter what and if theyre signs your sign usually attracts