Full Moon Senses

By LostPiscesSeptember 28, 2020 3:23pm — 15 replies
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Your Problem Placement
the problem child that gets you in those situations where you coulda swore you knew better which placement in your chart is the most unruly child of the bunch for me my leo venus gotta keep that fucker in its cage
Leo somethings-are you generous?
whether you have leo moon rising sun in wherever do you find yourself prone to random generosity or getting the urge to i dont know if its a bad thing but i guess its a good thing jlo always gifting her boyfriends brand new cars lol
most common couples
stealing thunder like whatever -- in the spirit of the most rare thread what are the most common ones im not interested in flukes or luck what are the proven tried and true pairings
Do you think Cardinals more similar to Mutables or Fixeds?
do you think cardinal signs more similar to stick in the mud fixed sign or fun and free spirited mutables
Imum Coeli (IC)
what is your ic sign and how is was your home life
Other than Caps, which Zodiac sign men attracts woman with daddy issues?
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YouTube tarot monthly readings
what s your opinion on them do you use them to guide you if so who do you find does good monthly readings i watched a couple this weekend all on a similar line some shuffled the cards until they fell out while asking questions and some just shuffl
Transit Jupiter crossing over your asc/rising
i m dreading jupiter crossing my asc i ve read it can cause big weight gain i really don t want that so i m trying to be very mindful of it what were your experiences when jupiter crossed over your asc my rising is 3 aquarius thanks
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
happy sunday to ya id like to take the personal planets and describe in one word sorta the good the bad and the ugly for your placements heres my first shot at it the good capricorn ascendant ageless scorpio sun charming leo moon endea
Sun and Moon or Moon to Moon?
in your opinion which has worked better for you harmonious sun and moon aspects or harmonious moon to moon aspects