How do you handle being love bombed?

By Purpleaqua01October 16, 2021 11:59pm — 28 replies
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that men are more reliant on illusion for fulfillment more so than women or are there astro aspects to this nature i saw this post on reddit that made me wonder this guy meets this girl seems to be a genuine connection naturally shared real info a
Most *Charismatic*
who was is the most charismatic partner you have know what are their placements aspects etc for me aqua sun amp mercury conjunct gemini rising mars aries moon scorpio venus in 7th in cap jupiter amp uranus conjunct very out there larger
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how strong is this connection i read the natal needs an emotional romantic relationship and the synastry moon and house have a bonding connection that s intuitive i can t find anything when the house has their native moon in the 7th and their partne
https imgur com a ehbklry hello can anyone help me to better interpret the setting of my seventh house ie marriage more precisely pluto which is its ruler and which is at 29 and which is in conjunction with venus which is the ruler of the first h
is it just Venus in the 11th or
you feel more fulfilled by friendships than romantic relationships like you feel it works better i was prob 8 when i met this leo sun virgo moon id later realize kid who was drawing the eye of horus on what looked like a stack of papers he stapled t
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what aspect or placement do you have that astrology is wrong about rather its negative but you make it work and good our positive but doesnt work for you
Astrology has ruined me 😂😂
every time i start talking to someone i m guessing their sign personality traits being put into categories am i the only one i d like to ignore it and just take it as it comes amp not worry about their birthdate their sign if they are an astr
Anyone else feeling lethargic this week?
i know a lot went direct and i thought id feel more active but have had to drag and force myself out of bed every morning yesterday and today is anyone else kind of feeling like that this week
Your dominant house .....
what is it and do you relate mine is 7 relationships others and i totally relate it s loaded lol next is 2 with just a couple of planets security all forms of it are important so put the two together security in relationships https i