Are Pluto in the 1st house REALLY drop dead gorgeous?

By Jumpin_JupiterMay 27, 2020 10:06am — 42 replies
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i was thinking today that each of the planets have their exaltation signs but the planets which are considered dwarf aka uranus neptune pluto are said to have no exaltation sign but some astrologer claim to that these planets do have exaltation s
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hi everyone in my natal chart i have 5 planets concentrated within only 12 - sun 22 capricorn - neptune 25 capricorn - uranus 0 aquarius - mercury 3 aquarius - mars 4 aquarius now pluto will be transiting all these natal planets during the co
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i m fascinated with this placement lol i found this description and it explains some things does it resonate with you what are your thoughts pluto in the eighth house posted jan 15 2015 7 24 am by carmen turner-schott updated jan 15 2015 8 23
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which house is pluto transiting to your chart i can really relate to mine https www bobmarksastrologer com transitspluto18 1 htm
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dominant signs as followed 1 gemini 2 cancer 3 capricorn dominant planets as followed 1 mercury 2 moon 3 saturn they also have libra rising
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what does pluto in scorpio means in astro chart my sun is cancer
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howdy anyone here a fellow plutonian i ve scopio asc conjunct pluto from the 12th and sun merc and venus in the 8th house let s chat
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these days there will be a transit mercury conjunct natal pluto for the scorpio generation of course there are hundreds of interpretations around but how do you feel your pluto placement in real life and what is it by house and aspects