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Overused line each Zodiac sign used to Guilt Trip others
aries women i know im not beautiful not feminine not sensitive and far from anything like those shiny air sign women that you fancy but why its hard for you to be triggered once in a while and arguing passionately with me it is too much to ask
Did I just predict my own pregnancy?!?!?
hello this june i suffered a chemical pregnancy and it left me kind of obsessed with getting pregnant again a day before my birthday i went to see what my solar return for 2021 looked like and i had a few things going on with my 4th and 5th house did
Saturn in Aquarius
what does it mean to have this what placements affect political views
Who have the ability to control Fixed signs?
admit it one of the greatest feats in our live is to successfully controlling the uncontrollable so who do you think can tame the stubborn manipulative and immovable fixed signs obviously you cant answer with another fixed sign
Did Mars Placement and Aspects Effect You?
mars can physically damage us throughout life or can cause us to be born with differences how did your mars effect you over this lifetime my gemini mars is sextile with my leo ascendant - which could effect looks mostly making one appear rough and ma
ROCKTOBER, baby! ♎️ ♏️
my birthday month looks like it s going to come with some positive changes and momentum and i m here for it i ll consider it my birthday present from the universe october 2021 horoscopes important dates new moon in libra october 6 a clean slat
Mercury retrograde and the whole astroworld complaining
although facebook and its affiliates shut down thunderstorms in socal i cant complete my online orientation for faulty website formatting but thats it but all in all mercury has given me the best sex ive had in a long as time my thighs and back
What does it mean if someone does not have planets in their houses?
i was checking a birth chart of someone and i ve seen they have no planets in the first and 10th house what does it mean
Synergies don’t mesh
have you guys ever seen house synergies that are complete polar opposites this one guy has a bunch of his partners planets in the 5-8 house but she has none in his he s super smitten by her she s probably with him for his money i use time passage
Conflicting moon signs
i know synastry comes into play but in general emotions are ruled by your moon how does a male pisces moon and female aries moon actually get along everywhere i read it s just a bad idea water and fire with the female being fire let s say you throw t