free 3 card tarot readings ?

By lilliverpoolsangelFebruary 15, 2021 6:47pm — 1 replies
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Question for anyone who has known a lot of Leo men.
what sign s of women do you often see them end up with whether for a fling or for a relationship something is not adding up for the leo men i know i seem to know a lot who end up with pisces cancer and virgo women like more women of that sign
What does the Universe want from me?
made a post about saturn placements troubling my life and decided to go bigger tl dr ive never been financially independent and have spent the past three years applying to jobs without results if these limitations delays arent because of my saturn i
do you believe
in the cancer x pisces connection
Zodiac sign's privilege
what privilege s are possessed by your zodiac sign as capricorn i got pass for being boring on daily basis or entering the room with melancholic mood
Sun square Saturn
what do you know about this aspect i heard that this combo is really bad
Unrequited love in synastry
what are your thoughts on aspects that lead to this mines is if someone is say neptune or uranus and that is the planet making contact with the inner planets but the others is not un-even house overlays
Signs where you love one gender but not the other.
ill go first sagittarius the men are laid back cool awesome and tend to make for great teachers ever know that cool friend you can come to all of lifes problems with and you know that they will hear you out keep a cool head and not judge you
Where is your North Node?
whats the sign and house placement of it and have you already developed some of the qualities represented by your north node placement or do you still relate more to your south node going towards the north node takes effort and doesnt always come eas
The bad things people say about Scorpios are more true for Leos, at least the men.
i almost feel like if pluto is domicile in scorpio it should be exalted in leo everything people say about scorpios being vindictive hateful dark paranoid and masters at screwing others over is more true for leos i find that leo men are heavily dr
How can I teach this Scorpio woman a lesson she will never forget in her life?
alright this jealous scorpio-moon woman is creating a mess in my life - because i happen to be in the way of her revenge-spree against her mother-in-law long story short she is making anonymous late-night phone calls to my family members bad-mouthing